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    Nov 2016
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    Talking Our app is now available in your browser!

    Hi all!
    As it takes longer than expected to get the app into the relevant App stores, I have set it so we can all start using it in the browser.

    Please read this message fully – before clicking the link to go to the app

    This is a great milestone today (Happy 4:20 everybody!) I do hope it will serve as an efficient tool for us to form local communities, so we can hang out with like minded people and form meaningful relationships in the real world.

    This is also the place to note YOUR ROLE in the success of this project:

    This app is a tool – but it is up to you to build your communities!

    The community will have to do the work of propagating word of this app at large – and your local community specifically;

    Luckily - this is what social media is designed for: It surfaces things that many people talk about, and spreads it organically. Let’s use our power!!!

    It is up to you, to make word of this app viral in relevant forums, online and offline. So after you create your user, and form a local group in the app; After you have a little “get to know each other” thread; Here is an idea for a discussion:

    “How do we get the word about our group here – out there?”

    This is a Big project. A designated app is a big deal. I am glad to contribute my time and work for this project, but I am one man, who does this voluntarily, and this project HAS NO ADVERTISING BUDGET. This has to be a community effort..!

    A few notes:
    1. Push notifications and Auto-focus on the map currently do not work on the web version. No need to report this.
    2. Yes, the name has changed. After the not-yet-ended ordeal with Google Play store – going for “Tickling Communities” may raise less opposition.
    3. Please report problems in the forum.

    Also, Please tell others around the web! Tell about this project in relevant forums, social media, blog posts, or whatever!
    Don’t spam – but use the power of social media to make the world know! If each person posts somewhere – this will go viral!

    So, without further a due:

    (Trumpets, please…!)

    Here it is: https://communities.ticklingapps.com
    Last edited by Erotickles; 04-20-2019 at 11:49 AM.
    The Tickling communities App is being discontinued

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    Jul 2007
    West Tennessee
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    I am looking forward to seeing the tickle points on the map grow...

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    Sep 2013
    Wow, I live in isolation. There's only one person nearby on the map.
    "I used to think everyone in the world was weird. Then I realized it was me."

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    Mar 2012

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