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    A Little Off the Bottom Please... F/M NEW!

    It was time again for my bi-monthly haircut. I seldom experiment as far as this ritual goes, so I found myself once again, parked in front of the ‘themed’ establishment I frequent. I was a bit early this time as it was not quite open yet, so I took the opportunity of reading a story that was on my cell phone to pass the time. The young lady who was the owner, caught my eye as she fiddled with the front door lock.

    “Come on in! Well, it looks like you get to be first today…”

    I closed the windows of the car and followed her inside. Helen flicked on the light switches and walked around the back of the cash register to log in for the day.

    “Please sign in for me…“

    I looked around the empty room and chuckled.

    “It’s just a formality of course. Be with you in a moment.”

    She darted to the back and was frantically setting up her equipment. No later than I had just finished, she popped back to the register and was peeking at the screen. She looked around the area and cupped her hand to the corner of her mouth.

    “Number 69… now servicing number 69…”

    I waved an imaginary ticket in the air.

    “That’s me!”

    We both giggled and she escorted me to the last chair on the right side of the room. I sat down and she covered me with the tarp.

    “So, what are we having done today? You're usual?”

    I looked up at her as she beamed down at me.

    “Yes, of course… give me the works!”

    Helen went straight away and clicked a number 6 attachment onto the electric razor and proceeded to run it over my head. It buzzed smoothly across my scalp, it felt nice. The excess hair drifted to the ground and eventually she was finished with my haircut.

    “Come on back…”

    She beckoned me to a dimly lit room where there was a row of chair recliners. I sat down on one and Helen made the proper height adjustments. I reclined into the plush, leather chair and slipped my head back against the curved headrest.

    “Hot towel?”


    A hot towel instantly covered my face, leaving only my nose exposed. I could feel all my muscles relaxing… ahhhhh…

    “Too hot?”

    “No, it feels wonderful.”

    She hummed to herself and pressed a button on the chair panel. Then the chair began to hum as well, as the vibrating motor gradually kicked in… the whole chair was literally vibrating. I was suddenly aware of my ‘privates’. Was I becoming over stimulated? I wore my blue jeans today. They were more ‘form-fitting’ than just about anything else I owned, and thus made me more keenly aware. I tried to relax and not think about it.

    While the vibrating chair worked its magic, Helen was unbeknownst to me, surveying my captivated form. She had been in the chair before, and therefore knew what it was doing to me, both physically and mentally. She rolled her lips in as she took note of my bulging ‘area’. Helen swallowed and clicked the roof of her mouth with her tongue as her gaze then drifted down to my sandals. She stepped back from behind the chair for a closer look.

    Meanwhile, I was in a whole other world of my own, cradled in warmth… a vibrating warmth as I closed my eyes. There was nothing to see anyway, behind that moist, hot, towel. I could feel that if I wanted, I could have drifted off to sleep. Completely contented.

    Helen bent down, scrutinizing my sandaled feet. It certainly looks like he takes care of them she thought to herself. They look so soft… and small. This situation didn’t happen enough for Helen, so when it did… she definitely took advantage of it. She could feel her foot/tickle fetish, slowly engulf her as her breathing quickened. What is it about blue jeans and bare feet anyway? She wanted to tickle them so badly right now… to reach out… uninvited… to feel his smooth, ticklish soles under her nimble fingertips…and force him to laugh…continually… under her control for as long as she wanted… and I was at the time… blissfully unaware.

    Helen blinked and came out of her foot/tickle fetish suddenly. Did she hear a moan? Or was that her. She sprang over to the control panel and jabbed at the off button.

    “All better?” She tried to sound… natural, as she cleared her throat.

    “Yes, that was wonderful!”

    Helen laughed. “I almost forgot about the shampoo!”

    I wiggled my toes as the warm water rinsed over my head. I could feel her fingertips massaging my temples… gently… soothingly, but firmly. Helen smiled and watched as I involuntarily wiggled my toes. It was almost like she was pressing my toe wiggling button. She lingered there and I was totally transported to another plateau of relaxation and inner peace. I caught the sweet smell of the shampoo… lemon. Warm water again, dribbling into the water basin. A towel tapping my head dry.

    “You still with me?”

    I laughed. “Yeah, I almost left you didn’t I.”

    “You were pretty quiet. But I did get a sense that you enjoyed that a bit.”

    I opened my eyes back into the room that was still dimly lit. I couldn’t help but feel that we were both blushing now, though I couldn't think of a reason she might be.

    “So, did you enjoy your shampoo? How was your haircut? I like your sandals. Have you had them long?”

    She was forcing the issue, and trying to cover her true intention within a bombardment of questions. I looked into her face in the darkroom. She was biting her lip again. I leaned in close and whispered into her left ear.

    “The bottoms of my feet itch.”

    “How strange… do you think you are going to come into some money then?”

    Helen took me by the hand and pulled me into the regularly lighted manager’s office.

    I replied. “No silly that’s what they say if your palms itch, not your feet!”

    There was a similar leather chair in the middle of the room. She pushed me into it and laughed.

    “Haha… too bad, some extra money would have been nice.”

    I kept the conversation on the light side, or at least made the appearance like I was trying to. I was beginning to enjoy playing with the hypnotized ‘moth’, somebody else who shared my foot/tickle fetish.

    “I noticed that there are some improvements to this chair…”

    She was repositioning the metal cuffs around my wrists.

    “Yes, I have this one on a loaner… Not quite sure if it’s sturdy enough. Maybe you can help me decide…” She clamped down the cuffs around my ankles. “Itchy soles did you say?”

    “Now Helen, my medical… um… my condition has nothing to do with you. Please let me up.”

    “We’ll just slip these off and have a look-see down there. Shall we?”

    I balled up my toes as though that was actually going to DO something. The sandals however both came off easy enough. The panic shot up like a thermometer under a flame as I tried to move. It was very confining. I couldn’t move my heels at all. I could however, flex my foot a bit, but that wasn’t going to help at all… not in the way that would mean anything anyway. I swallowed hard.

    “My… my, my… what absolutely CUTE soles you have!”

    Helen ran an index finger straight up the middle, from heel to toe. Her french manicured nail skittering directly behind. I clamped my mouth shut as tightly as I could muster. A quick giggle slipped out anyway and I coughed afterwards in a vain attempt to ‘take it back.’

    “Helen! Don’t! Mmmm… hehe… *cough* You’re gonna make me mad!”

    “Make you mad? My dear boy, I have no intention of making you mad… in fact…”

    I watched in horror as I saw her fingers disappear behind my trapped feet. Then suddenly, I felt her wiggling fingertips, whisking along my ticklish arch. Slowly… It itched like crazy and I began to buck in my constraints. Then she started in with the tickle talk.

    “Tickle, tickle, tickle… is my widdle man having a giggle fit?”

    I started giggling like a child… and I couldn’t stop. It was beginning to tickle worse and worse… I begged her to stop. But she wouldn’t… tickling both soles in that slow, madding tempo of hers… I was mad anyway… angry that I couldn’t stop laughing like an idiot… loving the helpless feeling that she was forcing on me… I wanted her to stop, and wanted her NOT to stop. Unable to communicate… sending mixed signals. Laughing continuously… hysterically… completely losing control… and all she was doing was tickling the bottoms of my feet with her fingers. This went on for about 30 minutes or so… I think. The passage of time is so distorted when you’re tickled like this.

    I did get a break as she stepped away, but it was sometime after that that I fully recovered…

    “My you’re ticklish… I feel like I could tickle you all day like this. But I’m not, of course… Sometimes I’m going to tickle the bottoms of your feet like THIS!”

    She (oddly enough) had a hairbrush in her hand and was now applying it to the soles of my helpless feet. It felt like an electric jolt, like rows and rows of small ‘ticklers’ exciting, enflaming the nerve endings, sending the ticklish sensation off the charts. There was no, build up like before. This was like smashing the accelerator pedal to the floor. I laughed and screamed uncontrollably for another 30 minutes. (I think) Then my foot/tickle fetish took over and I could feel my crotch getting tighter and tighter.

    Helen was getting excited as well. She tickled my toes, and in between. She tickled under my toe pads, up and down each toe length. She tickled the balls of my feet. She tickled the wrinkles and creases. She tickled my instep and heels. She tickled me with her fingertips and fingernails. She tickled my arch. She tickled me with a feather and with a feather duster.

    Then she began to nibble and lick all of the afore mentioned places, throwing me into a sexual frenzy. Just as I was about to orgasm, she would switch back to ‘real’ tickling and this would nip my approaching orgasm neatly in the bud. I tried as hard as I could not to come in my pants. The only thing that was saving me was that I was falling into a silent laughter situation.

    “All laughed out?”

    Her face hovered over mine as she scrutinized my current situation. It took me a minute or two before I could even give her an answer, as I fought to catch my breath. She stepped back and looked me over. I was worried what she might do next. She had on that evil smile on her face again.

    “I can tell you enjoy this.” Helen said finally as she casually walked around the torture chair. “I mean, even more than just being tickled.”

    I looked up at her through moist eyes. I wasn’t about to say anything. What she said was true of course, but I certainly wasn’t going to say anything. My tickle fetish had always been a secret, even to my closest friends. I didn’t like to think where this conversation was going.

    “Oh, I’ve tickled lots of guys in my special chair.” She ran a hand over the crotch section of my jeans. “But I seldom get the added bonus you are apparently... so... *giggle* desperate to share with me.” She flicked her tongue over her painted lips and mockingly gave me the sad puppy eyes routine. I closed my eyes and thought this couldn’t be happening... not to me. Suddenly I felt her hand pressing down, exploring the edges of my swollen cock, defining the shape within my pants. I could feel my cock, involuntary pressing back against her hand with equal force. It was nice, extremely nice, but I wanted still more as I thrust my hips as far forward as my restraints would allow.

    “Aw... does he want to come out and play?” Helen giggled again. I bit my lower lip. “Let’s take a look-see, shall we?”

    She opened the zipper flap, and took the clasp between her thumb and forefinger. Slowly she pulled and the interlocking mechanism began to separate.

    “You know the thing I like about guys is...” I could feel the fold opening. “they can’t hide their sexual inclinations like we women can.” She pried the folds apart and delicately reached in. I fought to keep from giggling. To my surprise, this personal intrusion tickled too. “I mean, really... look at this magnificent sexual barometer you’ve got going on here.” She had finally fished it out and was now grasping my phallus by the base, and waving it back and forth, like a little white flag of surrender.

    “You don’t mind if I practice a little orgasm denial, do you?”

    This secretly excited me. “It’s not like I have much of a choice now, does it.” I answered. I could tell her mind was wandering as it appeared that she was looking around the room for something. But she was soon back to the chair with feather in hand. It was blackish and rather hard to see in the dimly lit room. It was about seven inches long from shaft to pointed tip and about an inch wide. The barbs where tightly packed and of several colors which gave the feather an iridescent quality to it.

    By the time Helen had returned, my ‘excitement’ had wained back to it’s flaccid state. Helen rolled out her bottom lip with a phony pout.

    “Quite alright you know. Bound to happen anyway. Actually, I simply just LOVE seeing the transformation anyway. Now you just relax and try not to come too quickly, won’t you? There’s a good boy.”

    She bent over my limp cock closely with the feather in her right hand, as though she was about to perform some kind of technically delicate surgery on my privates. I closed my eyes again, waiting for that first magical moment of ticklish sensation. It seemed like an eternity of time was passing.

    I heard her voice whisper into my ear, Sotto voce.

    “Tickle, tickle, tickle...”

    Then I felt the faintest, lightest scratch against the top of my circumcised head. I felt the slight tickle following the base of the head down underneath. My toes curled and I could hear the blood pumping in my ears. I involuntarily emitted a primitive, low guttural growl of approval. The tip of the feather lingered here and my dormant member suddenly sprang into action. Helen slowly moved the feather along the underside, coaxing it into erection. Back and forth along it’s ever growing length. I was wiggling and groaning in the chair in turns. By the fourth complete pass, my cock was standing at full attention.

    “There we are! That’s my good little man.” She said, degradingly. “Does he want to come for mommy? Huh?” With the verbal taunting, just a few more passes would have done it. Then the tickling sensation stopped abruptly. My cock twinged a few times and slowly deflated back to its original condition.


    I began to whimper. “That’s not fair!”

    “Oh, I think it’s very fair...” Helen shot back. “Why should you have all the fun? Why shouldn’t I savor this? Hey! I know a way of wiping that grumpy frown off your face...”

    Instantly she was back at my immobilized, bare feet. She waved the feather up and down my trapped soles... being so close to orgasm, it was like turning on a light switch and I immediately began to laugh like a man possessed.


    “Coochie coochie coo! Yes, but you have to admit, your not grumpy any more... well, sounds like your not grumpy anyway...”

    The feather around my toes was worse I think. No amount of wiggling them, nor flexing my foot, nor anything I tried could wipe away the agonizing ticklishness of that soft feather’s touch. Eventually, she let me catch my breath again. This went back and forth between the edging and the vicious foot tickling for some time.

    Helen was so horny by this time, that she felt that she had better finish the situation... and soon, before she had an 'accident' herself.

    “You have been a very good customer my dear and now it’s time for you to leave me a little tip before you go.”

    She walked back to my tortured cock and gave it a couple more feather tickles. It began to immediately throb and clear cum began to run down from the opening. Helen dropped the feather and began to lick up the pre-cum. Tickling my balls with her fingernails, she let the bulbous head slip into her wet mouth. Suckling it in... past the head... still sucking in harder, down it’s full length... making little choking noises as her nose brushed against her knuckles. She twisted it down her throat and quickly pulled it out. It was shimmering with wetness as she jerked it quickly with her small, delicate hand.

    “Haha... Ahhhh.... Helen.... SHIT!!! You’re gonna make me COME! She spit on the head and jerked faster and more urgently. OH HELEN!! She suddenly slipped off of one of her shoes and quickly threw her bare foot sideways into my lap. “COME ON MY FOOT... I WANT YOUR CUM ALL OVER THE BOTTOM!” I was so close to shooting my load by now, that all that was required was a bit of tickle talk to push me over the edge.

    “Tickle... T i c k l e... TICKLE! I’m gonna make you laugh so hard baby, that you’ll be begging me to let you come all over my foot!" Helen began to gasp and moan in-between each repeated word. "Choocie... C h o o c i e... COO! You like it when I feather tease your cock, don’t you, you horny bastard. *Groaning* That’s it hon, shoot your sticky warm cum all over my... ticklish... bare... foot! TICKLE... TICKLE... TICKLE!” She closed her eyes, taking in her pleasurable orgasm to the fullest.


    A load of milky warm cum shot out of my ejaculating cock and landed squarely on her right sole... then another, and another. It immediately began to dribble down over her toes. Helen quickly took my stiff cock and greedily sucked the rest of the unspent cum into her mouth.

    To this day, when I get a haircut, Helen only need motion towards the barber chair and I get an immediate hard on. I think about that haircut often, even to this day strangely enough.


    Did she say, her "ticklish... bare... foot?"
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    Fine story! I wish I were in his place.
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    HOT! Thanks for sharing!

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    I realized that the ending to this story was very weak. I just added about ANOTHER HALF so as to make the ending more satisfying.

    If you have read this before, I hope you’ll give it another read. If this is your first time reading this...
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    I Loved it!! Great story!

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    Great story!

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    I changed the ending so that a sequel might work. Should I?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volsung View Post
    I changed the ending so that a sequel might work. Should I?
    Like you have to ask! XD

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    Lovely story!

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    Mmm very erotic - I'm not terribly into foot tickling but can get into it when it arouses a guy like this. Of course my favorite part was the cock teasing/feathering...very hot description of how she teased him. Thanks for the erotic tale of a haircut gone "south" (Also "servicing number 69- caught that )

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    A sequel totally works.

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