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Thread: My Pebbles

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    Nov 2001
    New England

    My Pebbles

    The first time I reconnected with Callie on Facebook was almost a decade ago. She was a girl I went to high school with but didn't know real well from back in those days; she was a year ahead of me in school, and our social circles hadn't overlapped all that much. But I always thought she was cute with this huge smile that stretches from ear to ear and these sexy 'come get me' bedroom eyes that guys can't help but notice, and from the pictures I saw of her online, none of that had changed since our days in high school. Though we were both married and living on opposite sides of the country, and though we had never been exactly what you'd call 'friends', we became just that through the power of Facebook.

    Being the tickling fetishist (and unashamed flirt) that I am, I found ways to drop what I thought were subtle hints about my interests into the long distance chats between Callie and I on Facebook. She had posted pictures from her honeymoon in Aruba, and I used that as a way to ask her if she'd brought me back any sand from between her toes. Once I had established that premise to talk about her toes, I returned to it often, treating a recurring joke as a reason to keep bringing up her feet in our chats. Again, as I said, very subtle, or so I thought.

    Our chats eventually petered out, and it's safe to say that I lost track of Callie once again. Nine years later, I spotted her online on Facebook Messenger, and reached out to say hello again. She seemed pleased to hear from me, and after the usual small talk about how we were both doing good, etc, she drops this on me out of the blue...

    "So, do you still have a foot fetish?"

    I was initially stunned, but then I had to laugh. I actually couldn't remember what I had told her in our previous chats, but I'd obviously given her that impression one way or another. So pried a little while playing it nonchalant, and she sent me back screen shots from nine years earlier where I was no-so-subtly bringing her feet up in our chats. While I was pondering how best to handle this situation, it occured to me that Callie was inquiring about my having a foot fetish for a reason. Maybe it was just out of curiosity, or maybe it was something more. As they say, where there is smoke, there is fire. She was newly separated, but still living across the country unfortunately, and here we were, nine years later, talking very openly about foot fetishes. Long story short, she had had never forgotten my frequent foot drops in our chats, and now that she was dating again, she found herself seeing a guy with a foot fetish that made her think of me. I decided to tell her the truth, that I actually had a tickling fetish, and that feet play a big part in that for me. Suffice it to say, she was more than a little excited to learn of this.

    We ended up chatting until into the wee hours of the morning that night. And the next night too. Callie couldn't ask enough questions about my fetish, because as it turns out, she's always loved to be tickled, and because of the guy she was seeing, she recently discovered how much she loved having attention paid to her feet. So, though she had never put a label to it, tickling fetishism had this very broad appeal to her. She was, in her own words, a very sexual creature who thrived on touching and kissing and human contact, but she was very naive where it came to the world of kink. I told her about BDSM and how 'tickle torture' fits into that (her only experience with BDSM was watching 50 Shades of Gray), and a little about my experiences. She was like a sponge, absorbing it all in, wanting to know how things might go if we ever got together. These chats had us both highly aroused, so much so that Callie was eager to experience it all for herself.

    Bondage. Submission. Tickle torture. Orgasm control. All of it. With me.

    She asked me if I liked to be called anything, and I told her that if a woman submits to me, I prefer that she call me Sir. Not only does it convey the respect I expect from anyone who wants to be considered my submissive, but it's a small reminder to her of the dynamic between she and I. Immediately, Callie started calling me 'Sir' in our chats. She wanted to know if I would give her a name. As I was still learning about her and what made her tick and what turned her off, it wasn't so easy to come up with something that would be both meaningful and pertinent to her, but once she sent me a picture of her feet, I knew what I wanted to call her. Her toes were so tiny, they looked like little niblets on the end of her feet, like tiny little rocks, and so I came up with the name Pebbles. She loved it. She loved it so much, in fact, she joined the TMF and adopted a username of "YourPebbles".

    Having discovered my story forum on the TMF, YourPebbles was dying for me to write a story for her. About her and me and how it might go if...or rather when...we get together. Everything that follows is a work of fiction, written in the past tense as though it has already happened. (And if it goes down just like this, maybe I'll move this story to the True Story forum.)


    We made plans to get together once she was local again. As it just so happend, Pebbles was headed back to my side of the country for a family wedding. Her kids traveled with her, but she arranged to have them stay with her folks for a night under the pretense that she was going to meet up with old friends from high school and would be out late. Almost ten years after my first joke about sand in between her toes, she and I were finally going to meet up to experience one another in a most memorable way. I took care of all the logistics; the hotel room was rented, the bed was prepped with bondage apparatus, and my toys were all laid out and ready to go. She finally texted me that she was on her way over, and I told her to meet me in the hotel lounge.

    When she arrived, I was seated at the bar, nursing a Jack Daniels. She walked up to me, flashing that huge smile that lights up her face, and I pulled her into a lengthy embrace that had our bodies pressed tightly against one another. She purred in my ear and squeezed me tigther, squirming ever so slightly as my hands caressed her back. We semi-detached, still holding one another so that we could look into each others eyes. She leaned in to kiss me, as I knew she would do, but I stopped her and whispered, "Not yet...not until we are upstairs." She flushed and beamed at the same time. The power exchange had begun.

    I could tell she was eager to head up to the room where we could be alone, but I forced her to sit and have a drink with me first. We sat at the bar, slightly turned to face one another. I made her engage in small talk, which I knew was killing her because her mind was a million miles away. Or 4 floors away, rather. While we talked, I placed my hand on her knee and rubbed along her leg. I could tell by the way her body was reacting that she was already wet between her thighs. The anticipation was torture to her, but she had no idea that this was just the beginning. As she tried to answer my questions about flights and airports and other irrelevant nonsense, her voice warbled a little, and she had to keep taking deep breaths to steady herself. Finally, she couldn't take it any more, so she leaned in and said, "Can we please go up now?"

    I grinned and said, "Not until we finish our drinks."

    She grabbed her wine glass and drained it dry. I chuckled and sipped my Jack. "Do you want another?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

    Her eyes dropped to my hand on her thigh. "No."

    "No, what?"

    She looked up at me, suddenly a lump in her throat. "No...Sir," she said, more quietly. I gave her a wink of approval and that radiating smile returned to her face. Who says D/s can't be fun?

    I finished my drink and took her by the hand to the elevator. During the short ride up, she was leaning into me, wanting to touch me, but I didn't reciprocate. Pebbles wanted to experience something new, and I was determined to give her that. It took willpower of my own to keep her at bay. Here she was, this hot, sexual, wanton creature, throwing herself at me, and I had to fight against my own instincts to deny her. I think she would have fucked me in the elevator if I given her the green light. It wasn't easy to maintain control, but the payoff would be worth it.

    Once inside the room, I forcefully pressed her up against the wall, pinning her with my body. My mouth found hers and we kissed like two hungry animals fighting over a kill. Her fingers were in my hair. My hands were snaking up under her skirt. She mewled in pleasure as my lips detached from her mouth and kissed along her jawline. "Oh God" she whimpered, wrapping a leg around me.

    "Do you like this?" I murmured, nibbling at her earlobe.

    "Fuck yes," she said without hesitation. Her hips ground into me, into the hardness I knew she could feel between my legs.

    I captured her mouth again with my own, our tongues sparring with one another furiously for an extended moment. And then I pulled away, detaching myself from her completely, and spotted the confusion in her eyes. "That's the last time you get to kiss me until I give you permission again. Do you understand?"

    She wanted to object, but she knew the rules, so she reluctantly nodded her head in acknowledgment. She was slightly more disheveled that she was when I met her in the lounge, but it only added to her sex appeal in my mind. I lead her to the bed, where she blushed all shades of red at spotting the bed decorated with bondage straps and anchor points at the four corners. Her eyes drank in my collection of toys already laid out, the candles I set about lighting, and the collection of cuffs and blindfold that awaited her. "Holy shit," she breathed. "We are really doing this."

    "We are really doing this," I confirmed, moving back to her. I stood behind her, leaning against her as I unzipped her skirt. "Stay still, and don't say anything," I directed, letting my lips brush against the nape of her neck. I felt her stiffen but comply. I slid her skirt down to her ankles, purposely letting my hands lightly glide along her legs along the way down. Down on one knee, I brushed my mouth against her outer thigh, and then again across the back of one knee. I could hear her struggling to stand still and remain composed. She didn't know what to do with herself, other than react to these light touches.

    Next off came her top. Pebbles always had a terrific figure, and time had not robbed her of this. She audibly gasped as my fingertips grazed her waist and my lips kissed along her shoulder. Already she was breaking out into goosepimples and I'd barely started on her yet. I unclasped her bra, which fell away with ease, and my hands threatened to toy with her nipples but did not. I knew they were aching for my touch, but that would come in due time.

    I moved around to her front to finish what I had started. Pebbles was visibly aroused in so many ways, a fact which became even more apparent as I slid her panties past her ankles. Again on one knee, my face just inches from her sex, I could tell it was agony for her not to pull my head to her. But the good girl that she was, she remained still, taking those deep breaths to steady herself.

    I attended to her heels last of all. Though to many this would seem inconsequential, given the nature of the buildup between Pebbles and I, this was almost the most erotic of places for me to undress her. A slight bend of her knee. My hand around her ankle. The pop of her heel coming free from the shoe. The deliberate unveiling of the naked foot hidden within. The purposeful brush of my fingertips along her outer arch. "There are Pebbles' pebbles," I declared. She giggled nervously, unsure how to process all these new feelings.

    With her fully nude, I took a step back to look her over. I could tell this made her uncomfortable, but that was the point. To push her out of her comfort zone. To put her into that submissive frame of mind where I was in control of everything, including her. "Turn around for me," I directed, giving her that universal gesture to spin with one finger. To her credit, she didn't hesitate, moving in a slow circle so I could view her from all sides. "Good girl," I said, and I could tell she was pleased at the praise.

    I collected the leather cuffs and moved to her again. "Wrist," was all I had to say, and she stood silently as I secured first one wrist, and then the other, in thick leather that would neither slip off nor break. Her nipples were fully engorged, and I could smell the need already established between her legs, but now was not yet the time for such stimulation. I was back at her feet once again, securing each of her ankles in leather cuffs of their own, listening to her deep breaths from above me. She was almost fully prepared, except for one crucial detail that had been discussed frequently in the chat leading up to this encounter. Around her eyes I placed a blindfold, the kind that would not slip off accidently if she squirmed too much, which I fully expected to happen. I could almost hear her heart thumping in her chest as she was robbed of her vision. "Fuck," she breathed almost inaudibly. A visible tremor shivered through her entire body.

    "Do you want to kiss me again?"


    "Yes, what?"

    "Yes, Sir. I want to kiss you again, Sir."

    "You can't. Not until you've earned the right." Her shoulders slumped a hair.

    "How...how do I earn the right, Sir?" The tremble in her voice was intoxicating to me.

    "By cumming when I tell you to cum....and not cumming when I forbid you to cum," I said. Another gasp as my words sunk in. Pebbles had admitted to me that she came very easily, so this idea that she could not without permission was a mind fuck for which she was not mentally prepared.

    I guided her to the bed, where she obediently positioned herself in the center and extended her limbs to the four corners. "And if I mess up?" she asked.

    "Then you will be punished," I said without a hint of malice. She mewled at my answer, unable to believe this was really happening to her and not some actress in a movie.

    I wasted no time cuffing her to the bed. I had positioned my anchor points so that her feet were hanging off the end of the mattress. I added thin leather belts around her thighs and tied those off to the anchor points as well, forcing her legs into a very open, very vulnerable position. She could be able to wiggle, but her feet would remain exposed, as would her sex.

    "Fuck me," she breathed, not as a wish, but as her way of expressing her disbelief at how helpless and on display she felt. The fine hairs along the skin of her arms were all raised. Her nipples were painfully hard. The wetness between her legs was unmistakable. She was like a finely tuned instrument, ready to be played.

    "You told me that you thought you could cum just from being tickled," I said, taking my position down by her left foot. "Isn't that what you said?"

    Her tiny toes twitched at feeling my breath on them. "Yes, Sir."

    "Do not cum," I said, dancing my fingertips delicately down her naked sole.

    She yelped and bucked, unprepared for this first ticklish touch no matter how much we had discussed it in our chats. A mixture of a giggle and a moan bubbled past her lips. "Oh fuck," she said, realizing just how helpless she really was.

    I tickled her foot with just the pads of my fingertips, keeping steady contact with her sole as her foot twisted and flailed in the leather cuff. She whimpered as much as she giggled, confirming that being tickled was indeed something she found sexual. "Feel good?" I asked.

    "Yes!" she wailed, biting back giggles and thrashing her head to the side. Another moan followed.

    I added my mouth to the tickling. Her pebble toes disappeared into my mouth where my tongue slithered into the almost non-existent spaced between each. This caused her to lurch and laugh out loud, but as before, the laughter gave way to a sound of pure sexual bliss. "Oh god!" she wailed, over and over. Her foot trembled in my mouth and under my fingertips.

    Next I scraped my teeth across the pads of her toes. She hit a point of desperation. "I'm gonna cum!" she cried. "Please, may I cum?"

    "No," I said, giving her a small break to collect herself as I took up position by her right foot. She groaned in frustration.

    "You don't understand. I can't take it. It's too much. Please, I'm begging you, let me..."

    I cut her off by dragging my tongue down her sole. At the same time, I peeled her toes back and gave the stem of each a delicious tickle with my short nails. She wailed at these new sensations, momentarily too distracted to finish her thought, or to cum for that matter. She laughed loud and hard, bouncing on the bed as I put her foot through a hell she never knew existed. "Feel good?" I asked again.

    "No!" she screamed, flailing to escape my fingernails, but as I lightened my touch, the tickling once again became erotic to her. "Oh shit...yes...yes! I'm gonna cum!"

    "No, you aren't," I said calmly. She growled in frustration. I could see that her fists were balling the sheets into balls up by her cuffs.

    She wasn't going to last much longer no matter what I told her, so I crawled on the bed between her legs, sliding my hands lightly up the length of each leg as I went. She was in a catch-22, both happy and frustrated that her feet were receiving a break, and dreading and longing for what she knew was coming next. "So these are those sensitive thighs I've heard so much about?" I asked. She whimpered in affirmation, unwilling to trust her own voice at this point.

    I teased her thighs with my fingertips, delighting in how she was covered in gooseflesh almost immediately. "Fuck no. I can't take it. I can't take it!" I just chuckled and kept it up, stroking between her legs without ever getting too close to her sex. "I'm serious. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum!"

    "You better not," I said, but even as the words were coming out of my mouth, her body convulsed. I watched the muscles of her vagina contract, heard her let loose a series of cries of ecstasy and relief. She pulled hard at the four corners, but she remained as tied as always. Her head shot forward, her face beneath the blindfold plastered with pleasure. And then she slumped back, tremors of aftershock twitching throughout her body. She was panting hard.

    "Oh god. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't hold it any more."

    It was a good thing she couldn't see that I wasn't the slightest bit upset. I wanted her to think I was displeased, but in reality, I was anything but. Watching her cum from nothing but being tickled was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, but she didn't need to know that.

    "Tsk tsk tsk. I told you what would happen if you came without permission."

    "P-punishment," she said, still floating the high that had she'd just experienced.

    "That's right. Now open up." Obediently, she did as she was told, and as she expected, I placed a rubber ball gag between her teeth. As oral a creature as she was, she'd confessed that being gagged would be horrible for her. Instead of getting my tongue in her mouth again, she got something far less pleasant. I tightened it behind her head while she groaned unhappily. If only she knew what I knew about how fired up she'd be once that gag came off.

    I teased her mouth region, running my fingertip along her lips, which could not respond in the ways she wished them too. Another growl of frustration escaped from her throat.

    I was back between her thighs, this time with my mouth. All thoughts of the gag between her teeth were forgotten. "Now that you've disobeyed me, I suppose I'll just have to make you cum as often as possible," I said, licking along her leg. Butterfly kisses followed, threatening to reach her sex but still keeping a safe distance.

    Good to her word, she was keyed up again in no time. Whimpers and moans and titters slipped past the rubber between her teeth. "Way I wum, sir? Wease?"

    "Yes, you may. You can cum as much as you need to until I tell you otherwise."

    "Wank you sir." Moments later, through nothing more than the lightest of kisses and licks along her silky inner thighs, I had her cumming again. She wasn't lying about how sensitive these spots were to her.

    I promised her an experience she would never forget, and that's what I planned on delivering. Plucking one of the feathers I carry in my kit, I parked myself by her sex again. She could feel my mouth just inches from her soaked lips, but still I did not touch her there. Instead, I used the feather to tickle along the creases of her inner thighs and along the outer edges of her labia. This was a fresh new kind of pleasure for her; one that was less of a tickle and more of a tease. Her pussy quivered and she moaned long and loudly behind the gag, frustrated by the lack of direct stimulation. Eventually, as I knew I would, as her head whipped from side to side and her hips convulsed on the mattress, I coaxed orgasm number three out of her. We were barely more than an hour into our session, and in my mind, we were still just getting started.

    With her chest heaving and her olive skin showing the first signs of perspiration, I decided to switch up the stimulation. I plucked a cube from the ice bucket I had filled as part of my preparation. Lying beside her on the bed so she could feel me nestled against her, I held the cube over her tummy to let icy droplets drip down on her. She twitched as each cold drop hit her skin, but she did not protest. She was fully in the throes of being my playtoy, consumed only with mentally and physically absorbing whatever sensation I had in store for her.

    I brought the cube into direct contact with her skin, dragging it up along her ribs. She squealed and tried to avoid it, but that was impossible. Next I ran it across her chest, over the tops of her breasts, and she whined beautifully for me. I circled her ample bosom, keeping the ice running in a trail that threatened to reach her nipples but never quite did. Now and then I'd draw a line down her belly again, each time drawing a gasp from behind the gag. Her torso was streaked with lines of water as the cube finally melted to the point where I could no longer hold it. It slipped out of my fingers, down off her torso, and came to rest under her back. She yelped and strained to keep from laying directly on it. "Damn...ran out before I could get to here," I said, brushing my lips across one nipple. That touch raised the goosebumps all over her once again.

    Of course, I was lying, and a moment later, a new cube was in my possession. This time, I started with her nipples and kept it there. She sucked a hard breath in, trying to handle the extreme cold against these most sensitive of spots, but there was no mercy from her on this. I know full well no one ever died from an ice cube, no matter how cold it feels. What it did, though, was make her engorged nipples even harder. So hard, in fact, that I was compelled to bite them.

    Pebbles had admitted that she enjoyed her nipples being bitten, so this was planned all along. My teeth captured one stiff bud and I pulled. She half screamed, half moaned, arching her bound body up towards me as much as she could. A stream of babble erupted from behind the gag, most of it positive and encouraging me to continue. I did, switching back and forth between one heaving breast and the other. Being the 'hands on' sort that I am, I couldn't keep myself from touching her as well, and I found my hand back between her legs, tickling at her inner thighs again and 'accidentally' brushing across her soaked pussy every so often. Were she not wearing a blindfold, I'm almost certain I would have seen her eyes roll back in her head. This combination of nipple biting and sexual teasing was maybe even more powerful than the earlier tickling. "Wease...wease...wease..." was all I could make out from behind the ball gag.

    "Yes, you may cum," I said. It would have been so easy for me to find her swollen clit and rub her into orbit, but I made her work for it as I'd done with all her previous orgasms. Her mewling sounds got so desperate, it sounded like she was going to cry, but as before, the damn broke without that direct stimulation. She came hard, maybe as hard as the first one that had been buiding up so long, and when it passed, she slumped back, mentally and physically drained.

    "Good girl," I said, stroking her sweaty brow. Her head lolled in my direction. A satisfied smile cross her lips. "Wank you, Sir."

    I reached behind her head and loosened the strap holding the gag between her teeth. She worked her jaw, trying to loosen it up after biting down on it harder than she realized. She was unprepared when I pressed my mouth down over hers. Pebbles loves to kiss, and I do mean loves, so though she was exhausted, having my mouth on hers re-invigorated her. When I pulled my face away, she was left searching for it. "Please...don't stop..." she said.

    "Break is over," I said. "Open your mouth again." She audibly groaned, thinking her punishment was over, but as before, she reluctantly opened her lips to receive the gag. What I put in her mouth, however, was something else entirely. Into her warm and wet mouth slid my stiffened cock, up until this moment deprived of any stimulation other than my own frustrated tuggings. She gobbled it up, like a child being handed her favorite candy, and eagerly pumped her mouth up and down my shaft. After all I'd shown her thus far, she was ready to show me her oral skills, even while tied up and blindfolded. It was awkward for me, but I found the spot that I could position myself that allowed her to display her talents for me. She licked up the length of my cock. She sucked on my balls. She swirled her tongue around the tip. And she brought all of me into her throat and swallowed. It didn't take long, not with my built up release and her expertise in these matters. With my hand in her hair, she coaxed a huge load of cum out of me, all of which she swallowed as though her life depended on it. "That's my Pebbles," I praised, stroking her cheek.

    "Mmmm, thank you Sir," she said, pleased to know she'd given me a taste of what I'd been giving her this whole session. "You taste delicious."

    I chuckled, moving my hand back to toy with her nipples again. She gasped but did not protest. I had no idea how sensitive her body was after so many orgasms, but I wasn't about to pull up short from all that I came here to do. As before, these dark knots of flesh stiffened almost immediately.

    "Are you going to bite them again, Sir? That was intense."

    "Not exactly," I said. Before she could ask what that meant, she felt the first of the alligator clamps closing over one nipple and being tightened. She squealed and arched, but if anything, the pain was welcome. A moment later, both of her nipples were tightly clamped. I gave the chain connecting them a little tug. "How's that feel?"

    "Fucking amazing...Sir," she said. If pussies could talk, I'm sure hers would have been calling my name again. In our earlier chats, she had told me how she could very easily achieve multiple orgasms, but I was learning first hand how quickly her body reset for the next charge. That was awesome for a guy like me who wants to push limits...how many times was I going to be able to make her cum?

    After what had been almost non-stop stimulation of one form or another, I left her on the bed alone for a bit. She lay there, still tightly bound, skin still glistening from all that her body had been put through, nipples still standing at attention in bondage of their own. I took this opportunity to attach guitar picks along the fingers of my right hand. When I was ready, I took up my spot between her spread legs again.

    "No more cumming," I said. "You've cum enough." I watched her stiffen at my words, recognizing that new tortures were about to begin, and that a new battle to control her body was about to be fought. That deep breathing that she practices to maintain balance began again.

    Using my stiffest feather, I began to stroke her pussy with it, dragging it along her inner labia and exposed clitoris. I was not disappointed with her reactions; her body squirmed deliciously, and again she made those wonderful sounds that demonstrated just how aroused she was and how she was already well on the road to her next release. But it wasn't going to be that simple for her. My guitar pics were able to reach her foot, and so I managed to feather her pussy and tickle her arch at the same time. She didn't laugh, but she did moan long and loud, like I'd just discovered her g-spot for the first time. She thrashed a bit in her bondage, desperate for a release that I both driving her towards and denying her at the same time. "Please....please...oh god....please..." was all she could manage.

    "Do you want to cum?"

    "Ohfuckyesplease....I want to cum so badly Sir." The stiff edge of my feather continued to tease her sexual core, while my fake fingertips tickled those erogenous zones she didn't know she had along the bottom of her foot. "Please!" she begged, almost screaming it.

    "You may cum..." I said, and her body was spasming again before the words were even fully out of my mouth. Pebbles was an orgasm machine, with on switches all over her body and so easy to press. I'd lost count of how many that was for her, but I still wasn't done with her yet.

    Though I'd had an orgasm of my own that had brought much needed relief, I was still denying myself one major pleasure, but that was about to change. With her still convulsing from the release provided by my tickle toys, my mouth took up position between her legs. The guttural sounds she made as my mouth went to work were almost inhuman. She was lost, unable to do anything but cum again and again as my lips and tongue worshiped her over the edge repeatedly. If she thought I tasted delicious, I thought she tasted like Napa Valley's finest wine, and I wasn't done tasting until I was good and drunk on her vintage.

    If her chest hadn't been heaving up and down, panting in huge gulps of air, I might have thought she was dead when I finally finished, so still did she lay. My lips and cheeks and beard where coated in her juices, and though she had admitted that she loved tasting herself, I decided not to kiss her in that moment, as she needed breath more than a taste of herself.

    I uncuffed her limbs from the anchor points. She made no move to stop or help me. She was as drained as any human being I'd ever seen. Unfortunately for her, I wasn't quite done with her. Once she was free of the anchor points, I told her to roll over.

    I know she heard me, but she was slow to respond. She was in a stupor of sorts, but eventually she followed my directive and flopped onto her belly. "Now up on your knees," I said. Reluctantly, she did as told, her back to the foot of the bed. I maneuvered each of her wrists down to the correstponding ankle and cuffed them to each other. She became more alert as she recognized she was in a new bondage position and started to anticipate what it might mean. Unceremoniously, I pushed her forward, where she flopped face down with her wrists cuffed to her ankles and her ass and pussy thrust into the air.

    She knew what was coming, but that didn't prevent her from gasping and moaning as I took up position behind her and slid my engorged cock into her wet and waiting pussy. Her muscles gripped me tightly, like a hand around my shaft that did not want to let go. It was a heavenly embrace, but short lived. With one hand, I steadied her hips, using them as leverage so I could pump my own into her backside. With the other, I tickled along her back and ribs, and reached down to give the nipple clamp chain a tug or two. She fucked me eagerly, as much as she could giving her situation. I'm on the quiet side, but she made enough noise for both of us, letting me know just how much she was loving every thrust, every tickle, and every pull at her nipples. Faster and faster I began to slam into her from behind, the slap of skin on skin mixing with her cries of pleasure. I spanked her ass, hard, once, and then again, and she squealed in ecstasy with each blow. Everything felt so good, so right, and it ended as it should with each of us cumming hard at the same time. I did make noises then, but Pebbles drowned me out with her own primal screams.

    At last, I was finally done, as was she. I helped her off with the cuffs and blindfold and clamps, and though neither of us intended on staying the night, we slipped under the covers naked and held each other. She kept on kissing me and kissing me and kissing me, as though she could never kiss me enough to thank me for what I had just given her. I know we both dozed off a bit, entwined with one another, and when it was time to go, I tickled her awake, which led to one more round of orgasms, this time with her riding on top of me.

    That night will forever live on in my memory, and time will tell if Pebbles and I will get a chance to spend time together again. I know that she lived up to all of my expectations, and I'm hoping I helped introduce her to a world of BDSM and fetishism that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.
    I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

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    Oh my... I’m not usually at a loss for words, but I might as well have that ball gag in my mouth right now. That was amazing! Sweet, sexy, kinky, exciting, tickling, tortuous, sensuous, biting, erotic... well just plain ORGASMIC!! Love how you bring a story to life... and really hoping we get the chance to Sir.

    What have I gotten myself into??? http://www.ticklingforum.com/nonvb/smilies/faint.gif

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    It’s a crime the lack of comments. Probably because they never could “finish” your amazing story. Thank for you sharing it with us here

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourPebbles View Post
    Oh my... I’m not usually at a loss for words, but I might as well have that ball gag in my mouth right now. That was amazing! Sweet, sexy, kinky, exciting, tickling, tortuous, sensuous, biting, erotic... well just plain ORGASMIC!! Love how you bring a story to life... and really hoping we get the chance to Sir.

    What have I gotten myself into??? http://www.ticklingforum.com/nonvb/smilies/faint.gif
    Fantastic story that I hope you two are able to make a reality. Pebbles, please read my stories about my sweet Rachel. Perhaps one day if you and Sir are able to play for real, you could have some motivation and a game plan to “return the favor” so to speak…?

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