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    PrincessDiana Tickling Interview

    Got a chance to chat with PrincessDiana on Zoom during this quarantine. She was a very sweet lady who loves being tickled. Here is the complete interview and be sure to buy her videos. They are amazing

    Ninja: Thanks For finding time to chat with me. I really appreciate it.

    Diana: Oh yeah. Of course

    Ninja: For those that donít know who you are, could you go ahead and please introduce yourself.

    Diana: Hi. Iím Diana. I am a model, photographer, and mom. I play all kinds of roles. And we connected through tickling videos apparently that you have seen. Correct

    Ninja: Yes. You have quite a following on The Tickling Media Forum. A forum that is focused on tickling videos and photos. You have a lot of good comments and fans.

    Diana: Oh nice. I never heard of that. Awesome! I am really ticklish!

    Ninja: I can tell. So letís start it off. What is your foot size?

    Diana: 8 and a half.

    Ninja: We were first introduced to your ticklish feet by Tickled Pink Studio in January of this year. Since then you have been pretty popular of TMF, even to the point of a marriage proposal.

    Diana: I have got to check this site out. WowÖAwesome!

    Ninja: So what is your reaction to your popularity?

    Diana: Itís crazy. Iím just hearing it now from you because itís something I really enjoy and was really never out to have any kind of fan base. I started it just to see what it was like and to make a couple extra bucks on the side. I love it. Itís so much fun.

    Ninja: I was looking at your Instagram page and you have several really nice photos that are not fetish related. So when did you start your modeling career?

    Diana: Oh thanks! I think it started in October of 2019. So itís pretty recent. Iím making pretty good money as a model. I get all kinds of gigs, but the ones that pay the best is fetish. Itís totally fine with me because I have lots of fetishes. (laughs) So luckily, it does not even feel like a job. Itís really my dream job.

    Ninja: So how did you get into this? Where you approached or did you see an ad? Tell me how you entered into this work.

    Diana: Well I always just did fashion, lanqurie, and nude modeling. Then I saw a friend of mine post a video of her being tickled and said if anyone is looking for a fun side job, my friend is looking to work with new models. I was like, that sounds like fun and I never tried that before. I always knew I was super ticklish and I kinda hated it because I could not control myself. I really wondered what it would be like. So I reached out to the guy. I think I first was tickled by Toe-tally Fun from Harrisburg. That how I started from hearing about it from another model. It was great and I could not wait to do it again.

    Ninja: So what was your initial reaction when you heard about tickle modeling? Did you think it was a little weird?

    Diana: No. Not at all. I was excited about it. I really wanted to see what it was all about. Iím kind of an adventurous free spirit person anyways. If there is something weird or different, I always want to check it out.

    Ninja: So run us through that first session. What were you feeling before, during, and after the shoot?

    Diana: Oh boy. I really didnít know what to expect. I showed up and it was nice that we chatted a little bit. I even brought some wine to relax myself. So I had a glass of wine and we chatted. I immediately felt safe and comfortable with everything we discussed. So then basically I just jumped into the stocks . The second he touched my foot, I knew it was going toe over. It tickled so bad and I knew I was in for it.

    Ninja: You can spot a fake ticklee a mile away. I think what draws people to you is that you seem to have a genuine love for tickling. I just want to get it on the record officially. Do you like to be tickled and why?

    Diana: I do. Itís a love/hate kind of thing. I love it, but it can be so torturous too. I love the challenge. T There has been times it feels orgasmic
    Ninja: So itís safe to say that it turns you on?

    Diana: Yes. Especially the bondage part. I never thought it would turn me on until I started getting into this and doing more tickle shoots. I remember thinking , ďHoly Sh*t! This turns me on a little!Ē (laughs)

    Ninja: So since you enjoy it so much, would you say you have a tickle fetish?

    Diana: Yeah. I didnít thing that I did. But since I started this, I am finding a different side of myself. I always knew how ticklish I was, but never knew how much I would enjoy being strapped down and have someone do it non-stop with barely any breaks. Its crazy fun. I love it!

    Ninja: Do you like the sensation, the loss of control, or being dominated? What is that you like so much about tickling?

    Diana: I like when Iím being held down or strapped in. Itís that damsel in distress kind of thing. Being so vulnerable. I like being submissive. Itís a thrill, especially if Iím blindfolded and donít know where I will be touched or tickled at. Sometimes when Iím not blindfolded, I would close my eyes because I donít want to see whatís coming. It makes it so much more fun.

    Ninja: If you were deserted on an island for 3 years with a tickler, could you stand to be tickled every day?

    Diana: I defiantly could be. (laughs)

    Ninja: Letís play the rating game. From one to ten, how ticklish are you on your arms?

    Diana: Oh my gosh! A ten for sure. Especially when they are up and canít move them.

    Ninja: Belly?

    Diana: Around my belly button is the only place I am not that ticklish at. On the sides by my ribs tickle, bu
    t not around my belly button area. The sides are killer.

    Ninja: Neck?

    Diana: Itís probably around an eight. Thatís probably the lowest on my body except by belly button. I am so ticklish everywhere

    Ninja: Iím a foot guy, so the soles of your feet would for sure be a ten?

    Diana: Oh yes. Especially if you use a hairbrush and you brush them hard. It torturous! (Laughs)

    Ninja: Did I miss any other tickle spots?

    Diana: Inter Thighs. Inter thighs are deadly ticklish

    Ninja: So out of all of those spots, where is your favorite place to be tickled?

    Diana: Probably my feet because it just feels great and its down in part where I canít see whatís coming. I defiantly like the surprise of not knowing. Itís a rush with the anticipation and the shock.

    Ninja: You may have already answered it, but what tickle tool just absolutely destroys you?

    Diana: Itís like a glove with bristles. I think you use it to get fur off your animals. If you rub that up and down my feet, I canít take it. It tickles so much. I am flying of the seat. Iímí all over the place, laughing hysterically.

    Ninja As a child where you tickled a lot? Do you have any fond tickling memories growing up you would like to share?

    Diana: Me and my sister used to play this game in the bathtub called Dig Dug. We would take our feet and dig them into each other and try to tickle each other. We laugh about that to this day. We were probably around five

    Ninja: I saw a few clips were you were on the other side of the stocks and you were dishing out the tickling instead of taking it. Do you prefer to tickle or to be tickled?

    Diana: I really donít like to be the tickler too much. I like being tickled. However, I did recently try being the more dominate one where I demand things to be done to my feet. I liked that but I prefer to be tickled
    Ninja: If you could tickle one person in the world, who would you tickle?

    Diana: I would like to reverse the question and I answer who I would like to be tickled by.

    Ninja: Ok go ahead.

    Diana: If Christian Grey was a person, I would love to be strapped down on one of his contraptions and have him go to town on me.

    Ninja: So what does the future look like for you? Do you want to become a tickling legend like Taylor Razz, or are you happy with dipping your toe into the industry every once in a while?

    Diana: I defiantly am not going to quit anytime soon. I think itís a lot of fun. If I can be a tickle legend, why not? Itís something Iím good at. If I have that natural ability and people want to pay to see me tickled, then absolutely! I am willing to travel if needed and looking to make more contacts.

    Ninja: Do you get tickled any outside of the fetish industry?

    Diana: No. Thatís why I look forward to the shoots so much because itís the only way I can get my tickle fix. I am very happy when a job comes up.

    Ninja: Thank you so much for sitting down and chatting with me. Itís been real fun getting to know you. I hope to see your smile and hear you laughs in the future, and this is not the last time we talk.

    Diana: Thank you. It was fun and we will defiantly keep in touch. Bye!

    Hope you enjoyed

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    Jan 2003
    Great interview. Is there a link to her website?

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    Apr 2001
    South Florida USA
    I agree; this interview was terrific.
    She mentions her Instagram site, but not her username.
    Would you please get that username from her, and share it with us on this thread?
    Hi! I'm Adam. Just an earth-bound misfit, I am a heterosexual male tickler in South Florida USA.
    adam.sterling@outlook.com / FetLife.com profile

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    Her fetish Instagram user name is clauda_lewis_model. Just contact her there

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    Apr 2001
    South Florida USA
    Thank you for sharing that information with us.
    Hi! I'm Adam. Just an earth-bound misfit, I am a heterosexual male tickler in South Florida USA.
    adam.sterling@outlook.com / FetLife.com profile

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    Jun 2020
    PA, USA
    Unfortunately I don't use social media. I know, I know. CRAAAZY for someone my age. So I won't be able to check her Instagram out. But she's awesome! Beautiful, ticklish, very fun!

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    Jun 2004
    She is a awesome. I may be in love. Lol.

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    Agree woth some opinions above. I already love her

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    Aug 2003
    Seattle, Wa.
    "be sure to buy her videos", but let's keep contacting info a secret. Hmm.

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    Aug 2003
    Seattle, Wa.
    Quote Originally Posted by jelchio View Post
    Great interview. Is there a link to her website?
    That's a secret. Shhh.

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    It was quite curious.

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    Whatever happened to this ticklish cutie? I saw her in some content as Claudia Lewis but haven’t seen her in a while. Hope all is well with her and she makes triumphant tickling comeback!

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