Hi people!

My name is TinyToes and I am from the uk. As my name suggests I am quite petite (5 feet tall, small feet - kinda hovering between a U.K. size 3 and a size 4). I am in my early thirties and very new to everything tickling-related, but really enjoying discovering the foot fetish and other communities - so much fun! ^_^

I have appeared here before in posts over the years by my partner (Winterfell), but joining myself is a big step for me. It took me a little while to understand the fetish/es and stuff, and I am still getting to know it all, but now I have grown to kinda love it already - it helps being open-minded (and willing to feel naughty too!) I am very flattered by lots of the comments my feet in particular have received on here!

Happy to chat to anyone and learn more about the fetish (and hopefully hear some more compliments about my little feet along the way!

Love to all! ^_^