Hi, Stephanie! Welcome to the fun and frivolity on the Tickling Media Forum!

I'm Adam. I'm strictly a tickler, age 47 (read: WAY too old for you!), in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.

First, there is nothing wrong with being shy... or VERY shy... or, as you describe yourself, STUPID shy.

You said that you'd like to talk to anyone who has experience on both sides... but then you wrote that you're absolutely sure you're fully a lee.

I don't have experiences on both sides... but because I'm a tickler and you're a ticklee, I'd be happy to chat with you from those respective angles.

You wrote: I don't know how to talk about it without stammering and turning crimson red.

That's perfectly understandable... because you haven't really COMMUNICATED with anyone about this happy topic.

Let me reassure you that the more you do that, the less stammering you will do, and the less embarrassed you will feel.

I will send a friend request to you along with this message; it's up to you to accept it.

I'm also on FetLife (my username there is also AdamSterling), and my profile there is MUCH longer and MUCH more detailed. When you have an hour, feel free to read it. :-P

Be well, take care, and stay ticklish.

-- Adam