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    Sep 2020
    Theme Park USA

    A quick fun fluffy story

    Back at my old apartment we had this giant sectional couch. I mean absolutely huge. It took up 3/4th's of the living room and could fit like 10 people. It was half broken too which made it super comfy.
    I was on the couch after a long day of work just scrolling through my phone and half listening to the television. After sometime my roommate joined me. Now since it was just the two of us home I had my feet up on the couch since with so much room I figured there was room for us both to stretch out and he would take the entire other side.
    I was wrong.
    He sat right by my feet which did make me nervous but I was sore and figured it would be fine.
    Again, I was incorrect.
    After a few minutes of watching TV he says
    "I have a question."
    "What's up?"
    And then he skittered his fingers up my left foot.
    99.99% of you have never heard my laugh but let me tell you, it's a really crazy one. It's especially crazy if I don't know it's coming, so there was absolutely no pretending that I wasn't ticklish. Still I tried. I tried to tell him he had just spooked me but before i knew it he had my foot under his arm and tickled me like crazy for a few minutes while I pulled my foot back and begged. The louder in pitch my laugh got, the more it encouraged him.
    "You're like an instrument!" he yelled when he hit really sensitive spot and I hit an octave I didn't know existed.
    After what felt like forever but was probably 3 minutes maximum, he gave me my foot back and smiled.
    "That was fun!"
    "For who?!" I yelled back.
    "Me!" and he snuck in one more tickle.

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    Aug 2017
    Southwest United States
    That was an awesome, fun story!

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    Love it!

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