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    Reflections (F/fm, Feet & Sexual Tickling/ Non Con)

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    Reflections 1:

    As Paul began to awaken, he realized he was... “Where the fuck am I? His eyes struggled to adjust but couldn't. He was in complete darkness. Something was wrapped over his mouth and around his face. He bit at the inside of his cheeks nervously trying to figure out what was going on. Tied so completely immobile but could breath fairly easy. His lips quivered inside the cotton cloth as his fingers gripped the wooden arms of the chair.

    Some of the darkness began to lift… He blinked nervously as his eyes tried to adjust. He was staring at his own reflection. Panic rose as he realized he was naked too! Sitting on a grey, velour chair, … metal cuffs were spread down his arms and legs like railroad tracks to a fantasy fueled... self fulfilling prophecy. He had joined a tickle club online in the last year… and talked at length at what he enjoyed sexually. His biggest secret of all. The memories of how he came to be here though were foggy. He had been at a nightclub… meeting a woman for a tickling fetish encounter… the rest… was a blur. Did she drug him? Did he meet her at all? He couldn't remember.

    Paul’s eyes skipped upwards and all around where he was. He was in some sort of human size ball. Small for a room… and circular. The entire place had tiles of mirrors. It looked like an inside out, disco ball. It reminded him of the movie “Inner Space” with Dennis Quaid. Except this place was a bit larger (2 people could fit it they bent over or sat down.). It was so completely confined… no visible locks. Each mirrored tile looked to be about 12 x 12 inches. With no door in view he thought... maybe if he could free himself... if he could loosen the bondage he could break the mirrors somehow. Maybe with his chair? Or maybe roll the entire room over? “This is SO WEIRD…”

    The only parts of himself he could move was his fingers and toes, as the tops just barely touched the mirrors beneath him. And he COULD move his head. That was it. The overhead light went back down putting Paul back into darkness. That is, until he saw one of the tiles open before him moments later.

    Surrounded by her own darkness, there was a woman looking at him. Paul thought she was pretty.. She was a long haired brunette. And also was gagged like him. All he could see was her head, and part of her neck. She might as well have been a picture hanging on the wall with a tiny, almost movie theater like light illuminating her features. Except this picture was moving… and frightened.

    Another tile opened just below her. Tied at the ankles her bare feet were stuck inside his disco pad like a secondary picture. Only her feet actually entered the small space. No more than that. Her feet were beautiful and so soft looking. Plump, luscious, bare feet. “Oh God…” Paul could feel his heart beating faster as his eyes suddenly caught movement. A dark fist rose from the floor into view. Just to the left of her feet. A woman’s hand opened dramatically wearing a fingerless, black leather glove... and long, red nails. From the darkness was plucked a singular, white medium sized feather. Paul could feel sweat forming at the base of his neck. His body was turning to jelly and he blushed deeply beneath the gag.

    Suddenly another dim light highlighted... his cock!?! As if the light itself was telling him where to look next. Another hand popped up from the now removed mirror tiled floor. This one also with red nails, and a fingerless glove. This hand was different. With another white feather in hand… it moved completely into the light near his cock. Someone began to speak.

    “Every time you cum… we will inject her with another serum that increases her ticklishness. If you don’t cum… we’ll let her go. Well, after we tag and collar her. You though... are now my full time science experiment. The voice was wicked... A voice he’d heard before…

    “You will be my 1st focus study on how truly mad I can drive someone with the longest… ongoing, tickling session to date. How much tickling can you withstand? Every day… hours upon hours? How much tickling can you WATCH. How MUCH can a Tickling Fetishest endure of constant... Haha I don’t think you really know what you’re in for…” Paul felt shivers go up his spine.

    “I want to know... Don’t you want to know? The female voice continued. Aren’t you curious? Paul... both lee AND Ler. I KNOW you THINK you are equally divided as a switch… but… since you have yet to HAVE an actual tickling experience… Inquiring minds want to KNOW. Let’s test your theory about what you want for REAL. I think you lean towards lee myself…”

    Both of the prisoners were visibly shaken now and desperate for a way out. The woman could barely see the man in the giant circular contraption across from her… but certainly saw his bright, green eyes behind the low, cone of light. Trapped.

    Paul’s breath caught as the hand below slowly waving the feather in front of her feet showing Paul in no uncertain terms the show was about to begin. Tiny red lights began blinking all over the room. “These bastards are RECORDING!!” He steamed like a kettle at the realization. But the lights that were now blinking began to have an almost hypnotic effect. He thought to himself maybe if he could concentrate more on the tiny lights and meditate till it was over he could actually keep control. But the other leather clad hand snaked in between his knees right in front of his cock. When his eyes finally rested on it his nerves jumped a MILE. He tried to lean back in the chair to give himself space away from the feather but… all he did was press harder against the valour chair. All of the lights went down then… 2 lit up... First...over the woman's bare feet. His heart was pounding in his chest as the feather began to slowly drag up the left foot. The woman’s eyes practically slapped shut as she began giggling. “Oh no… that poor… ticklish...” He tried to shift but failed as he felt his tickle lust starting to creep around inside of him. Trying to avoid staring at those bare… ticklish… FEET. He smiled smugly underneath his gag. The fear began to dissipate as he felt himself relax. “Just enjoy the show… fuck it.” He thought.

    As he watched the feather move so lightly... stroking up and down her left foot his cock rose fast. Suddenly he felt the feather near his cock slowly begin touching the underside of his shaft. He shuddered at the touch and didn’t let himself laugh. His hidden smile wavered as he tightened his face to keep control. This situation was quickly becoming like a dream come true. And yet a fantasy he wasn’t ready for. To feel powerless… and helpless to a female tickle fiend. Or multiple... ...forced to watch a strange woman get her feet tickled while he was forced to cum. The feather was stroking him so good now his susceptibility to watching feather tickling made it impossible to relax his cock. And now to actually FEEL IT. He felt his own laughter starting to rise deep down. Watching didn’t help. When he finally couldn’t stand it… he lost control of his breath and started to laugh as quietly and as slowly as he could manage. He looked down as his breath caught again… the feathers dragged their pointy tendrils and tickled along and around the base of delicate nerves. The feather was finding the most ticklish of nerves at certain points of his cock… making him giggle more. Unable to move at all...he was condemned to finally living his fantasy. “This is too erotic… oh fuckhmhmhmhmhmhHMHM.” Paul loved watched feathers try and tickle an orgasm from people. Especially while having their feet tickled. And now finally him. It was working too. His eyes were glued to the leather hand and her white feather. Paul was starting to realize how bad this could get. His cock was lready too vulnerable a target for this… his laughter was increasing despite him. But god did it feel amazing. Paul caught sight of the foot tickling again… and stared at the trembling, ticklish bare feet through the tile. “I can’t cum… I just cahahahahahmmhmhmhmh.” Paul tried to shake his cock out of the way but all it could do was jump from it’s own ticklishness rising.

    “If I look at this foot tickling much longer… I’m… gonna hmhmhmh LOSE IT…oh fuck ofuckahhah….” The tickling of his cock was forcing his mind into lust and laughter rapidly. He averted his eyes and looked up into hers… to focus on her face instead. He was a 10 second shooter after all usually… tickling turned him SO MUCH he could never hold his orgasms very long at all watching those videos. Most he ever made it was a singular minute. Paul kept glancing back at the torturous bare foot tickling. “Oh… yes… get her… tickle her GOOD HMHMHMHMM”. Feathered so softly and continuously his eyes kept going back for more. The tickly feather in front of his cock was stroking him up and down… then made it’s way to finally to the head causing him to burst into his gag with laughter. It began wiggling but keeping with about the same rhythm of the foot tickler. The poor woman’s own laughter was getting extremely intense now. Paul moaned with mixed laughter then as he looked back straight into her eyes… he could tell she was still looking for an escape as her eyes searched frantically for a way out. Her obviously pedicured feet responded wonderfully to every stroke. It seemed now her entire body must be shaking because her head definitely was. “Hells yes…” That just turned him on even more… “Maybe her pussy was getting the feathering it deserved too.” He thought deviously. Paul looked back down at his manhood getting the same feather treatment.... coming closer and closer to orgasm. His cock swayed and strained as he too shook more and more... “Oh no…hmhmhmh I’m getting closer… HAHAHA not that… ANYTHING but THAT’”. Suddenly another feather came through his legs. Her nails though were blue. It went straight for his ass… he lost all control and started laughing like mad beneath his gag. He only could flinch in response with his body… he had to endure every, tickling, wiggle, and drag. Every once in awhile the feather moved away from his ass to tickle each freshley shaven ball. Oh FUCAHAHHHMMMMAHAHHAAA UHHH MMMMMMHMHMHHAHAHA…”

    The tickling proceeded in accordance with the originator’s plan...the feathers both slid and tickled their way around as lazily as the day is long. “There was no rush… why go fast.” This “study” was just THAT important. She laughed evilly to herself down below the bubble. Beneath her special mirrored cage her dark mask, turtleneck, and black wig made her nearly invisible. Her friends were wearing similar outfits. She herself didn’t know what they looked like… that was part of it… anonymity for any Ler entering the building.

    Paul commanded himself to close his eyes. But his lust was overwhelmingly and he couldn't stop himself from watching the foot tickling. The woman’s laughter sprinkled into his ears like the finest, intense, piano music.

    His laughter was torn from sadistic to submissive... weak. It grew longer and louder. “MmmmmmHMHMHM…. mmm…. MMMMMHMHMHMMmmmMMMMm…..” The woman across from him understood he must be getting closer. The man seemingly close now to going over the edge. “MMmmnnmnmnnnnn!!!” She couldn't open her mouth to scream NO! She shook her head in the darkness unseen as the tickling feather at her eet was too good at forcing her attention back to her own ticklishness. Seconds before he came Paul watched helplessly but happily as the feather started tickling the middle of her foot.. the spot that was sure to make him cum. Immediately.

    “ MMMMMMMHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHMMMMMhMHHHhmmm m m m MMMMmMmmhmHMHMHM!!!” His most favorite place to tickle. “yes yESSSS…” In his mind HE was the one controlling the feather. The hand before him feather tickled his orgasm right then and there. It was over. All the lights went out and Paul saw red flashes as his orgasm was just long and amazing. As the feather continued to tickle … the orgasm went on for at least a full minute. Soon he felt the gloved hand clean away his cum.

    The helpless woman meanwhile felt the eerie serum be injected into her arm. They were covered in darkness.

    15 minutes later the lights reappeared over the woman’s feet and face. Windows of highlighted, tickling sadism. Just seeing the feather near her feet again made him rise back to attention. This time the feather didn’t start slowly. The tip was wiggled up the middle of her foot widely for his maximum pleasure. A muted but incredibly bountiful laugh echoed into his room. The feather near his cock began to swirl over him again. But this time there was no build up. He was fully sensitive now. The orgasm had made him ticklish without the serum. He began deeply giggling as his eyes re focused helplessly on the women’s bare feet being tickled. Paul was in for one hell of a long ride tonight.

    Suddenly another mirror tile was… it lit up! Directly above her feet and beneath her head. It began running words across it’s screen.

    ……………….“Tickle tickle tickle…”

    …...“Kitchy… kitchy coooo…”

    ……………..“Aren’t her bare feet just… SO TICKLISH? Cum to my feathers…

    His captors know everything about him that turned him on. “Oh FUCKHAHHAHA!! As the feather kept tickling his rock hard, ticklish cock… he knew there was no way he had control now. But if he came this time… “oh no…” Every time he came he would be more and more ticklish. And the woman would be injected with more tickle serum! He had to fight against this somehow! He shut his eyes and after a while... felt cool air near his right foot below him. What was…?

    MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHAHAHHAHHA MMM HMHMHAHAHAMMMMM!” Now HE was getting tickled on his feet. “Open your eyes or you too can enjoy having your feet tickled. We know either way will make you cum.” He opened them fast just in time to see the words

    …Her feet are soooo ticklish…

    …... watch me feather them until she passes out Paul...... kitchy… kitchy...kitchy

    He didn’t want to have the serum or add to this woman’s misfortune. He was extremely ticklish already and he swore he wouldn't close his eyes again. But did anyway. His motor functions were operating despite him.


    His foot feathering began again. The tickle torture of his cock never stopped.

    Across the window highlighted the woman’s cheeks whom were streaking with laughing tears. Hot and rosey with excitement and increasing ticklishness. Paul was failing to endure and about to come again. His right sole were so sensitive to the feather he was amazed to find out how ticklish that foot was. His big toes pedaled back and forth against the floor, peddling fast and wild int no destination whatsoever. The cuffs held his ankles tightly. Finding some relief from the cock tickling. The new sensation held off the orgasm for just a moment as it slowly began again to overwhelm him. But he forced his eyes open and rested again on the wiggling toes. Being feathered ever so intensely now. Up and down the feather wielded such power to control those nerve endings. He felt the orgasm coming faster. Even though his eyes were opened the feathering of his foot continued. “Paul <3’s TICKLING Punishment” the screen rolled. He came again from seeing just the word TICKLING like a volcano. All of the tickling feathers worked in harmony to seduce the orgasm from him completely. His breathing was heavy now as he came down… a lustful drain on his body like he never had before.

    Again the lights went out and he was cleaned up in the dark. His cock didn’t care though to lay down. He was now extremely sensitive but the warm, wet towel felt good as the gloved hand cleaned him gently. Another 15 minutes or so later… More Scrolling words took his attention as the women received her next dose.

    “How ticklish are you now Paul? How ticklish is she…? Wanna go MAD… ha ha HA…”

    Suddenly the bare feet in front of him relit and were slowly slid forward into his mirrored bubble. Brought closer and closer to him. Her roped and mummified legs remained in the dark but the soft, ticklish feet were now right in front of cock. Inches away.

    The scroll appeared again as he felt his gag loosened and taken off of him from the tile behind him. The hand dissappeared. The voice filled their ears...

    “Now… tell me where and how to tickle her… Or else.”

    He looked down to see the glove was gone and only the hand remained. A creamy white hand... with beautifully painted red nails glinting in the direct light. They waved slowly around his cock. Then turned and faced her feet.

    He was now being told to direct the woman’s tickling?! What absolute SADISTS these people were! Whoever they were! He couldn't think nor did he want to. He didn’t want to cum anymore… He would have to talk out loud. THOSE words… he really was so shy… NO!! NEVER!! I’LL NEVER… SAY…”

    The woman’s face was now much closer to the window. Both his and her gag had been removed as well. She realized as she could now see everything inside his enclave.

    Her voice was hoarse and began to trickle out as a near whisper. “No… NO… PLEASE… NO MORE TICKLING MY FEET. I’ll be so unbelievably ticklish now… I don’t want to experience THAT… Or oh no… no no not that”. She was looking down now. Oh NO... Don’t make me cum to being tickled… I don’t want to be trained into liking it” She… she’s got a feather underneath me... my pussy... about to start tickling it. STOP HER!!! Her trembling voice went up multiple octaves. “I can see it…NO PLEASE. NO FEATHER. NOT THERE!!”

    The hand kept turning around waiting patiently for its path to her feet to begin. As Paul remained silent, he watched the other hand reaching or his cock. The fingernails wiggled and waved closer and closer... threatening ULTIMATE tickle torture … making his cock harder. “I’m too SENSITIVE… no no… I’m SORRY MISS!!! AHHHHH!!!! He began to cry a bit and whimper from THE FEAR OR CUM OVERLOAD. The hand closed and turned away from him… opening in front of her feet.

    “OH NO... YEAH…NO... he thought to himself. OK OK I GIVE… ha ha ha…” Paul thought quickly and he said. “Tickle her with just ONE nail… PLEASE?

    “Tickle her where Paul…” The scrolling words flashed before him. Paul swallowed guilty and whispered… “Her toes… FIRST”.

    The ticklers index finger leapt onto her big toe and began tickling lightly but frantically. Skipping around happily to tickle each toe individually before moving on to the next. Suddenly another painted hand with pink nail polish GRABBED HIS COCK and began tickling and stroking... stroking his cock up and down tickling it like a spider’s prey caught in it’s web. He yelled out from his sensitivity but soon quickly began moaning again.

    “Kitchy… kitchy… COO PAUL… cum for me….”

    The Scroll rolled on and on…

    “... Kitchy kitchy coo… WATCH… I’m tickling such ticklish feet… She my never escape my feathers and fingers…”

    As he watched the red nail continue tickling her toes he listening to the woman turn hysterical with laughter. “Tickle her heels…. with just one nail please.” he said with a louder most lustful voice. The hand immediately shot down to heels. NOOOO!!! AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA NOAAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    The silky hand stroking Paul glided faster. His cock had been lubed. “Oh fuck… I’m gonna cum already again… oh yes… yes… mmmm…. Tickle both of her arches.... with just 2 fingers. PLEASE?!”

    Another red nail joined it’s partner in crime. Tickling the arches gently as the feet trembled terribly with ticklishness. The woman’s feet bounced up and down as her screaming laughter filled Paul’s ears completely. The shock of ticklishness she already was... but with 2 doses of increased tickling serum? She felt dizzy now as the fingers stroked and traced… A feather tickled and wiggled sadistically over her clit. She was fully crying tears of laughter… and laughed past the point of hysteria into soon shutting down and passing out. The hole in her mummified legs was just enough for the feather point to fit through. Her pussy was full and plump from the tickling. Another mirror screen showed this to Paul. There it was. He watched her start moaning. “Oh YEAH.... Tickle her pussy… GET HER.” Paul looked back down to the foot tickling so CLOSE to his cock. The plush skin was begging to be cummed on. He couldn't STAND IT!! He heard himself say his favorite words straight to the poor, helpless woman’s face as he looked back up at her. “Kitchy… mmmm…. kitchy…. mmmmm… coooooOooo. Tickle tickle…. mmmmmHAHAH OOOOOH YEAH…. ticklE TICKLE KITCHY...KITCHY… YOUR GONNA CUM…MHMAHAHHAH AHHAHHAHA

    The feather was softly tickling her clit so lightly and skillfully he knew was going to be forced to cum to this wicked torture… he LOVED IT. He was getting ready to cum in between bouts of laughter.

    “Mmmmmmm…… AHAHAHAHAHH… MMMMMM … Ahhhh… Ahhhhh...Uhhhhh…”

    The finger nails wildly tickled at the bare, quivering feet. The other hand had stopped stroking Paul then… a feather instead started stroking him instead. The feather now wasn't enough to make him cum. But he just kept going as if in a trance. Verbally torturing and tickle talking this woman. Shuddering from the feather tickling it started ticlke again. “Tickle her toes again…mmmhehehehe... yes YES… he he haha… don’t forget the sides... now tickle the arches… GET HER...AHAHAHA KEEP TICKLING MY COCK I DESERVE IT OH YES… PUNISH ME make me cum… PLEASE… I CAN’T TAKE IT… tickle tickle tickle!! i gotta tickle them! LET ME TICKLE HER FEET OH PLEASE AHAHAHAAAAAAAHHEHEHEHAHHAHH! The feather kept him on edge for an eternity as he watched the clit tickling… the bare feet tickling… and his cock… his eyes constantly switched around and around until the woman came so hard she passed out in seconds. The feather tickled at it and tickled a few moments longer. All the lights then went out. And the feather stopped stroking Paul. “WAIT… WHAT ARE YOU DOING”?!?!?! No one answered… and no words scrolled. He was left alone for what felt like forever in the dark. Soon he too fell asleep. When the voice spoke again... he awoke just as realized he was being placed, limb by limb… into the lotus position.

    “Paul… Thank you for being so… generous. Nope… still an an evil switch! I was half right at least. HA! I am now Paul... going to sit behind you… in the near dark. And tickle your sensitive, ticklish feet again. But I think despite science… you need the serum. You're not nearly as ticklish as I want you to be…” Paul felt the woman behind him reaching around him with both arms... and tapped some of her nails across his arches. He giggled frantically as he tried to rock. He felt the needle then injected into his arm. He felt cold for a while as the serum ran through his body. Suddenly his feet felt tingly...

    “You will experience tickle torture like you have NEVER KNOWN. You COULD be one of the most evil if you set your mind to it. All still from the comfort of your own chair. No one knows your here… and no one's coming for you. But I DO… And I will enjoy your sadism from the comfort of MY CHAIR. MY WAY. She laughed quietly and darkly into his right ear.

    Suddenly 2 white feathers were pulled and highlighted from behind her back... the dim lights came on over his feet creating shadows from the feathers across them. You and I are going to get to know each other REAL WELL.”

    He laughed nervously seeing the feathers so close to his very ticklish, upturned soles. Locked on his thighs. He REALLY couldn't move his feet no He attention turned as he felt and watched scissors cut a hole into his replaced gag. The horny end of a feather placed inside the hole into his mouth. A new pair of women’s feet dropped down from above him from the ceiling... toes gently tied back to the ropes surrounding the woman’s ankles.

    “Tickle THESE feet… you said you wanted to. BUT... if you drop that feather… I won’t let you cum for a MONTH. Just constant edging for WEEKS… ALL FOR THE SCIENCE of TICKLE TORTURE OF COURSE”. I’m going to get every drop of tickling sadism from you that I can find. I will hold all of the tickling knowledge soon…” Her smile radiated through the dark behind him. He could hear the new women whimpering above him. He moved the feather with his teeth carefully towards her naked soles slowly… as the feathers descended over of his locked, bare feet. As soon as the feathers began their cruel tickling… His last thought were to reflect on the days he had spent gloriously alone with his fetish. Laughing at the memories of what solitude had felt like. His quiet apartment. He missed it suddenly. But… he would NEVER go back. Can’t go home again as they say...

    Maybe he should drop the feather and test HER sadism further... for Science? He gave the dangling feet a lustful wiggle… and dropped it. The scroll rolled again...


    Part 2:
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    Wow, just wow, Doll you are an evil genius! 10/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrari258gto View Post
    Wow, just wow, Doll you are an evil genius! 10/10
    Wow!! Thank you so much ferrari!!!
    On: Instagram, Fetlife, Skype, and Niteflirt! (under CapturedDoll)

    My Chat room: Chatzy: http://us20.chatzy.com/28990152721874

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