After speaking for the first time in months… Magda Pierce felt more dread than she had ever experienced. Her husband had finally lost his mind. Whether it was the constant liquor, the tragedy of the world itself, or the loneliness consuming him.... she knew the man she once loved was almost gone.

The conversation they had was filled with delusions of grandeur. He was convinced he could end civilization. And through his fetish for tickling at that! What could the men be thinking now that they have probably heard and seen his plans? Were they on his side? Did they believe him? Or did they think him crazy? What was she going to do?

With a ship full of women to do right by… the choice she faced was dark. Magda burned the candle each and every night in solitude, praying for an answer.

The destination of Finland soon would be reached. After her only conversation with her husband… she had no choice now but to tell the women what was going on. Civilization was fully at stake. The women were shocked to hear the story of the man too before everything has gone south. Just before her husband had been THE “Serial Foot Tickler” of Ireland. Tying women to their beds as they slept. Then lazily tickling their bare feet as they succumbed to the potion he made them drink. He showed her his prized collection of tapes one night. In and out of sleep they were ticked awake… and tickled back to sleep. Their bodies so tired all they did was giggle softly and long… and their feet would shiver and jump. His dreaded collection of different feathers had been used on her too… a blur of too many times to count. But… even she had to admit how amazing those orgasms were…

Some women cried… some struggled with the choice to leave their husbands behind and sail elsewhere. But in the end love was all they had hoped for again in this world. So they continued on their path… and armed themselves against their husbands… if there was cause to. They struggled to learn defense. Sword fighting, jousting… but there were not enough weapons to arm them… not even a 1/4th of them. What were they going to do??

They realized though as the night wore on. The most powerful weapon a women can have is her body. Mind’s churned the plan out till dawn.

At Sunset they caught sight of Finland’s shores. And could see the ship of men already at the Port. They stripped off their clothes hurriedly. As Magda steered the ship into Port, the women took their places all around the ship. Waiting for their cue… they took positions on the floor… on the beds… in the masts and everywhere you could find, 2 by 2. Coupling off… they began to make out… and tickle each other lightly. Waiting for the men to find them.

When docked, Magda ran off the ship and into her husband's awaiting arms. “OH HUSBAND!!” They hugged and kissed passionately. Captain Pierce slowly pulled away and eyed Magda up and down. He opened his mouth to speak but Magda stepped back suddenly and began to shout as loud as she could.


The men could hardly believe their ears! They raced onto deck and their eyes filled over with lust and love at their site of their wives. Their naked bodies, their giggling laughter, ferociously grabbing at each other and tickling away at all over the deck! Obviously fighting hard to stay cured! =O The men began to take off their clothes and slowly made their way through the wrestling women.

“NO!!! NO NO NO!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!??” Captain Pierce shouted. The men ignored him and continued on, leaving buckles and pants here and there. Some clothes completely thrown up into the air and overboard. HIs plan had BACKFIRED!! Now, they were conditioned to lusting after a women into ticklish madness. The sight before them made them so horny… an orgy began right before his eyes. He turned to his wife and grabbed her by her forearm. “WHAT did you DO??”

“I SAVED the world. From you anyway my… love.” Magda opened her wooden heart necklace and took out a small vile. Drink this… it is a gift from me to you. You can have ME tonight… again. It's been too long... ” She looked down… and waited. Captain Pierce took the vial and studied it. It looked like a tiny vial of Absinthe. Already drunk… he drank it straight away in anger. All over the men were drinking their own vials. Every single one of the men passed out. Even sooner still… they were all tied down.

A few hours later the men awakened. Heavy ropes bound their ankles and wrists. Spread eagle they were and rightly confused. Dazed with the remnants of the potion still in their systems. They all awoke to each woman holding feathers in their hands. Some held their fingernails in the light of the burning sticks. Magda walked and curved around surveying each and every situation. Finally her eyes came to rest up on the main mast. Her husband had been secured on it like… well... her thoughts turned to God then and she wondered then if what she was doing was right. His wild glare told her indeed it was.

Now up for all to see above them Captain Pierce began to shake with rage. Tied to largest sail, fully naked. Magda only could smile back as she produced one of his feathers and slowly waved it in front of him. His eyes grew small and wide all in an instant. He began to shake his head no, completely speechless. His cock had a mind of its own and grew its entire length at the site. “I CAN’T be made to SUCCUMB to the FEATHER in front of my MEN!!!!!” NO… not that!!! He shouted and panic set deeply in. “NOT THAT…” His eyes began to tear up as he shook his head fitfully. The women watched as Magda laid the tip of her feather against his engorged cock. “You were right my husband… tickling cures ALL.


She touched his member with one of his softest, red feathers. He gasped and laughed. He was shocked. “No… no… NO… NO NO!!!” 2 of the single women joined Magda and began to lightly tickle his soles that were crossed at the ankles. His toes flexed in and out as his laughter became WILD! He couldn’t struggle much at all being tied so tightly. His cock… and his poor tender feet were so ticklish. His cock stayed raised, throbbing from the increasing horniness… Forced to be tickled against his will for the first time in his life. That of which turned him on the most.

All over the women laid their feathers upon their own husbands genitals. Most needed coaxing to attention. They were frightened at the turn of events. But the minute their feathers began stroking them up and down… their long held passions bloomed. Some laughed, some moaned. Most did both. For hours they were teased and tickled. The entire conjoined now ship became a lust filled hysteria orgy.

Finally… some of the women climbed upon their men and rode them to ecstasy. Most tickled the orgasm straight from them. Forcing them to cum over and over again till dawn. They were broken like the slaves they set out to make. Magda brought over a wooden crate and stepped up facing her husband. She lifted her skirt and bent over in front of him and slid herself down juicily over his shaft. She had never felt her own power this much. He SCREAMED from fear at the thought of coming to being tickled by a woman. And not just any woman. But his thoughts were quickly turned for him… The women by his restrained bare feet… their tickling fingertips were still slowly driving him crazy!! He tried to hold to his orgasm as long as he could but this was turning him on too much. He felt the orgasm coming faster and faster. He tried to grimace behind his drawn wide, laughing mouth. Trying desperately to control the urge. They teased his arches... toes and arches again… back and to. Drawing his orgasm out from hiding. Magda heard her husband's voice turned to lust. ‘Nooooo…. please… mmm… “. She slowed down and reached underneath his balls to tickle. Ensuring he would cum. His eyes widened as he let out a joyful scream. She rode his cock back and forth while quickly wiggling her feather underneath him. It was too much. Captain Pierce exploded inside of her.

Left and right all the men came one after the other. And afterwards they were all fed and cleaned up lovingly. The next day the women scoured the country and found useful chains all around Finland. One by one the men were wrapped by neck, wrist and ankles and led onto shore. As time passed and each woman eventually became pregnant, including Magda, the world continued on as normal. The men were freed from their chains (except on Saturday Nights… trading with the women their chains) and left to work each person rebuilding the world. All except for Captain Pierce. The men had been let in on his real plans… and they decided he was to be kept bound on the ship for the rest of his days. Tickle tortured by his wife till the end. Except for Saturdays. Henceforth it was known in history as “Pirates and The First Global Feathering”. Led by Captain Magda Pierce.