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Thread: So Cal tickling

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    Join Date
    Oct 2008

    So Cal tickling

    Hey Everyone! Happy new year!

    Iím an early 30s, male tickler. 6í2 195lbs athletic build. Former collegiate athlete. Employed (and covid tested bi-weekly for work), educated, experienced and respectful.

    Iím a straight male Ler. Iím primarily seeking any female Lees...but, open to talking and have tickled males before as well.

    You can message me here, on kik @BEarn11, or find me on fetlife @Socaldom123 (I know, not a very original name). I have pics and videos from sessions on Fet.

    Iím an open book, and looking forward to talking and meeting new people.

    I work all over So-Cal, and I have to travel from SD to Santa Barbara and everywhere in between on a monthly basis.

    Hope everyone is doing well!

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    Mar 2020
    San Diego
    Hey I'm 24m in San Diego. Both ler and lee but would love to get tickled by some experiences hands. Hmu!

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