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    May 2012
    Columbus, Ohio

    Smile Greetings from Cbus!

    Hello everyone!

    I would say that this is an introduction, and it is, but I have actually had a profile here for... 9 years at this point? I made my profile way back when in 2012. We're coming along my decade anniversary! However, I stopped coming here regularly... if I had to put an assumed date on it I would say it would be 2013. I will be honest with you all, I get really shy and anxious with online forums. I have a tendency to just kind of look at them and assume that I don't fit in. I find it hard to be myself and to feel at home most places, and when I first saw TMF I thought a few things: 1) This place is huge 2) Everyone is so comfortable being themselves 3) Everyone already knows each other so I won't be able to fit in at all. I tried for a bit but I let myself be intimidated (by no one else but my own inner dialogue) and hid away, eventually just leaving. Honestly I follow this formal many places... Fetlife, DeviantArt, et cetera. If you've seen a Brushtickler one of those places, chances are it may have been me!

    Well then what changed, I hear you say?

    Well... a mix of cabin fever because of the pandemic, a bit of trying to get myself out there a bit more and a want to make more tickling fetish friends, and a bit of encouragement from some other members of the community I'm friends with (shoutouts to someone from Omegle for randomly talking to me and helping me finally decide to do this). Also I have been doing more self-discovery in terms of my own kinkiness. I recently came out as Asexual and it has actually helped me accept myself and my tickling fetish even more.

    So! I can't promise I will be the most active person ever... as I'm typing this I'm still kind of nervous/anxious and am intimidated by a number of things (Talking to new people, veterans of the community... heck, even people having tickle talk makes me go "Oh okay I should leave them to it. Bye!" so...) but I do want to try to move on and slowly become more comfortable.

    Thank you all for reading and I look forward to possibly chatting sometime!

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    Thanks for your reintroduction post! Look forward to seeing more from you.
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    May 2012
    Columbus, Ohio
    Thank you very much! I appreciate the warm welcome.

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