Hi everyone, after long digging in internet archives and places I don't even know how I've stumbled upon, I came across this classic, one of my all time favorite tickling stories that I've thought to be long lost. I've tried to contact the Maestro himself on Deviantart for a permission to repost it, but he didn't reply in the last two weeks. On the other hand, I really feel like such a story shouldn't be lost forever. The image attached to it (or at least its censored version) can still be found on DA: https://www.deviantart.com/tyklfynd/...rment-20188622

Angel's Torment
(by Tyklfynd)

Part 1: Warmth.

Anahita looked up nervously at the wicked grins staring down at her. Beautiful and fierce faces filled with lust and glee glowered above her. Three devils were milling about in anticipation. She could feel their eyes scanning her nude body.

An ornately carved, black lacquered, obsidian chair like piece of bondage furniture held her in its grasp. The ancient fixture was clearly designed for her kind. Her milk white wings strapped into the carved talon tipped posts. Arms locked at the wrists and elbows, ankles frozen in vice-like fists of black cold stone, limbs splayed and stretched tight. Her smooth, muscled body pulled against the massive and ancient structure. Around the stage that supported her unyielding bondage, a sea of feminine, demonic, glowing eyes gazed at her helpless struggle with fascination. Anahita, an angel of radiant supernatural beauty, had been captured by her fallen cousins. Now she was the unwilling center of attention of a wicked and perverse spectacle. Dread and fear choked her. She knew exactly what they wanted, and she prayed that she would have the strength to resist giving it to them. Directly in front of this delicate creature sat a tall and slender figure. With six arms, six fingers on each hand, six toes, and jet black skin, the queen was terrifyingly beautiful. When she spoke it was with a sensuous timbre. “Let it begin.” she said softly. Anahita’s heart sank.

Anahita gasped as six hot hands began caressing her with spice scented oil. The feeling was wonderful. They were so gentle. She yearned to relax, let go, and just enjoy it. The three devil girl’s red hands kneaded her muscles, which were sore from struggling against the bonds. They stroked her smooth strong thighs, soft soles, perky round breasts and puffy pink nipples. Their fingers teasingly circled her pussy and anus. Anahita’s angelic body was perfect. Her skin was pink and tender. Her hairless, strong, soft and smooth body tensed as she tried to resist the pleasure of the caressing.

To the devils, the deliciousness of all the naked, vulnerable, angelic flesh was pure torture to look upon. They could vividly remember when their own skin and bodies shone with a holy glow. The desire to lick and touch every irresistible part of this twitching angel was driving them mad. Devilish red hands gently squeezed her tender breasts. Hot mouths, whispering carnal thoughts, kissed and suckled her swelling nipples. The hands explored every inch of her helpless figure. The pleasure was too intense. Never had this creature of innocence been so aroused and filled with lust. She struggled desperately to not enjoy the touching, to stop craving for more. Her skin began to tingle. Each pass of the hands over her nude body felt much more intense than the last. As she flexed her pink toes and fingers to distract herself from the pleasure of the caresses, she realized that the ointment was making her skin incredibly sensitive. Thirty six slick fingers slithered across her hairless, slippery body. The demons touching her were breathing heavy with lust and envy as they coated this heavenly body with the spicy ointment.

Anahita’s breathing quickened. She struggled to concentrate. There was something else, she suddenly realized. Another sensation was building. As strong hot hands caressed her breasts, slid across her oiled pink soles, and circled her wet throbbing pussy, she became aware that her skin felt warmer and warmer. Oh my god, she thought, my skin feels so hot! It was a strange, tingling burning that didn’t hurt, but made her ache for more touching. The six devilish hands moved fast, caressing her nakedness everywhere, but it wasn’t enough, she wanted more touching. Her whole body cried out for more hands. She looked at the audience of writhing, nude, demonic bodies and wished that all of them would leap up and touch her; anywhere, everywhere, as fast as they could. Our innocent beauty never imagined that every nerve ending in her body could sing so loudly for attention. It was driving her mad. The craving filled her mind. The only part of her they didn’t touch was her genitals. She kept thinking how delicious it would be for a slippery finger to touch her there. Just when she almost knew that she couldn’t stand it any more, the half dozen hands on her naked lusting body did something that felt so unimaginably cruel. They stopped.

Starving for a touch, any touch, she looked desperately from one laughing red face to another. They want me to beg, she realized, they want me to beg for more, to sin! She panted and groaned in her need. Three of moist faces crowded close to hers. “Just ask, precious.” one taunted. “All you have to do is ask for more.” A second whispered. Her chest heaved, sweat poured out her pores, and her holy skin ached, tingled, itched and burned with infernal cravings. She wept from her agonizing need for a touch on her nudity, any touch. “We will all touch you my sweetness, all of us all over your tender body. Do you want us to? We want to so badly, we all want to gently touch and stroke your whole nude body, don’t you want us to?”. “Yes, let us kiss and lick your delicious pussy, nibble on your clit, would you like that?” Their devilish whispering was torture. The words “PLEASE TOUCH ME” screamed in her head over and over. Her heart pounded, hot flashes of desire washed over her, as the demons whispering delicious lewd thoughts in her virgin ears.

The deep silky voice of the Queen interrupted. “Perhaps a gentler touch will persuade her.” The hundreds of female demons surrounding the platform writhed more intensely. Slippery, muscled dark bodies driven mad with lust at the sight of the tormented angel. The trio of scarlet demons began hissing and circling the trembling angelic body. They were begging, in a whisper. “Please let us my queen, Oh please let us …”. Let them do what? she wondered. The chanting grew. Anahita’s apprehension swelled in her chest. She grimaced and panted through clenched teeth. “…you may begin…” the queens voice was warm and sweet. Their red faces lit up with joy as they dived at her with fingers curled like claws. A shriek of manic laughter exploded from her lungs.

Part 2: Gentleness.

They started on her soft thighs. Thirty six fingers on her sensitive thighs, dancing and tickling. It felt like electricity. All the muscles of her thighs and buns quivered. Violently spasmed. She couldn’t think. Couldn’t breathe. Who was that screaming? Oh, its me, she realized through a haze of ticklish panic. The screaming faded to hysterical giggling as she ran out of breath. Her pulsing thighs ached and twitched as thirty six fingers stroked and poked, prodded and pinched and defiled her sacred flesh. Her face was stretched in ticklish agony. Muscular thighs, round buttocks, and tender calves pulsed under the fiendish torment. They worked over her legs with demonic ferocity.

Her giggling jumped an octave. Twelve hot fingertips found a new home on the soles of her long curvaceous feet. Creamy soft arches, as sensitive as swollen genitals, flexed invitingly under the cruel onslaught of gentle touches. The devil at her soles was laughing wildly as she looked back and forth at the two flailing bare soles; hypnotized by the ecstasy of inflicting such wicked torment. Pink toes wiggled. Feet flailed in desperation. Fingertips squirmed from oiled heel to clenched toes. The sensation was like hot worms of electricity rushing up her slender angelic legs. Her soft curvaceous feet were the most ticklish part of her divine figure. Exquisitely tender to the point of being erogenous, they shivered in shear ticklish agony as the supernaturally fast fingers stroked and teased without a hope of mercy. Her arches showed the most extreme sensitivity, so the devilish fingers exploited that vulnerability with cruel lust. Flicking and scrambling in a blur, the ticklish madness was beyond intense. Delirious with the desire to tickle torture, this slave of hell had not one shred of mercy in her lusting soul. She was consumed with the ecstasy of her victims unimaginable ticklish agony.

Another pair of hands intimately explored the nerve endings of her tender hips. They played the muscles of her midsection like a puppeteer. Violent involuntary shivers erupted with each poke and prod. The tortured angel’s chaste womanhood was swollen with hunger. The devilish fingers were tickling her libido as fiercely as they tickled her holy flesh. Pulsing buns, flexing thighs, and a sweaty slick heaving stomach framed a pink burning pussy that had never been touched. But which now was wet and hot and ferociously craving attention.

And atop this vision of violated innocence rocked a head of ticklish, screaming agony. Just below the flushed mask of pure ticklish torture, two more hands worked with wicked delight on the tender skin of Anahita’s underarms and ribs. Those hands squeezed and wiggled mercilessly. The sadistic trio could feel her hellish torment building. They could smell her nervous system overloading from the fluttering fingertips, stroking and pinching this radiant creatures hyper sensitive nakedness. How could any creature tolerate this? How much unbearable ticklish sensations could she endure?

The muscular, slippery, dark bodies surrounding this display of sensory overload swam over each other, touching themselves; teased to the extreme by the gorgeous, heavenly creature whose body shivered in torment. As they touched themselves their need grew, but never found climax, never found release. They feasted their glowing eyes upon the radiant nude beauty that shivered above them. A beauty they had all once known, the memory of it tormented them. Countless tongues licked lips that were hot with the desire to kiss, lick, and tickle the tender angelic body whose suffering tormented these slaves of hell to madness.

Part 3: Smoke.

As she flailed and howled desperately, and her tormentors added their warm tongues to the violation of her tender flesh. The queen grew impatient. Anahita was on a plateau of hellish sensation, but she was holding on, barely. Devils whispered in her ears, promising her orgasmic release from her awful cravings and mercy from the ticklish fingers stroking every inch of her delicious, graceful figure. But she somehow resisted. This infuriated the queen, who was hot with anticipation of this innocent, violated creatures fall.

Sidragasum, Queen of the Vyv devils, stood up and strode toward the quivering, tortured figure of glowing perfection that she once resembled. Her six hands slowly descended to the teased, tender body that begged for mercy with its convulsions. She placed one hand each on a plump, hard nipple, one hand each on a trembling inner thigh. Two six fingered hands on either side of her aching, wet pussy. With exquisite delicateness the queen pinched and pulled on the puffy nipples. Gently she caressed slow teasing circles around the burning, hungry genitals. As her lowest two hands crawled like spiders up and down the smooth thighs, the desperation in the sweet melodic giggling inched upwards. As her six arms hands roamed over the helpless, shrieking creature of pure grace, the queen drew a deep breath from a smoking tube.

The dark queen locked her mouth over the suffering angles lips, forced her tongue into her mouth, and exhaled the rich smoke of the laugh inducing weed into Anahita’s sweat drenched chest. The intoxicating gas flooded the tormented angel with a surge of hot lust. Like warm liquid spreading through her limbs, the urge to giggle welled up inside her. A torrent of forced, uncontrollable laughter exploded from her flushed face. Sidragasum grinned and gazed into Anahita’s reddening face. “Just ask, sister, and the sweetest bliss will be yours.” Her voice was seductive and sweet as melted butter and brown sugar on the tongue. The intense strain in this lonely desperate angel’s face matched the involuntary giggles wrenched from her smooth muscled body. All twelve hands, seventy two merciless fingers, danced frantically as they tried to break her. Pink ticklish soles flexed, thighs trembled, hips pulsed, ribs heaved, slick underarms grew pink with the stroking, and her neck, chest and face glowed scarlet as her twisted face of sheer agony howled and cackled in the pure madness of the most unimaginably hellish tickle torture. No mortal could endure such awesome torture, and neither could she. Anahita snapped and buckled inside from the relentless weight of the merciless ticklish sensations. Between her convulsive giggling she begged for release, begged for orgasm, begged for the tickling to stop.

The twelve hands switched to erotic caresses and delicious stroking. Three red mouths lavished her hot flesh with hungry lips and tongues. The queens mouth pressed against the doomed angel’s wet clit as her tongue flicked and tickled her swollen button. Royal devilish fingers sank deep into the welcoming wet angelic pussy. Ancient, long, black fingers slid far up a hungry virgin ass. Still giggling from the smoke, Anahita felt waves of growing ecstasy begin to saturate her defiled flesh. Her sin was being consummated by the violation of her tender genitals and her stream of pleas and begging for the delicious sensations. Millennia of denial of her needs, of resisting her darker temptations, crashed down on her. She reveled in the sound of her own voice shouting her filthy desires, begging for perverted acts of sin to be done to her. “Ohhh, yes, lick my pussy, touch me, touch me everywhere, Ohh yes tickle my clit, finger my ass. Don’t stop, please don’t stop, yes, yes, yes … “.

Her arousal and excitement grew and swelled inside her like a tsunami rushing across a vast ocean of eternal self denial. When the final wave of orgasmic release crashed on her, spreading from her clit and g-spot, burning in her ass, and spreading out like molten lava through her, she screamed like a demon slave in heat. Anahitas skin turned crimson, wings melted away, hair evaporated, and horns sprout from her freshly bald red scalp. Her first orgasm surged through her with a delicious intensity that she never imagined, and slowly died away. When she opened her glowing red eyes to look upon her new master, she felt sick with self loathing and rage. The ancient black stone claws that held her tasted her devilish flesh and released her. Six long soft hands cradled her limp exhausted body. “Oh, how I hate you.” she sneered up at the satisfied face of the dark queen. Sidragasum held her new slave, her latest conquest, her freshest vessel of sin and lust, with an enormous swell of euphoria.

Naturally, all credits go to Tyklfynd, wherever he is these days.