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    Offer From A Foe, Acceptance, Rejection, Or Conflict.

    Ross waited patiently for George C Borgier to draft the offer and send it.

    In the meantime, as much as Ross's mind was almost. "Fixated" on what Borgier would put forth, Ross also knew that he had to focus on keeping his company alive , and for earning a living for himself and Kayley.

    Ross lied awake at night wondering what would come next. Kayley tried to sleep, but she knew that Ross could not, and sometimes they would discuss it at night.

    "Kale, this is not my decision. Essentially if Tim likes the offer, and says I should sell, then I have to sell. I get money, but I also end up becoming Borgier's "Yes Man" and I have no control over what happens to or with my most important and favorite client. If Tim does not like George's work, Tim could easily just tell George to go to Hell, and George could end up firing me anyway. We will have money if this goes through, but it almost is not about that" Ross said.

    "I know" Kayley said.

    One week later, George Borgier made Ross the offer. Ross would get 25 million dollars for RossShell , less a third in taxes, which would leave him with about 17 million, payable at 750,000 a year for 22 years, and a percentage of any profits made by Tim from Borgier's marketing ideas.

    "This is a very good offer, Ross. I strongly suggest that you and Tim consider it" George said.

    "Yes, it is a very good offer. You understand that we have to talk about this in depth , and of course we may want to make some alterations. Please give us a week, and we will get back to you" Ross said.

    Ross and Tim held discussions. "Tim?"

    "Its good. I think we should make some changes, " Tim said.

    "Think of it. I'm going to want to give my employees some severance packages. Tim you and me both know that the minute George takes over, he will fire every last person RossShell has just to exert his power" Ross said.

    "Then I start to think. He gets your account over so many years. I know my other accounts are not as big or as important as yours, Tim, but he also gets anyone who does not leave us when he takes over. "Ross said.

    "I think we should take the whole week, and just think it over" Ross said.

    Kayley sat in the apartment waiting with bated breath until Ross got home. He unlocked the door, and Kayley flung it open.

    "Whoa, partner!"

    "So? Kayley said,

    "25 mil, which will leave us with 17 mil after taxes. We will have 500,000 a year, plus you know I will come to some kind of contract agreement with him for salary for my working for him. I'm not going to do it. "Oh, I give you the money for your company, and then you work for me for nothing. If his offer is that then no way" Ross said.

    "I agree" Kayley said.

    The next morning George called Ross. "What do you think of the offer?"

    "Its very good. One thing though. You get my company, Tim, and all my accounts. I get what you pay. Then, you get all the profits and fees and cuts from all the accounts, and I work for you , for no salary or nothing. That seems a bit.. unfair, dont you think? If you're buying my company, then buy my company, payout or no payout, but I want a salary, and I dont mean a dollar" Ross said.

    "Name a price" George said.

    "$250,000 base, plus expenses, bonus, etc etc etc. I will be running your company basically, it is a lot of work" Ross said.

    "Sounds fair" George said.

    The particulars were almost worked out. The deal was almost done. Then, two days before the deal was about to be signed, another twist developed.

    George Borgier was sued for negligence by a client who claimed that Borgier's campaigns, had caused the client ""Severe damage to the client's reputation"

    "I' m sorry Ross. I have to put this on hold for a bit. I have to see where this lawsuit goes, before I can commit" George said.

    "I understand, and I'm sorry, George, Take your time" Ross said.

    Ross and Tim held a phone call before Ross left the office that day.

    "We will continue to work together regardless. RossShell and Tim go on as we have" Tim said.

    "Thank You, Tim. " Ross said.

    Kayley stood by the apartment door, waiting for Ross to get home

    When Ross put his key in the door, Kayley flung it open

    "Is the deal done?" Kayley asked.

    "Not exactly , the deal is on hold, if at all" Ross said.

    "Why?" Kayley said.

    "George was sued for neglect by a client. George put the deal on hold. The timing does not seem to be right for him" Ross said.

    Ross and Kayley looked at each other, and started cracking up.

    "If I did not despise the man so much, I would say it would be sad" Ross said.

    After this, Ross and Kayley went to a tickling club that they sometimes visited.

    When they entered. They saw a sight they could not believe.

    George Borgier was tied to a table, in underwear , being tickled by two Doms.


    Ross and Kayley looked at each other, and nearly fell over laughing.

    George's laughter blew through the club, as those who knew who he was,. thought it was the most hysterical. (No pun intended) sight they had ever witnessed.

    Kayley and Ross decided to hot foot it out of there, and got into a cab.

    On the way home. Kayley called her sisters.

    "You guys are not going to believe what Ross and me saw. " Kayley said to Kathy and Sarah who were together for the evening.

    "George Borgier was being tickled at a club" Kayley said.

    The two sisters started cracking up with hysterical laughter, poking each other with playful tickles as they did.

    "Maybe that is his way or releasing tension before doing a big business deal" Sarah sneered.

    The twists and turns were unreal.

    Was there a RossShell or was there not? Would Ross sell to George, or would Ross not? What would happen to George with the negligence suit?

    For now, Ross still had a company to run, and George appeared to be headed for a whole mountain of trouble.

    What would come next?

    That would be anyone's guess.
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    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

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    Quite a surprising twist! Fine story!
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    Thanks, mils.
    My Beloved Mom: January 19, 1938 -April 4, 2012.

    Rest In Peace. I Love You Forever. You Were The Greatest Gift That God Has Ever Given Me.

    Jim Gardner, and WPVI-TV-Philadelphia.

    I Love Your Newscast. Thanks To Jeff, I Still Watch Online.

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