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    Dec 2020

    The game and the punishment (F/FM - FF/M)

    (Everyone is +18)

    In 2019 me and my two closest friends finished high school and haven't seen each other since (because of the pandemic). In January I went to their house (they live togheter) to hang out. Let's call them Kevin and Amy. Kevin is a slim dude, about 165cm, long dark hair. Amy is like 169cm, shoulder-length blue hair, pale, pretty cute honestly. I'm 171cm, dark blond long hair. So, we were talking in the couch and I'm squeezing Amy's side every once in a while and they both try to tickle me buuuut... nothing. They know I'm not ticklish but they sometimes try to do it anyways (In fact I'm only ticklish on my feet but they never had the oportunity to tickle me there, so as long as they know I'm as ticklish as a rock). Then I squeeze Kevin's side and he jumps and lets out a little scream.

    Me: Unbelievable. You're more ticklish than Amy.
    Kevin: No, I'm not. She's way more ticklish.
    Me: Wanna bet?

    And then I make a game where they both have to endure tickling more than the other. Five spots: neck, armpits, sides, knees and feet. Now, if we play a game, there must be a prize to the winner and/or a punishment to the loser, right? Ok, the punishment is being tickled by me and the winner for 10 minutes straight. If the loser wants a break, they can have it, with a max of 6, but the break will last 2 minutes and 5 minutes of tickling will be added to the timer AND the last 3 ones will add 10 minutes to the timer. This timer will be obviously paused during the breaks. So to summarize: 10 minutes of tickling if they don't take any breaks, 55 minutes of tickling and 12 minutes of rest if they take ALL the breaks. Now, I don't wanna kill the loser, so if they want another break after the 6th one, they will have a timeless "break" but will be tickled very lightly so they can breathe but keep giggling a little. When the loser feels ready, they tell us so and we keep properly tickling until the next break or until the timer ends.
    Now you may be wondering: why did I make a game so "elaborate"? Simply because I like tickling and I've never tickled someone like this before. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass.

    So we started.
    First round: They took off their shoes and socks, sat on the floor, me between them and I begin to tickle their necks and after some seconds Amy starts giggling.
    Now I have to confess... I cheated. I wanted Kevin to lose because I haven't tickled him enough and I tickled Amy a LOT. Besides I LOVE F/M tickling and the thought of the two of us tickling him made my heart race. So when she lost the first round, I knew I had to tickle her lighter than him.
    Second round: I begin to cheat. I lightly scratch Amy's right armpit and I intensely tickle Kevin's left armpit. Obviously, he instantly explodes in laughter.
    Third round: I squeeze their sides and Kevin went hysteric. I didn't even have to cheat on this round.
    Fourth round: I wanted to reach their feet, so I didn't cheat on this one. I squeeze their knees and they laugh almost at the same time, but luckily Amy laughed first.
    Last round: Finally. I sit between their bare feet. Amy's feet are slightly bigger than Kevin's. I was probably red as a tomato (I have a foot fetish). I ask "Ready?", they answer "Ready." then I lightly caress Amy's sole with my fingertips and rapidly scatch between Kevin's toes. He immediately started laughing and lost.
    As a bonus track, I screamed "YOU WIN!", jumped to grab Amy's feet and tickled them for about ten seconds. They were super close to my face and she went hysteric. Then I let her go and she says "I won, asshole, let my feet alone!".
    Me: Sorry, I couldn't resist. Now, you (to Kevin). You lost. You have to pay. Lay on your bed and wait for us.
    Kevin: Can't we talk about this?
    Me: We already talked about this before the game and you two agreed.
    Amy: You are more ticklish than me and now we will tickle you. Quit whining and go.
    Kevin: (muttering) Couple of bitches.
    Me and Amy: WE HEARD THAT.
    Amy: Now we won't have mercy on you.

    I was a little suprised. Amy is normally shy and soft, but now she had a wry smile on her face. She wanted to do this, and she was excited (Now that I think of it, they live togheter so probably Kevin tickled her a lot and she wanted revenge). Needless to say, I was twice as excited as her and I couldn't stop smiling. Kevin went to his bedroom and we started planning the punishment.
    Me: So... where are you going to tickle him?
    Amy: I don't know.
    Me: I'm gonna tickle his feet. Wanna join me?
    Amy: Sure! I tickled his feet a couple of times and he's super ticklish!

    We went to his bedroom and he was lying in his bed. I told him to lie upside down and he did so. I took off my shoes so I wouldn't stain his sheets and sat on his right leg and Amy sat on the left, obviously facing his feet. Each one grabbed an ankle and I started massaging his sole. Amy was setting the timer.

    Me: Are you ready, tickly boi?
    Kevin: Just do it and let's be done with this.
    Amy: 3... 2... 1... GO!

    We started tickling and he went nuts! I went directly for his toes and Amy tickled his sole. Her technique wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either. After some time he screamed "BREAK BREAK BREHEHEHEAHAHAK". We stopped tickling, stopped the timer and it showed like 6 minutes.

    Me: Weakling! You couldn't even take it for 5 minutes!
    Kevin: Really!? It felt like half an hour! Fuck!
    Amy: Now you'll have to endure it for 11 minutes.

    The break ends, we set a new timer for 11 minutes and we start again. This time, I taught Amy tickle techniques, the right way to scratch, usual tickle spots, that sort of thing. She's a fast learner, she quickly went for his toes, I did too and Kevin was screaming with laughter, pressing his mouth against a pillow so their neighbors wouldn't hear him (they probably heard him anyways). Then again, he called out for a break. We stopped the timer. 6 minutes remaining again.

    Amy: Hey, five minutes! Congratulations!
    Kevin: Thanks... holy fuck... this is torture.
    Me: Uh... yeah, dude. It's a punishment, you're not supposed to enjoy this.
    Amy: But we are!
    Me: Yeah, we sure are. (I start massaging his foot again)
    Kevin: I hate you both.
    Amy: You love us, idiot. Liars get extra tickling! (She squeezes his side)

    The second break ends, the timer is set and we get started. Amy was tickling like a pro now. She even trapped his ankle between her legs and tickled with both hands.
    Kevin: hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Me: Ohhh good idea! (I did the same)
    Me: Already!? Spoilsport!

    The timer showed 8:20 minutes remaining.

    Amy: Come on! Not even 3 minutes!
    Kevin: (panting) That... was... intense.
    Me: You do realize that this is your third break, right? The next three ones will add 10 minutes to the timer.
    Kevin: Holy fuck.
    Amy: I'm starting to think he likes it.
    Kevin: I don't!
    Me: Is this too much for you, tickly boi?
    Kevin: Nah, I can take it. This is fucking torture, but I lost the game, I will not flee.
    Amy: He definitely likes it.
    Kevin: Shut up! If I don't take the punishment, you'll make fun of me forever. And I'm a man of honor, the rules are written, I lost, I get tickled, It's that simple.
    Me: I like the "man of honor" thing, because that means that we will tickle you a LOT.
    Amy: Yeah, and speaking of that, I got tired of your stinky feet. (She sits on his butt facing his upper body)
    Kevin: They're not stinky!
    Me: They kinda are.
    Kevin: Fuck you both.
    Me and Amy laughed
    Me: At least they’re not dirty. I think we should wash his feet next time. With soap and brushes.
    Amy: Yeah!

    And with that, the break ends. Amy tickles his upper body while I pin his ankles with my boobs and start tickling both feet. they were really close to my face and I was loving this. Then, I heard it... "Tickle tickle tickle, coochie coochie coo". Amy was teasing him! And was unconsciously teasing me too, because oh my god was I getting horny, and to add more wood to the fire, her soles were lightly touching mine. I was going insane! I even had the thought of licking his soles, but that was too risky. I didn't want them to think I'm a weirdo or something. Luckily for me, after a while Kevin succumbed to Amy's teasing (Before I succumbed too) and asked for a break, and with that, I separated my face from those feet. The timer showed about 6 minutes remaining.

    Me: Hey! You did really well! You endured 7 minutes!
    Kevin: (panting) How much time is left?
    Me: 6 minutes, but since you took a break, now they are 16.
    Kevin: This will never end!
    Amy: It will if you stop taking so many breaks and let us have fun.
    Me: (I start massaging his feet, they were sweaty) Kev, if you like this just say it, we can put the timer away and tickle you until you pass out!
    Kevin: NO. FUCKING. WAY. I hate this. I'll try not to call any more breaks so we can finish this once for all. That massage feels good tho.
    Amy: Oh you like massages? I'll give you one while the break lasts, but take off your shirt, so I can massage and tickle you better.
    Kevin: I don't like the "tickle you better" part but I'm getting really hot. (He takes off his shirt) this will be my cardio of the whole month.

    We start massaging him until the break ends. We get into position and tickle him again. I could still feel Amy's soles against mine and I had an idea, so I briefly tickled her sole with my big toe. She gasped and said "Hey! Traitor!" and responded by briefly scratching both of my feet with her toes. I also gasped but could hold my giggling. She asked "what was that?" I said "I coughed" she just said "Oh" and focused on tickling Kevin. Oof. She almost discovered my ticklishness (or maybe she did and just played dumb). I was sure that if she found out that I was ticklish, she would stop tickling Kevin and they'd gang up on me. I wouldn't tickle her again while we were tickling him, I didn't want to push my luck. After a while, he calls for another break.

    Me: Dude, stop calling breaks. You were almost there.
    Kevin: How much time remaining?
    Me: Four minutes, they are 14 now.
    Kevin: Fuck! I was so close! I had to call for a break, it was too much, and I need to go to the bathroom.
    Amy: Ok, go. But don't run away from us.
    Kevin: I won't. Man of honor, remember?
    Amy: Yeah yeah, we trust you.
    He goes to the bathroom and we stay in his bed.
    Amy: I really think he likes it. He's using all his breaks knowing we will add time to the timer. And he's taking it really well, he's complaining a lot less than I expected.
    Me: Well, he likes it, we like it, everyone wins! You're enjoying this way more than I expected.
    Amy: I am, right? I didn't think this would be so much fun!
    We keep talking and after a while Kevin comes back.
    Amy: You took a long time.
    Kevin: Yeah, I had to drink some soda too. This shit made me thirsty.
    Amy: Your break finished some time ago.
    Kevin: What!? No! I had to go to the bathroom, I wasn't relaxing! Let me rest 2 minutes while you massage me again.
    Me and Amy looked at each other.
    Amy: We are not your personal masseuses, dude.
    Me: No, no. Let's give him a rest, I feel benevolent.
    Amy: (sighs) Ok, fine. You're lucky that Aby's good to you. C'mere.
    Kevin: Thanks Aby.
    He lies down, we massage him for two minutes and the break ends.

    We get into position again and we tickle him. I think that the massage made him more sensitive, because he was going crazy! I heard Amy teasing again, and after a while Amy stopped teasing and I heard... a raspberry! She was blowing raspberries into Kevin's sides! He fucking exploded! I turned around and I saw that she was tickling his armpits while blowing raspberries and saying "Does this tickle?". After a couple more raspberries he called for another break.

    Kevin: (panting) HOLY SHIT, AMY! WHAT THE FUCK!?
    Amy: (giggling) Did you like my new technique? Did that tickle?
    Kevin: Yes! It fucking did! How long did I last, Aby?
    Me: Four minutes. This was your last break, by the way. Now you'll have to endure 20 minutes or call for "semibreaks".
    Kevin: Could you explain the semibreaks again?
    Me: Basically, you can call breaks yet we'll keep tickling you, but gently, so you can breathe but still be giggling a little. These breaks have no time limit and you can ask for as many as you want, but the timer will be frozen until you tell us to continue with the punishment.
    Kevin: How did you come up with that? Did you ever do something like this before?
    Me: Nope, this is my first time. Let's say I get creative when it comes to having fun.
    Kevin: You mean "When it comes to torture".
    Me: Yeah, that too.
    Kevin: Can I go to the bathroom?
    Amy: Again?
    Kevin: Yeah. I drank soda, remember?
    Amy: (sighs) Fine, go.
    He goes and we stay there talking.
    Amy: This is so much fun! We should do it more often!
    Me: Yeah, maybe we should tickle you next time. (I lightly scratch her foot)
    Amy: Ehehehe! Or maybe we should tickle YOU next time!
    With that, she firmly grabs my ankle and tickles under my toes.
    Amy: (Lets go my ankle) Do you think I'm stupid? I clearly heard you gasp when I tickled your feet before.
    Me: ...Can you keep a secret?
    Amy: Yeah, I'll keep it for now. But you tickled me a LOT in the past. Remember this: sooner or later, I will have my revenge.
    She said that with a cute but perverse smile. I got chills. I was excited because I've never been tickle tortured before, but at the same time I was a little "scared" because I taught her how to tickle feet, so she would probably destroy me! I didn't know what to say, I just made a nervous smile and then Kevin walked in.
    Kevin: Ok, Let's finish this. (lies down) Are you gonna massage me or...?
    Amy: Yeah, this is your last break after all. (looks at me) Unless Aby isn't feeling "benevolent" anymore.
    Me: (smiling) Nah, let's take him to heaven before taking him to hell.
    Kevin: Now you're scaring me.
    Amy: Good. And I'm going back to your feet, by the way. (She moves next to me and starts massaging his foot)
    Kevin: Weren't you tired of my "stinky feet"?
    Amy: Yeah, I am. Actually they are stinkier and sweatier now. Gross. Buuuut... I'm not satisfied with your upper body. I think these little feetsies are more ticklish! (she lightly tickles his sole with a single finger) Am I right, Kev?
    Kevin: Yehehehes stohohohop.
    Amy: Besides, I wanna try something.
    Kevin: Something? What do you mean?
    Amy: You'll see. Well... You'll feel it, I mean.
    Kevin: OK, now I'm scared.
    I was curious. Did she come up with a new way of tickling? Was she going to bring brushes? feathers? Baby oil? I asked her what she meant and she just said "It's a surprise. I hope it works. We'll see." and winked at me. This girl is fascinating. I've known her for five years and always was shy and kind of adorable, but now she was a sadistic and teasing tickler? I like this hidden face of her! After a while, the last break ends.

    We start tickling his feet. I trap his ankle with my legs and tickle his toes and sole at the same time. Amy was just tickling his toes while grabbing his ankle with the other hand, nothing new. However, this was enough to have him howling with laughter. A couple of minutes later, she says "OK, I hope this works", she firmly grabs his ankle, pulls his toes back, inhales and blows a HUGE raspberry in his sole. It lasted like 5 seconds. Kevin EXPLODED with laughter.
    Amy: Hey! Looks like it does! (She blows two more)

    Amy stopped the timer. I was shocked. Did she really just do that!? I was holding myself to keep my face away from his foot, and she simply buries her face into his sole and blows three raspberries? Just like that? What the fuck!? This left me so dazed that I wondered why was she still softly tickling his foot with a finger if he was having his break. We looked at each other for a second and she raised an eyebrow, her eyes switching between me and his foot, still trapped between my legs, like saying "What are you waiting for?". Finally I reacted, I remembered the semibreak thing. So I grabbed his ankle with my left hand and stroked his sole and toes with a lock of my hair, as if it was a paintbrush or a feather.

    Kevin: (panting and giggling) Were those raspberries?
    Amy: Yep.
    Kevin: Whyhy?
    Amy: Did it tickle?
    Kevin: Yehehes! Of course it did!
    Amy: Then that's why. (Looking at me) Did you like my technique?
    Me: Uhh... Yeah, but... Isn't it... I don't know... gross?
    Amy: Of course it is! It's super gross! I don't like putting my mouth in "this" (Slaps his sole)! But hey, it works. I don't like the means but the results are wonderful! Aren't they, Kev?
    Kevin: Yeheah, whatever. Dohon't make me tahalk. Weheheirdo.
    Amy: Did he call me a weirdo?! (she tickled faster and Kevin laughed harder) I'm not a weirdo, right Aby?
    Kevin: Lehehehehet mehehehehe fuckihihihing rehehest! (she returned to light scratching)
    Me: No, I mean... Why would you be? You're blowing raspberries into his foot to tickle him. I don't think that's weird.
    Kevin: It's suhuhuper weird!
    Me: Well, since Kevin's being a dick, I'm with you, Amy! I'm gonna blow raspberries into his foot too! Let's be weird togheter!
    Kevin: Nohohohoho!
    Amy stopped tickling Kevin, gave me a hug and said "YEAH SIS! YOU'RE THE BEST! FUCK YOU, KEVIN!"
    Kevin: Fuck you too, pair of assholes. WeirdOHOHOHOHOS! (We tickled harder when he said "assholes")
    Me: We're gonna take that into account when the break ends, disrespectful idiot!
    Amy: Yeah! You're not in a position to insult us!
    After some time, Kevin finally said "Ok! I'm ready!" And we started tickling again. This time, we started with an all-out attack of raspberries. He was roaring with laughter like never before. We continued for a couple of minutes and my lips were getting tired. Then, Amy started tickling with her fingers, put a hand on my shoulder, pulled me closer and whispered in my ear "Imagine this is your foot." and with that, she took a deep breath and blew a raspberry on his foot that lasted like 10 seconds and Kevin exploded. My heart skipped a beat. When she finished, she looked at me with an evil smile. Again, I was scared but excited. However, I wasn't shocked this time. I reacted fast and whispered into her ear "Oh yeah? Imagine this is YOUR foot" and I blew a long raspberry into his foot. Not only that, but when I finished, I started nibbling the ball of his foot. He couldn't take anymore and called for another break. My foot fetish acted out, I admit it. We stop the timer and lightly tickle him again.

    Kevin: (giggling and panting) You too, Aby? Biting my foot? What's up with you both? Do you have a thing for feet or something?
    I turned a bit red. Was I too obvious? Before I could talk, Amy responded:
    No, dude. We told you, we're just tickling. Trying new tools. Are you gonna criticize us just because we're creative?
    Oof. She saved me.
    Kevin: Well, mahahaybe your "nehew tools" are fueled by a fetish. I dohon't know.
    Amy: They're not. Even if they were, what'd be wrong with it?
    Kevin: Nohohothing. I'm juhust curiohous.
    Amy: Well, you know now. They're not fueled by a fetish. But... now I'm curious too. What tickled more? Fingers, raspberries or teeth?
    Kevin: I'm not gohohonna give you tips to tihihickle me!
    Amy: Come on, dude! We're gonna find out eventually, just make it easier for us!
    Kevin: Nohoho way!
    Amy: Ok, let's make a deal. You answer my question, and we take it easy on you.
    Kevin: Really?
    Amy: Yes! We'll be gentle! (She winked at me and I smiled) If you don't answer, on the other hand, we can be... ruthless.
    Kevin: I knohohow you wohohon't keep your word! I juhuhust know ihihit!
    Me: Are you willing to take the risk? (I tickled a little faster with my lock of hair)
    Kevin: Fihihine! You're gonna tickle mehehe anyway, so i'll answer your stuhuhupid question!
    Amy: That's the Kevin I like! You can use a scale from one to ten, if you want.
    Kevin: (He just giggled for about 10 seconds, probably trying to think) Ok, fingers are an 8, raspberries are a 9 and teeth 9 or 10. I hope youhuhu'll be more gentle nehext time.
    Amy: Don't worry, we'll be. (our smiles grew wider. Poor bastard.)
    During the rest of the break Amy asked me how to nibble without hurting him, I taught her (verbally, not doing it) and she told me she was gonna try it in the next round. At this point, I was wondering if she actually had a foot fetish or if she just enjoyed tickling people. A couple of minutes later, Kevin said he was ready.

    I started with my fingers, but Amy just went for the nibbling, so I did the same. Kevin was SCREAMING with laughter, with his face buried in the pillow. After maybe a minute, I heard her say "Ugh. I can't do this.". I have to admit, I was nibbling a foot, so I zoned out. I didn't pay attention to her and just kept doing my thing, but after a while I remembered what she said so I looked at her, while tickling him with my fingers, and said "Can't do what?".
    Amy: What do you me- ohhhhh. Aby, I said that like 2 minutes ago. Are you ok?
    Me: Yeah, I just zoned out.
    Aby: You're really enjoying yourself, huh?
    Me: (blushing) Yeah, whatever. C'mon, can't do what?
    Aby: I said I can't do the nibbling thing. I tasted his foot. Ugh.
    Me: (smiling) Oh, yeah? How did it taste?
    Aby: (She thinks for a second, then smiles) This is some serious gourmet shit!
    We both laughed.
    Aby: No, seriously. It was gross. I don't know how can you keep doing it.
    Ok, she clearly doesn't have a foot fetish. That's a bummer.
    Me: I don't know. I just... do it. It isn't so horrible to me.
    Amy: I envy you. It looks like the nibbling tickles him like hell, but I'll stick with the raspberries and my fingers.
    We kept tickling until he called for a break.

    Amy: Hey, Kev. I have to ask. Are you having fun?
    Kevin: No! I’m not geheting bohohored, either. that’s for sure.
    Amy: What do you mean? Let’s see. From one to ten, how much fun are you having?
    Kevin just stayed there, giggling.
    Amy: Kev?
    Kevin: I’m thihihinking! About a fihihive.
    Amy: Five is not a bad number! You’re having fun! Now… Are you enjoying this?
    Kevin: No! Thihis is tohorture!
    Amy: Yeah, but if you REALLY wanted us to stop, you’d have said it, and we’d have stopped. And don’t come with the “man of honor” shit. From one to ten, how much are you enjoying this?
    Kevin: Lihihike a four.
    Amy: Four’s not a bad number either! You’re enjoying this!
    Kevin: No! Four is nohot “Oh girls I reheheally love this, plehehease tickle me to deheheath!”
    Amy: Yeah, but it isn’t a “Oh god I’m dying. Please stop” either.
    Kevin: No. It’s more like an “I can take it”. It’s better and more enjohohoyable than any pain-based torture, but it’s still tohohorture. I’m tahahaking it because I have to, but I’m not going to ask you to tickle me. Nehever.
    Amy: I get it.
    Kevin: Besides, I’m a man of honor.
    We all laughed.
    Amy: So to summarize: You’re having fun.
    Kevin: Yeheheah. Kinda.
    Me: And you’re enjoying it but don’t wanna admit it.

    We tickled him again. I started nibbling his sole. Now, I obviously licked his foot while nibbling from time to time. Specially his toes. After a while, a hand in my shoulder took me off my trance. Amy whispered in my ear “Do you feel mean?”
    Me: (smiling) Yeah, kinda. Why?
    Amy: ‘Cause I feel mean too.
    Me: And what should we do?
    Amy: This.
    And with that, she paused the timer. It showed 3:36 minutes left. I opened my eyes wide. She put a finger in her mouth, like saying “shhh”, and then she whispered in my ear again “He’s having fun anyways”. Holy fuck. She wasn’t just mean. She was EVIL. I LOVED that. Then, she started teasing saying “tickle tickle tickle” while tickling his sole. I wiped my saliva off his foot with the bed sheet (I don’t like touching saliva with my hands), tickled his foot and also teased saying “Coochie coochie coo!” ”These feet are really ticklish aren’t they?”. We tickled him with the timer stopped for about half an hour, using fingers, raspberries, nibbling and tongue (in my case) and Kevin took three breaks during that time, until the last one, when he said “Hohohoholy fuck! I feel like I’ve been here for 5 hours! How much time’s left?”. Amy quickly covered her mouth with her hand, trying to hold her laughter and failing, because I could hear her muffled laughter (I don’t think Kevin heard her tho). I slapped her arm because she was making me laugh, and smiling I said “Three minutes, Kev! You’re almost there!”
    Kevin: Yeah! This is my lahast break!
    Amy was still covering her mouth and closing her eyes tightly.
    Kevin: I dohon’t know why am I askihihing this, but why isn’t Amy ticklihing me?
    She was just holding his ankle and covering her mouth with the other hand.
    Me: Yeah, Amy. What’s up?
    Suddenly, she pulled back his toes and blew a brief raspberry. They both exploded with laughter. She put a hand on my shoulder, rested her forehead there and, while tickling his foot with a single finger, she just stayed in that position, giggling.
    Kevin: Vehehery funny. You’re the fuhuhunniest person in the wohohorld.
    Amy didn’t (couldn’t) answer.
    Me: Well, you’ve been laughing for a long time, so you could say we are the best comedians in the world.
    Kevin: Yeah, I could sahahay you’re the peheherfect clowns!
    We both said “HEY!” and tickled him harder. I dug my fingers into his toes and Amy blew a couple of raspberries. He said “I’M SOHOHOHORRY HAHAHAHAHA” and we returned to gentle tickling. Then, Amy took a deep breath and said “Ok, ok. I’m fine.”
    Kevin: For a sehehecond I thought Aby wahahas tickling you.
    Me: How could I? I’m tickling you.
    Kevin: I dohohon’t know. Maybe you’re a wizahahard as well as a clohohown!
    Amy started laughing. I gasped and nibbled his foot for about a minute, while he was like “IT WAHAHAHAS A JOHOHOKE! I’M SOHOHOHOHORRY AHAHAHAHAHAHA”. Then I raised my head, looked at Amy, said “What were you laughing about!?” and tickled her ribs. She just said “IHIHIT WAS A GOOD JOHOHOHOKE HAHAHA”. After some seconds I stopped. She knew my weakness so I wouldn’t push it.
    Me: You say you don’t like it but you sure try to make us tickle you.
    Kevin: I dohohon’t like tickling, I lihihike making youhuhu mahahad!
    Amy: Oh, yeah? Then we will tickle you every time you make us angry.
    Kevin: Fuhuhuck!
    Like a minute later, Kevin said he was ready, so we started our final assault.

    I nibbled his foot the whole time. Amy was switching between raspberries and her fingers while verbally teasing him. He was screaming with laughter. Just when the timer ended, I quickly kissed his sole. The alarm rang, we stopped and got off his legs. He was still giggling and panting. Amy asked “You ok, dude?” and he just made the thumbs up gesture. Some seconds later, he finally reacted.
    Me: (Clapping sarcastically) Congratulations, dude. You got tickled by a pair of girls for almost two hours. Great achievement.
    Kevin: I didn’t pass out. That’s an achievement. (He takes a deep breath) Ohhh shit. You both would be great tickle monsters. I need a shower.
    Amy: Yeah, you do.
    He showed her his middle finger and grabbed a towel from his closet.
    Kevin: You know… after the shower, you could give me a massage, as a reward for not running away, or something?
    Amy: You really liked our massage, didn’t you?
    Kevin: Yeah, you’d be great massage monsters too.
    We chuckled.
    Kevin: So, are you gonna do it?
    Amy: We’ll see, Kevin. We’ll see. Focus on your shower for now.
    He grabs some clothes and goes to the bathroom.
    Me: Are you gonna do it?
    Amy: Yeah. I kinda feel bad for stopping the timer. What about you? Are you gonna massage or just watch?
    Me: Massage. I kinda feel bad too for what you did.
    Amy: Hey! We’re partners in crime! Don’t try to put the blame on me!
    Me: (chuckling) Ok, what WE did. I regret nothing, tho. I enjoyed every fucking second.
    Amy: Me too, it was really fun!
    Me: You surprised me. You were a super evil tickler.
    Amy: Yeah, I was a little devilish, wasn’t I?
    Me: “A little”?
    Amy: Ok, A little too devilish.
    We laughed.
    Amy: Hey, don’t tell this to anyone, but… I think I have a thing for tickling.
    Me: Really? Cool. You looked like you were enjoying it.
    Amy: Yeah. So when I tickle you, you’ll know that I’m enjoying it. Very very much.
    Me: (Blushing) Oh, I forgot about the revenge. Shit.
    Amy: You’re cute when you blush.
    Me: (smiling) Stop! (I slap her leg)
    We both laugh.
    Me: Ok, since you told me, I’m gonna tell you. I have a thing for tickling too.
    Amy: What a coincidence.
    Me: …and for feet.
    Amy: Really? No shit. You had your face buried in his foot the whole time. It was obvious.
    Me: (Blushing) Seriously?
    Amy: Yeah, you could’ve been more subtle. I don’t think Kevin noticed, tho. And I’ll keep the secret, so don’t worry.
    Me: Thanks Amy.
    Amy: (Chuckling) You look like a tomato.
    Me: Shut up!
    And after some time Kevin came back, we massaged him and that’s pretty much it. That was the best day of my life.

    It ended up being pretty long, but I hope you liked it.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here. I envy Kevin.
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    That poor lad you sure gave him a seeing to hahaha

    Great story love it please share more your very crafty in your methods

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    Great story!

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    Incredible story! I loved it!

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    This is an amazing story! Thank you

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    Very detailed and long. Great story. Looking forward to the revenge story
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    Nice story! I don't usually care for the really long ones, but this one was well written and kept my interest. Now, I cant wait to hear about Amy's revenge on you Aby!

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    Great story! Loved it!

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    Awesome story! Also not going to lie, totally into the "they don't know I'm ticklish because they never tried my one spot" concept, then they randomly try the spot and the tables are turned on said mischievous tickler.

    I realize that isn't the main point of your story, but I enjoyed it. Id Love to hear about you finally getting a taste of your own medicine

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    This might sound strange but I can hear your femininity through your written voice. It’s kind of eye opening to see someone so girly be so sadistic. If we ever meet remind me not to be disarmed

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    Thanks for this story, and here's to many more days like this!

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    This was very well written and enjoyable to read! Really good job on this! I both envy and feel bad for the poor dude haha. Must have been a blast! Can't wait to read more from you!

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