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    JOEY LYNX 7: The Case of the Upside Down Dog (Patreon) *New 3/30/21

    JOEY LYNX 7: The Case of the Upside Down Dog
    A Patreon Exclusive Early Access Comic Serial!
    Illustrated + Created by Bandito.

    Revenge is a dish which people of taste prefer to eat cold. Joey Lynx however, prefers her TICKLISH VENGEANCE best served upside down, bare ass naked, and screaming in sultry LAUGHTER.

    Unfortunately for the beautiful, buxom, and helplessly TICKLISH Mad Dog McDougal…that is a recipe for lots and LOTS OF LAUGHS at her expense! And poor Maddy has had things tough enough recently. After the brutal tickling she received from her MYSTERIOUS BOSS in JOEY LYNX ISSUE #6…Maddy is more than a little pent up and sensitive.

    Surely, Joey and her newly-maniacal assistant, Mouse, don’t actually plan to TICKLE TORTURE the helpless hound into giving up…her employer, do they????

    Get ready to fall HEAD OVER HEELS for the latest, sexiest, naughtiest WILDCAT adventure yet!


    Item Features

    • 12 Punished Puppy Pages + Cover!
    • 80+ Unleashed NAUGHTY Panels!
    • Tickle Torture Interrogation!
    • Sexy Socked + Bare Sole Tickling!
    • Extended Erotic Naked Tickle Torture!
    • Foot Worship + Lickle Tickling!
    • Illustrated + Created by Bandito.
    • Patreon Exclusive Early Access!

    Launch month for JOEY LYNX 7: The Case of the Upside Down Dog has arrived with the release of the series cover!

    March 15th we posted the first comic page of this new 12 part Exclusive Early Access comic serial. Core members and Mega-tippers will get exclusive early access of a new comic page from this serial on the 15th of each month.

    -The Bandito Corporation
    Join The Bandito Corporation Today!

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    Please visit our new mobile-friendly store @ MTJpub.com and our gallery @ DeviantArt

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