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    A few tickling experiences from my younger years

    I have had many experiences of tickling with other people who do not feel the same way about it as me in my younger days. Not sure why I haven’t shared them now, was just more involved with writing tickling fiction.

    Obviously quite a lot of them contain relationship tickles but here are a few non sexual encounters I have had;


    We were all 18 or 19 at the time, hanging out at my house, drinking due to my parents being on holiday. The was 7 of us, I think, 3 girls and 4 boys. My ex at the time was one of the girls, we had broken up a few months before but still remained good friends, let’s call her ‘K’.

    K was half Italian, toned physique, olive skin, dark brown hair and was around 5 foot tall with size 4 feet. Obviously I knew that her feet were incredibly ticklish from past experiences but I wanted to see some other tickle her. I waited a few hours, she was wearing jeans and a jumper but her feet were still socked. I went for a cigarette with a couple of other and planted the seed with them.

    “There is a load of cling film in the cupboard, shall we cling film K’s car?” I said.

    We all discussed how we would keep her distracted whilst we did it until one of the other boys said, “Why don’t we just cling film her?”.

    That was the break I needed. We plotted how we were going to do it. I said that I would get the cling film if the others pinned her whilst she stood up, then I could wrap her up.

    We waited until she went to get another drink and then came back into the room. Two of the other guys grabbed her, pinning her arms to her sides and her legs together whilst me and the other guy passed the cling film between us both as we wrapped her like a mummy. Once satisfied that she couldn’t escape we let her be. She protested jokingly complaining that she was going to lose her balance before we picked her up and lay her face down on the sofa with her socked feet on the armrest.

    Now I just needed one of the others to engage in the tickling first, just so no one discovered my fetish. A few minutes passed with everyone laughing at K before I needed to prompt them again. K was complaining about being wrapped up so I walked down to her feet and pulled off one of her socks, revealing her tiny foot.

    “If you don’t keep it shut, I will stick this in your mouth” I joked.

    That was when one of the girls noticed her bare foot.

    I cant remember what she said exactly but it was something along the lines of “Hey K, aren’t your feet ticklish”.

    I remember the look of fear on her face as one of the girls started to lightly tickle her bare foot. She instantly started protesting and giggling. One of the other then started to tickle her socked foot. She was laughing and bouncing on the sofa trying to free herself. I climbed on and straddled her legs to stop her from moving before taking her other sock off, letting the two at her feet tickle her bare feet for a few minutes.

    Finally one of the sensible ones in the group stopped the tickling as K was protesting that she needed the toilet. It was a good few minutes of tickling she received but we let her out eventually, just so she didn’t wet herself.


    This story is a sort of revenge tickle on myself a few months after K was tickled.

    We were at one of my friends houses having a few drinks. I had an important football match the next day so once it got to about midnight, I told them I was going to bed and went up to one of the spare rooms to get some sleep. Being at a friends house, I went to sleep in my shorts and t-shirt. Obviously, the noise from downstairs kept me awake for a while. I was lying on my front and considering it was the summer, I had one of my feet sticking out from the end of the bed to stay cool. I heard a couple of sets of footsteps coming up the stairs before the door slowly creaked open. I heard K and one of the lads giggling and declaring how I was fast asleep, I was not but pretended to be. Next I felt a finger trace down my sole to my toes, instantly it tickled but I tried to bite my tongue and twitched my foot from the light tickling sensation. This happened a few times as K and the other guy just giggled before they disappeared downstairs again, leaving the door open. I considered that to be the end of it and obviously, having a big tickle fetish, I was wide awake and aroused slightly from it. Then I heard a few people downstairs discussing my twitching foot. They were trying to be quiet but had drank too much so I heard every word of it. The discussion that happened next shocked me.

    “Leave him alone, he’s got a match in the morning” one of the girls said.

    “He shouldn’t have gone to bed early, the wimp” the lad whose house it was said. “Let’s tie him up”.

    I heard them all laughing downstairs before I heard a few sets of footsteps creeping up the stairs again. Now at this stage in my life, I had only been tickled briefly on my feet, all untied. I was excited to see just how ticklish I was and really wanted to be tied up so I positioned my feet next to each other, hanging off the bed. I heard 3 voices, K’s and 2 of the other guys in the door way. Then I felt something wrapping around my ankles as they all giggled. I tried to remain as still as possible to make them think that I was completely passed out. One of them tied my ankles together before I felt the quilt being removed from on top of me slowly. I had one arm next to my head and the other by my side. I felt one of them moving my arm by my head to my side before moving it behind my back, I could already feel a dressing gown cord under my hand on my back. They next moved my other hand behind me as I pretended to still be asleep before they tied my wrists together behind my back. There was a brief pause, I was nervous that they would turn me over as my shorts would not hide my erection.

    More giggling followed as I could hear them at the foot of the bed, next to my feet. I felt fingers tracing over one of my feet as I tried to keep my mouth closed, my feet twitching as their tickling got stronger. Then I felt another set of fingers tickling my feet as well, it was K, her acrylic nails causing me to giggle.

    “You’ve woke him” one of them giggled. I tried to make it seem as if I had just woke up.

    “W-W-What are you doing?” I said in my best groggy voice.

    Before I could say anything else, I felt them both sink their nails into my soles, scratching my bare feet. I instantly started laughing and pulled my feet up to my bum.

    “Fuck off, don’t” I said as I ‘protested’.

    One of the other guys jumped on the bed and sat on my legs whilst K and the other lad went back to tickling my feet. I erupted into laughter, I had never been tickled like this before and didn’t realise just how ticklish my feet were.

    After a few minutes (or what it felt like), the same girl who stopped us tickling K’s feet previously came upstairs and had a go at the three of them before they got off and untied me.

    I swore at them all in an ‘annoyed way’ and told them that my feet were really ticklish before they left the room and closed the door.

    I hoped that it would happen again and when we were around at people’s houses, sometimes I would take myself off to bed, in the hope they would do the same again. But unfortunately, it didn’t.


    When I went to University, I became good friends with a girl who I shared the dorm floor with. She was a petite blonde, very feisty and opinionated but she had the cutest tiny feet, size 3 I think. I had briefly tickled her feet in a lecture when she was sitting behind me and placed one of her feet in flip flops on the armrest between me and the chair next to me. I briefly tickled the top of her foot before she quickly pulled it away and declared how incredibly ticklish her feet were.

    I made it my aim for that year to tie her up and tickle her feet.

    It took a while before the opportunity presented itself to me. I had occasionally tickled her feet when she was annoying me and her incredibly ticklish reaction made me want to do it more. We always had a sort of flirty but friendly relationship, more like a brother and sister relationship than friends but one night, she was being extra annoying whilst in her room. She was sat on her desk chair (a cheap wooden University chair with armrests and a padded seat) whilst we were having a few drinks. I can’t remember exactly what she was doing that was so annoying but I told her that if she continued to do it, I would tie her to the chair and leave her there. I fully expected her to stop annoying me but she didn’t.

    “That’s it” I said as I stood up, I looked around and saw her dressing gown. I grabbed the cord and threatened her again. She stuck her tongue out. I grabbed her wrist and tied one of her arms to the armrest, leaving enough of the cord to tie her other wrist to the other armrest, expecting her to protest and put up a fight but she didn’t. I quickly tied her other arm whilst I scanned the room for something to tie her legs with as she kept lightly kicking my whilst she was tied to the chair. I spotted some old tights on the floor and crouched down, tying both ankles together and then to one of the chair legs so she couldn’t kick me. I think she thought that she could break free but I had tied her to the chair incredibly well. I jokingly left the room and stood outside the door. I could hear her struggling and waited for her to shout me to let her out but she didn’t. After a few minutes I went back in to see her still struggling.

    “Ready to stop being annoying” I asked jokingly.

    “No” she replied with a smile.

    She was not ready for my next move as I grabbed the backrest of the chair and lowered it down to the floor so her socked feet were sticking up.

    “Aren’t your feet ticklish” I joked.

    “DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE” she shouted as I walked around the chair and started peeling her socks of.

    “JOE, DON’T, PLEASE” she begged, but I continued.

    I grabbed the tights around her ankles with one hand and dug my nails into her soles. She shrieked with laughter and screamed as I tickled her. I had never heard a reaction like it, her feet were scrunching up and bouncing from side to side as I continued to tickle her for what felt like a good 5 minutes of laughing before stopping. Her face was bright red and I was actually concerned that she couldn’t breathe.

    I gave her the option to stop being annoying, hoping she would say ‘no’ again but she didn’t. She was genuinely sorry. I felt bad so untied her.

    After that night we had a few more nights where I would tickle her feet if she annoyed me but I never got the chance to tie her up again.


    My final experience of tying someone up and tickling them in a non-sexual way came a few years after University, this was my favourite one. I was 24 and a supervisor in a pub. It was a popular pub with some really good, friendly staff. There was one girl who started working there in the summer when she was back from university. She was a really friendly girl, around 20 years old and had a hippie look to her. She had long brown curly hair, pale skin and never really wore make up, but she didn’t need to. She was friendly with everyone and the summer was coming to an end. It was her last shift at work and I was dying to find out if she was ticklish.

    We always played pranks and jokes at work, normally with locking someone in the second cellar, where all the festive decorations and spare glasses were kept. We had always told people it was haunted due to the noises and weird smell down there, so it was the perfect place to lock someone in.

    I hatched a plan with one of the chef’s, who was easily persuaded when offered something more fun than working. I told him that we are going to wrap her up in cling film and leave her in the second cellar. He was completely on board and offered to wait in the cellar for me to bring her down.

    I asked her to give me a hand getting some glasses from the cellar and she followed me down. I let her in the cellar first and as she walked in, she saw the chef holding the cling film. She instantly knew what was happening, mainly because of her last shift and knowing how many jokes we played on people so she didn’t put up a fight at all. I held her arms and cross them across her chest whilst the chef wrapped her upped body in cling film over and over again, until she could move her hands at all. I held her still and upright whilst the chef wrapped her legs and ankles together. Finally we carefully lay her down on the floor.

    “See you in four hours” I joked as we turned off the lights and left the cellar, walking back up to the bar. The chef joked with the other staff before going back to the kitchen. I gave it a few minutes until everything settled down and everyone started working before I went back down to the cellar. She had managed to use her feet to slide her way across the floor slightly as I walked over to her. I bent down and gave her a couple of prods in the stomach, with no reaction.

    “Ha, I’m not ticklish” she joked with a grin.

    I was slightly disappointed before I looked down at her feet. I could see the tops of her pale feet sticking out of her flat, slip on pumps. She saw me looking at her feet briefly and when I looked back at her face, she quickly looked away.

    “What about your feet?” I asked with a grin.

    “No-Nope, I’m not ticklish” she said, slightly nervous.

    That gave it away. I grabbed her wrapped ankles, lifted them up and trapped them under my arm before taking off her flat pumps. Her feet were sweaty and smelt slightly but I dived straight in and began tickling the tops of her feet with my free hand. She giggled slightly.

    “I thought you were ticklish?” I joked before I dug my fingers into her soles.

    She laughed a little bit but not massively, so I put her feet down and rolled her over onto her front before kneeling down and placing her upturned soles on my lap before diving back in with both sets of fingers. She laughed a bit and wriggled from side to side, scrunching her toes but she didn’t protest too much. I tickled her toes and dug in between them which made her laugh slightly louder but she didn’t protest at all, she just took it. After a minute or so, I put her feet back down on the cold, dusty floor before standing up, ready to unwrap her.

    “Is that all you have got?” she laughed.

    I was completely shocked and instantly picked her feet back up and sunk my nails in faster and harder, she laughed quite loudly and giggled constantly for the next 5 minutes as I tickled her sweaty, slightly dirty feet before she eventually declared defeat and submitted.

    Without wanting to push it too far, I let her out. She put her shoes back on before turning to me.

    “That was fun, I didn’t know my feet were ticklish” she said with a smile.

    I hid my erection and went back upstairs whilst she followed a few moments later.

    We talked a fair bit after the shift where she said that her boyfriend at Uni likes to tie her up during foreplay and she likes it to but she has never been tickle by him. We said our goodbyes and she said that she hoped to be back next summer. I was looking forward to seeing her again the next year but I lost contact, I changed jobs and I don’t think she ever came back to her home town, instead stayed a few hours drive away with her boyfriend.

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    Love the wrapping stuff dude never done it my self would love to but

    Great story’s thanks for sharing

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    Great stories! Thanks for sharing your experiences here.
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