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    Oct 2013
    Tickle Therapy in Russia
    Blog Entries

    Tickle Therapy - Aerial gymnast Sophie gives up to tickling - interview

    Aerial gymnast Sophie
    Sign: Leo
    Height: 5'7
    Shoe size: 7.5 (37 Rus)

    Look what we have here. Sophie is a young aerial gymnast. It takes a super fit body to spend so much time in the air. But does her body have a weakness? She tells us she was tickled hard when she was a little girl, but she has no idea if she is still ticklish.

    Youtube - Aerial gymnast Sophie gives up to tickling - interview before the session

    Our skillful tickler Irochka captures Sophie and lets her know it's still her greatest weakness, but it's too late to escape, as our poor gymnast is in the hands of our relentless tickle therapist.
    Once Irochka starts, she won't stop her methodical tickling until her patient not only gives up, but is completely exhausted. She is so efficient in breaking any resistance if her patients try to resist the tickling. And she loves breaking her patients and seeing them laugh and wiggle helplessly.

    First part of the session is all about Sophie's underarms and abs.
    Second part of the session is foot tickle therapy. Who knew that this cute aerial gymnast was so horribly ticklish on her feet? Just imagine if it was her performance and she was stuck in her silks in the air, and someone came up with the idea to tickle her bare feet. She wouldn't last for long.

    When Irochka's fingernails begin dancing on her feet and soles, Sophie is losing all her strength and resistance and is slowly driven out her mind. Maybe she doesn't want to laugh but she can't help it. She desperately gasps for air trying to breathe, and manages to cry out: "it's unbearable!", before losing it again and bursting into frantic giggles and silent laughter. This sweet unbearable therapy is making Sophie so weak.

    You can watch preview clips on our website.
    Thank you for your comments and your support, we really need it to keep going!

    From now on you can see the list of all our video threads in our blog.
    Here you can find all the previews and photos of our ticklish clients:
    List of all Tickle Therapy video threads
    Laughter is the best medicine.

    All our video previews and descriptions -> Click Here

    Tickletherapy.info - tickling clips
    pure tickle therapy for desperately ticklish clients

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    Any chance we will see Irochka tickled? She looks so hot in those pantyhose.

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    Jul 2018
    You find the most incredible girls!!!

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