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    a mom and daughter's foot tickle torture /ff

    another commission from Deviantart...enjoy. Involves /f tickling of 2 women, nylon socks, bare, electric torture, toothbrush, brush, armpit tickling, face slapping


    Brianne walked home from school on a gorgeous day in May. Not only was it a beautiful day, it was that perfect time in senior year of High School where nothing really matters, and most of school is doing end of year celebrations, assemblies and most coursework is pretty basic because nothing really counts towards college. Also, it is her 18th birthday. She dressed casually to school that day, but was excited to get a little dressed up to go out with her mom that night. Walking down the street with her small 5'1'' frame, carrying balloons, flowers, various cards from friends, she felt on top of the world. She had a somewhat round face, with rosy, friendly cheeks, a gorgeous smile, perky eyes and medium length blonde hair that is pulled tight into a small ponytail. She walks up the driveway to her house, checking the mail, and seeing even more cards for her. She smiles at how grateful she is.

    Her makeup is really well done. Subtle, but really accentuating her big blue eyes, her adorably chunky little cheeks, and as far as foundation goes, she didn't need much. She has very pale, smooth clear skin.

    Danielle, Brianne's mother was in some ways the spitting image of her daughter. Gorgeous, but in a slightly different way. She also had gorgeous blonde hair, but hers was slightly shorter and parted to the side in a way where at times her eyes are almost covered. She wore really trendy and cute thick rimmed glasses over eyes that usually had darker eye liner. She had the kind of eyes that really "popped" and would draw you in. The two ladies shared the same gorgeous smile, but Danielle's face, mostly because of maturity in her 48 years was a bit thinner. She is definitely what you would consider a "MILF", looking far younger than her years because she took really good care of herself. She waited at home, showering after a quick trip to the gym after working from home all day. The two ladies had an incredible bond, as Danielle's husband and Brianne's father was often out of town on business. Although somewhat boring, he was a diplomat to Taiwan, so he was often overseas. When the family was together, they were inseparable, and when he was gone, the girls made time with each other even more a priority.

    Brianne walks in her front door, finds an area on the dining room table to rest her stuff, and calls for her mom "Mom? are you home?" "upstairs, birthday girl! How was your day?" "Great!" she walks upstairs, not noticing that there are several microphones hidden all over their house...they are bugged, and their entire conversations for the past few days have been closely listened to. Brianne kicks off her sneakers and makes her way upstairs into her mom's bedroom and plops on her cushy king size bed on her tummy, letting her socked feet casually kick in the air behind her. Danielle, still in a towel walks over "How was your day, my ADULT daughter?" she grabs onto her toe and shakes her foot causing Brianne to let out a little squeal. "It was good! my friends are amazing." Danielle walks over to her vanity and continues to get ready "I'm so glad. What do you wanna do tonight my love?" Brianne thinks, "we can keep it kinda chill since dad isn't here. I'd be ok with going to dinner at Fiame, and maybe just go for a walk in the park? That sounds amazing to me. Does that work?" "Of course! whatever you want honey. That sounds amazing. We can maybe facetime dad later. Maybe when it's daytime in Taiwan. Why don't you go ahead and get ready, and maybe we'll head out in a half hour?" Brianne climbs off the bed "Sounds good!" and makes her way to her room.

    In their separate bedrooms, the ladies got ready for the night. Danielle threw on her undergarments, pulled on a pair of really cute charcoal colored trouser-leg pants that sat right at her waist and flattered her hips and thighs. The legs bellowed out a bit, and she pulled on her boots, which were black leather, had a side zipper, a 1 3/4 inch block heel and pointed toe. She loved how shiny they looked, and she felt extremely sophisticated in them. She put on her Royal blue button up dress shirt that fit perfectly, and nicely outlined her figure, tucked it in, spritzed on some perfume, threw on some jewelry and headed downstairs, her boots clicking and clacking on the hardwood floor.

    Brianne got out of her school clothes, changing her socks and pulling on a slightly more dressy pair of bootcut dark blue jeans with a cute belt. She then threw on a button up black shirt, checked her hair and make up, put on some nicer jewelry and walked over to grab her boots

    Brianne sat down on her bed and unzipped her dressy black leather boots. They were chic and sporty leather booties shaped with a rounded toe, set on a stacked 3 inch heel. Because she knew she was alone, she pulled them up to her face and gave them a quick smell, really loving the smell of the leather before pulling them on. She sticks her toe halfway in, grabs onto the sides and pulls on the boot and repeats the process on the other foot. She pulls her socks up before rolling her jeans back down so they hit right at the middle of the top of her feet and around where her soles are. She stands up, ready to go and heads downstairs.

    Danielle waits at the front door, keys in hand and her purse over her shoulder as she hears her daughter coming down the stairs, the sound of her boots hitting the hardwood floor echoing through the house. As she appears, Danielle smiles at her daughter. "Oh! you look cute! Ready, Freddy?" "Yup! just let me grab my purse!" Brianne pulls her purse over her shoulder, and they walk out to the driveway, get into their Lexus SUV, and pull out of the driveway and drive down the road of their affluent, suburban neighborhood.

    "Have you heard from dad today?" asked Brianne. Danielle shakes her head, "I haven't, but we also haven't really had an opportunity to be in a good time zone. He's either working or asleep it seems like when we're up. But he said he'd call later tonight to wish you a happy birthday." Brianne pauses and says "I heard there are some tensions between China and Taiwan and the US....is dad going to be ok there? Is he at all a target for anything?" Danielle considered for a minute how to answer this, as she doesn't really know the answer "I actually don't know sweetie. I don't think he's in any immediate danger. What worries me is a lot of people in his position that are much lower profile, things happen to them or threats happen, but we don't know how credible they are, and they never really make the news. BUT I'm confident everything will be ok. This isn't going to be a forever issue."

    Danielle and Brianne parked and walked into the gorgeous downtown of their town. It's a more quiet night than usual, but very pretty out. Flowers are starting to bloom, the night air smells amazing and life is good. They walk arm and arm on the cobblestone sidewalk a few blocks to their favorite Italian place. They sit and enjoy a lovely meal just the two of them. Danielle kept checking her phone in hopes that maybe her husband would call and surprise them, or maybe a text, but nothing..The place was pretty empty but she got the weird feeling she was being watched. After some dessert, they were stuffed and paid the bill and were on their way.

    They paid their bill and walked out into the dark, but still warm night air and strolled downtown for a bit, did a bit of window shopping and came upon the park they decided to walk in. The park had a lot of emotional significance to them, and was always a source of peace and joy. Danielle couldn't help but feel a sense of dread this time walking in, and had no idea. She just noticed it was a lot less populated than normal, and the sun went down a little earlier than she thought it would. Normally this wouldn't bother her or come to mind at all, but tonight she just had this sinking feeling something was up. She held her daughter's hand, and crossed arms affectionately, and yet also protectively because her instincts are telling her she is not safe. They walked the well lit, yet fairly vacant brick paths along the park that ran along the river, trees, and benches...a gazebo here and there. This area was normally pretty populated on a gorgeous day or a prom evening for pictures, but again....pretty desolate. As they turned a dark corner they were suddenly taken out. In the shadows of a dark area, the two girls are attacked by 3 people behind them, with chloroform rags, knocked unconscious, and pulled into a nearby van and taken away.

    The kidnappers were indeed related to the patriarch of the family. He was in a highly vulnerable position in the growing tensions between countries halfway across the world, and somehow these two sweet girls are entangled in this. The kidnappers were hired by foreign adversaries to create pressure, and if financial gain could be had, even better. The girls were driven in the van to a remote location, a warehouse that had been used for organized crime, those that owned it were hired as the "muscle" for this job. Their instructions were very simple, but their identities were to be totally anonymous. The house being bugged for weeks allowed them to know exactly where the girls would be and when.

    The two ladies were carried into the warehouse, still completely out, the large garage doors opened and are put in chairs specifically pre prepped for extreme bondage. Their pant and jean covered ankles are secured stretched out in front of them, belted down, the belts hitting just below the knee, both blindfolded, their boots still on, their arms are pulled over their heads as they begin to come to, but not quite, both of their arms are pulled up over their heads and belted and secured so their arms are pulled straight up. They begin to come to, but are still mostly groggy and out of it "what the- where are we?" asks Danielle, her daughter gasps, and begins breathing quickly "mom!! Does this have to do with dad???"

    Their shirts are both ripped open, one by one, buttons flying everywhere and knives are pulled out and as they reach their chest, they both gasp and scream "NO!" thinking they are going to be stabbed, but instead, their bras are cut, allowing their gorgeous, voluptuous breasts to fall free, bouncing and being displayed, making them both feel intensely vulnerable.

    The girls feel somewhat relieved that their breasts are merely exposed and they are not immediately killed, although they have no idea what is in store for them in the hours to come. They notice they are tied, which makes sense...they can't get away, but can't help but notice *how* they are tied, arms over head, legs straight out in front of them...why would that be? It seems very specific, but they don't understand why that is that way.

    Two of the masked captors approach them and kneel in front of them. They pull up both of their pant legs up to just below their knee. For Danielle, it's a bit easier, as she is wearing more versatile material with her mostly polyester and cotton dress pants, for Brianne, it's a bit more difficult with her blue jeans, but they are still able to. With their pant legs pulled up, they slowly grab onto their boots and grab onto the side zippers of both of them, slowly pulling them down from the top all the way to the bottom where the zipper meets the sole of their foot. This move certainly confuses both ladies. Why is this such a production? They grab onto the heel of the open boots of each lady and pull, pulling off the black leather boot of Brianne's left boot and Danielle's right boot leaving them with their gorgeous socks exposed.

    Danielle's socks are revealed, pulling up her exposed, smooth calf. They are sheer with a floral print. She likes to channel her inner floral goddess with this glamorous floral print. These nylon socks work so well with so many fashion options and always made her feet and legs feel amazing. They are translucent, black, and you can see the paleness of her skin through them. They are a little bit looser above at the top of her cal, where there are a few inches of thicker, black material before the more see through part of the socks are. They have a reciprocated heel and toe with a contoured leg design. They have a multi dimensional stretch elasticity for easy removal. They are mostly nylon and partly spandex. From around the top of the ankle to the top of the calf there is a gorgeous floral design.

    Brianne's nylon socks also hit just below her knee and were completely revealed with the boot removal and her pant leg being pulled up. They were naturally cooling and lightweight, but more basic and opaque, without a design, just thin, gorgeous and black. They fit so snuggly and beautifully on her gorgeous young feet and legs.

    with both of their bare feet exposed the perpetrators decide to gently play with the girl's feet which causes both of them to chortel and giggle upon first contact, and as they tickle more aggressively, they get real damn loud...there's no way they could stand hearing how loud they are...they are clearly extremely ticklish on their feet. So, while they get the webcam showing them set up and zoom the father/husband of these two set up, they decide they must be gagged...They pick up the pulled off socks off the floor, ask the girls to open their mouths, with some convincing, they do, they put their dirty socks into their mouth and tape their mouth shut with their own dirty sock in there.

    With both ladies having one shoe fully protected by boot and sock and one completely bare and vulnerable, now was the perfect time to start the torture. The camera was put on them, their diplomat patriarch of the family reached via zoom. He was muted, but he could see the horrors before him, of the two most important people in his life were captured and being tortured. The amount of money they were demanding, 1 million dollars was available to him, but by instantly transferring that, it would deplete any savings, any hope of him retiring early, any ability to pay for his daughter's college free and clear, he screamed into his computer watching this, but until he put in the chat that he would pay, the torturers were not going to stop.

    The masked torturer approached Brianne's bare foot, completely vulnerable with an electric toothbrush. She squirmed in her seat as she noticed a vibrating sound matched with her completely immobile and vulnerable bare foot, she couldn't help but put two and two together of what was happening. As soon as the spinning brush hit her bare foot she threw her head back and cackled, her toes curled and her face was contorted in a wide smile, her entire body bucking desperately, her face turning red because of her vulnerability....her breasts being shown, her feet being bared and her ticklishness of her feet, the combination was too much to bear.

    The same was done to her poor mother, the bare foot was hit with an electric toothbrush, completely immobile, she tried to pull it away to no avail, at the same time her dear daughter was cackling, she couldn't hold back either. Her head shook from side to side quickly as she became overwhelmed by the ticklishness of an electric toothbrush on her very sensitive, smooth feet...something she had never anticipated before, and was completely overstimulated and overwhelmed. Both ladies screamed and laughed into their socks, shoved into their mouths, dampening the noise it would produce if they were not gagged.

    Although the electric toothbrush seemed to be highly effective on both ladies, the tormentors seemed to think they could go even more extreme after several minutes. There was one person dedicated at watching the chat of the zoom to ensure once the 1 million was agreed upon, and was wire transferred, the torturing would stop immediately, but that had not been done yet. Their husband/father was just forced to watch this at this point he frequently tried to get law enforcement involved, but because he strongly encouraged his wife and daughter, for their safety to turn off location services on their phones, there was no way of tracking where they are.

    On their poor bare feet, the perpetrators decided to add in something so simple, but proven so effective...a hairbrush. While the vibration and softness of the electric toothbrush was effective in one way, the simple bristles of a hairbrush were intense in a totally new way that neither of the two ladies had ever experienced. As soon as the sharp plastic bristles of the hair brush hit Danielle's feet, she was unable to hide her ticklishness, and immediately started screaming and crying into her sock in her mouth. The same is true for her daughter. For several minutes her poor bare foot was tortured mercilessly as she screamed and cried, curling her toes as her poor foot was tortured by such a simple tool... a hairbrush....both of their bare feet were insanely ticklish and totally vulnerable to this.

    Next, without them knowing the girls were going to be tortured on their bare feet with electricity. Their father/husband could watch all of this and he was mortified. Their binds on their ankle were bound tighter, there was a small wooden box with charges attached to it and other cables attached to their toes set, and of course they knew nothing of what was happening because of their blindfolds. They asked continuously what was happening, to no answer, and suddenly, the device was turned on. Both of them shrieked and squealed in pain as the current of electricity was charged through their bodies through their feet. The build up of this was maybe more powerful than the actual torture itself, but the second the electricity was turned on, in their own way, they jolted, gasped, and their toes curled.

    After a few minutes of this electric torture of the two ladies feet, they turn off the device, and notice how vulnerable their upper bodies are with their shirts open, their boobs completely visible and vulnerable and the fact that their arms are securely over their head and can't pull them down. Brianne's masked torturer straddles her waist, and gently traces his fingers along the area where her breasts meet her underarms and her entire body shakes and does whatever it can to defend itself from these evil fingers, to really no avail, once those fingers meet her actual underarms, she scrunches her face, closes her eyes tightly bucks forward and back and cackles into her sock that is gagged into her mouth, noticing how strange it is to have so much of her covered, but key parts of her body completely vulnerable, and wonders how it is known that she is so vulnerable to being tickled. Was this spied upon?

    Danielle's tormenter goes one step above, and lotions his fingers extremely liberally, and squirts some lotion directly into her underarms, as he seemingly innocently, but certainly not massages his fingers into her underarms, she immediately bucks wildly, and after several minutes of laughing with her face turning increasingly red, along with her daughter, tears stream down her face.

    when the two ladies essentially reach silent laughter, it feels like there is nowhere to go from here. Although they are not the ones to comply, but their father/husband to agree to paying the large sum, which he has not yet, it's possible to the perpetrators that he feels this is all just silly and not actual torture. Danielle's perpetrator stops everything and raises his hand far above her, and without much warning slaps her face with such force it almost throws her out of her chair. The same is done to Brianne. A loud, large slap on her face is given that leaves a very large red mark on her cheek and causes her to sob through her blindfold and gag, she pleads as much as she can to no avail.

    The perpetrators take a quick break and have a conference, but not so quiet that Danielle and Brianne can't hear them. They discuss whether or not there is a difference in ticklishness with the barefoot or the sock foot. Not being complete experts in this topic, they do a google search, but as they do, Danielle and Brianne in their own thoughts consider this as well. Although they don't have a ton of experience experimenting this phenomenon, they certainly have developed an opinion that when they wear nylons or nylon socks, they are certainly more sensitive.

    The perpetrators decide to take the theories they read online to the test. Maybe they will get a more extreme reaction merely by tickling their feet with their nylon socks still on, instead of messing with their bare feet. The one had approached Brianne. Having overheard their conversation, she was already shaking her head, her legs and her torso "no" with not much else she could do. The same was true for Danielle, She tried to play it a little bit more cool, but that was almost impossible, knowing more foot tickling would be involved. Both of their other pant legs were pulled up to right under their knee, their black leather boots slowly unzipped, while they wiggled their legs in protest, their boots pulled off revealing their socked feet. Again, Danielle's nylon socks where a bit more see through, with the gorgeous floral design, while Brianne's was more basic, black, more opaque, but still somewhat startling to see revealed from a young lady, expecting maybe something more boring, but staring at her feet, both of their nylon socked feet looked quite elegant.

    The perpetrators try to test their theory on these nylon sock covered feet in the same way they did with the bare feet using the same tools, in case they needed to do this long term. They both used the electric toothbrush on the soft, nylon covered feet causing thrashing and cackling from both girls, more intensely from Brianne for some reason. Her feet had been such a limited amount of experience being "messed with" any sort of vibration plus brush was too much for her to take, even with the protection of her socks.

    Danielle was battling through similar struggles, although being a bit older and having more live experience, certainly had more experience having attention paid to her feet through her dating years...something her daughter would hopefully sometime endure, but even with that experience, when they pulled out the hairbrush, if she could see it, she would certainly protest with her life, but her blindfold prevents her from that. The second those rough bristles hit her nylon socked feet she immediately scrunches her face, closes her eyes tightly and begins cackling. As the sharp hairbrush scrubs her foot, it catches her nylon sock, snags and causes a large rip in them to the point where they need to intervene by untangling the brush from the nylon sock as Danielle continues to giggle nervously, not knowing what is next.

    A chat comes through in the zoom from the husband/father who has been watching this horror “Ok, for the love of God….let’s work something out.”

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    well done, well done. Congrats

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