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    Crys Gets a serious tickling in the stocks! "I LOVE tickling you"

    Crys Brought a friend in to be tickled and after she was tickled she said she just HAS to be able to get Crys back and almost begged us to let her. Crys being the trooper she is was game so we put her in the stocks, Gave Naj a comfortable seat at the end of the stocks and pretty much told her to go for it, that we wouldn't stop her..I can't even imagine how she took to tickling, the whole time you can see how much fun she is having,,even singing about it LOL She went on and on talking about how much fun it was tickling Crys' feet! Wait till you see this NONSTOP foot tickling,, This was legit Perfect and yes folks you are looking at the next Tickled Pink star right here,,cry is as cute as they come , Beautiful feet & now a LOVE for this which makes it even better, Say hello to our next absolutely perfect ticklee CRYS & her friend Naj who will be back a lot with her nails to tickle,,It just doesn't get much better tickle fans! So much more to come! The clip is a little longer because Naj did not want to stop tickling her!!!YOUR WELCOME!


    Crys Gets a serious tickling in the stocks! "I LOVE tickling you"
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    I would like your videos a LOT more if your girls had their hands bound behind their back. 👀

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    the girls to cute but yes i have say the same thing .

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