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    Officer Wilson’s ticklish ordeal - part 2, the revenge (f/f)

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Sophie finally made it back to the police station, she headed straight into the locker room to get out of her urine soaked trousers and have a shower to warm up. She took a deep breath before slumping to the floor in the shower, sobbing to herself.

    The door to the changing room opened and slammed shut.

    “Officer Wilson?” Police Constable Reid asked from outside the showers.

    “Ma’am” Sophie replied as she stood up in the shower.

    “What time do you call this? Officer Johnson has been back hours” Constable Reid said sternly.

    “Sorry Ma’am, I had a few things to deal with last night” Sophie replied in her best upbeat voice.

    “We provide a service to the public, not for you to sort out your personal life. Luckily for you, Officer Johnson managed to cover you” Constable Reid said sternly. “Next time, we will be having a much different conversation, UNDERSTOOD?”

    “Yes Ma’am, Sorry Ma’am. It won’t happen again” Sophie replied rolling her eyes.

    She listened to the door open and slam shut again as she slumped back to the floor. She didn’t know how she was going to approach the situation with her Dad, she would be instantly sacked if anyone found out. But then again, she didn’t want to be tickle tortured by the Garcia mob again. She sat on the floor of the shower block for a good hour or so before drying herself off and putting on some clean clothes before heading home for some much needed rest.

    Sophie awoke the next day to the sound of banging on her front door. She jumped out of bed, grabbing her dressing gown and gun before heading quietly downstairs. She peered through the peep hole in the door to see a delivery man stood on the step. Sophie breathed a sigh of relief before opening the door.

    “Delivery for Sophie Wilson” the man on the step said with a smile.

    Sophie nodded before being handed the parcel and heading back inside, double locking the door behind her.

    ‘I didn’t order anything’ Sophie thought, suspicious of the package.

    She placed it down on the kitchen table before carefully opening it, covering her mouth and nose with a hand towel, just in case. She pulled out a piece of paper, slowly from the package.

    ‘Call me when you have made the requested arrangements’ the piece of paper read.

    Sophie turned the package upside down, allowing a burner phone to fall out, followed by a USB and a feather. She shivered in fear upon seeing the feather before picking up the phone, it was already on and only had one number saved in its contacts, E.G. She picked up the USB in confusion before grabbing her laptop and plugging the USB in, it contained a large video file. Sophie took a deep breath before opening it and pressing play. It was a 6 hour video feed from her torture last night, taken from one of the security cameras, set up by the mob. Sophie slammed her laptop shut in anger, nearly breaking the screen.

    A few hours past before Sophie’s police intuition kicked in and she opened her laptop again, playing the video.

    ‘There must be something to get me out of this’ she thought.

    She watched the first few hours of the video feed, it was hard, watching herself laughing and squirming whilst they tickled her feet. Then she got a breakthrough. She could hear voices murmuring in the background whilst she was being tortured by the drill and brush. Sophie changed the sound settings, decreasing her laughing and increasing the background noise.

    “How long are you going to leave her like this?” A male voice asked.

    “As long as it takes” Eva replied.

    “But what if it doesn’t break her?” the male voice said.

    “Then we will try a different method” Eva replied.

    “I just can’t see it working, maybe we need to try something a bit more forceful” the male voice said.

    “Are you ticklish?” Eva said.

    “Not really” the voice replied.

    “Well I am, my brothers used to pin me down and tickle my feet when I was younger, within minutes I would agree to anything they said” Eva responded. “It will work, she seems just as ticklish as me”.

    That was the break that Sophie needed, her personal vendetta against Eva outweighed her Police mind, but she kept watching the video feed.

    Her next breakthrough came when Eva left her at the mercy of the feather duster, whilst she answered her phone.

    “I don’t fancy doing anything tomorrow night” Eva said on the phone.

    “Nah, I think I’m just going to stay in and pamper myself. I’ve got a busy weekend so I will need my beauty sleep”.

    “No, don’t bother coming round, I’m just going to relax with a bottle of wine, probably fall asleep on the sofa. Proper Rock and Roll, I know”

    “Okay honey, see you soon, kisses”.

    That was it. Sophie had all the information she needed to plan her revenge. She looked at her watch, 14:45, she had a few hours before she knew that Eva would be alone. Sophie scrolled through the internet, searching for tickle torture methods, watching pornographic clip after pornographic clip.

    ‘How do people get off on this shit’ she thought to herself before one specific video caught her eye. A young blonde haired girl was mummified in plastic wrap, her toes tied whilst the tickler used toothbrushes, hair brushes, oil, a hairdryer and bullet vibrators to tickle the poor girls feet.

    Sophie shot up from her chair, closing down her browser before rushing upstairs to fill a bag with supplies. She put her trainers on over her bare feet before heading out to the local builders supply shop, purchasing 2 rolls of shrink wrap.

    She pulled up, 100 yards away from Eva’s known residence before waiting for her to return. Half an hour passed before Eva’s Audi R8 zoomed past Sophie’s car and turned into the drive. The gate opened and then closed behind her. Sophie started to prepare herself, pulling a black jumper over her t-shirt before putting on a baseball cap and climbing out of her car with her rucksack. She walked past the secluded house, looking for an opening before spotting a tree that extended its branches over Eva’s side fence. Sophie scrambled up the tree before carefully lowering herself down into Eva’s garden and sneaking around the side of the house before spotting an open window. She saw the lights on in the rear living room and carefully moved to gain a view. Eva was lying on her sofa with a glass of wine, dressed in her pyjamas and slippers. Sophie stayed out of view and waited for Eva to doze off or go to bed. That opening happened at 10pm as Eva fell asleep on the sofa after a couple of glasses of red wine.

    Sophie made her move, sneaking across the garden and carefully pulling herself up onto the flat roof before climbing through the window. She snuck downstairs and peered through the doorway into Eva’s living room. She was lying on her back with her slipper covered feet propped up on the armrest, a quarter glass of wine still on the table in front of her. Sophie snuck into the room before dropping a couple of sleeping tablets into the wine, it fizzed slightly before settling. Sophie snuck back out of the room and hid in the coat room. She pulled out the burner phone before typing a message to the only contact on it, E.G.

    ‘Can we meet to discuss arrangements?’ she typed before sending it.

    Sophie heard a phone ping in the living room before hearing Eva move.

    “Fucking stupid bitch” Eva said to herself before replying.

    ‘NO. Get it sorted’

    Sophie waited another 10 minutes or so before sneaking out of the coat room and peering around the doorway of the living room. Eva was fast asleep, the wine glass was empty. She smiled to herself before walking over to Eva’s body and raising her hands before dropping it to the sofa.

    “Perfect” Sophie said to herself before heading back to the coat room to get her bag.

    Sophie set about encasing Eva’s body in the shrink wrap. Within 15 minutes of starting, Sophie had fully wrapped Eva from her ankles up to her shoulders, her arms pinned to her sides. She sat down on the sofa next to her, exhausted from the constant moving of Eva’s dead weight.

    After an hour, Eva started to stir. Sophie stood up and walked to her head, slapping her gently on the cheek.

    “Wakey wakey” she mocked as Eva groggily opened her eyes.

    It took a few seconds for her to come around and be aware of her predicament.


    “Oh Eva, poor sweet Eva” Sophie mocked.


    “I don’t think that you are in a place to be making threats right now” Sophie said patronisingly.

    “GET ME OUT OF THIS SHIT, NOW” Eva shouted again, staring down her mummified body.

    “Not until you agree to the new terms” Sophie said with a grin.

    “OVER MY DEAD BODY” Eva shouted.

    “Listen sweety, this is how it’s going to work” Sophie said softly. “You tell me everything about the incoming shipment, I make a few calls and Mike gets caught in the act”.


    “Yes I do” Sophie replied with a smile before walking to the other end of the sofa.


    “You know, I almost started to plan a way for you to get you shipment, with no police. Then you were kind enough to send me the video of my torture. Once I did some routine investigating, I heard your voice on the video” Sophie said.

    “SO, WHAT!” Eva snapped, wriggling slightly in her cocoon, trying to move her arms with zero success.

    “I heard a conversation you had with one of your henchmen” Eva said softly before looking at Eva’s large slipper covered feet. “I think that underneath these slippers are some delightfully ticklish feet”.

    “NO, DON’T YOU DARE!” Eva shouted.

    “Don’t I dare what?” Sophie joked, “This?” Flicking her fingers under Eva’s right slipper, sending it flying off her foot.

    “LEAVE MY FEET ALONE, BITCH!” Eva shouted in anger, pinning her bare foot against her left slipper covered foot.

    Sophie looked down at Eva’s scrunched toes, painted bright blue.

    “I bet you really struggle with a pedicure, how much does it tickle you” Sophie mocked.

    “FUCK YOU!” Eva shouted as Sophie grasped her left slipper, giving it a tug.

    Eva’s scrunched right foot held the slipper in place. Sophie stuck out a single finger before lightly dragging it down Eva’s wrinkled right sole.

    “EEEKKK” Eva squealed as she flexed her foot, allowing Sophie to strip her left slipper off.

    “Such big, ticklish feet” Sophie mocked. “What are you? Size 9, 10?”

    “FUCK YOU!” Eva snapped.

    Sophie picked up her bag, placing it on Eva’s wrapped legs.

    “W-w-what’s in there?” Eva stuttered, now that the panic was starting to set in.

    Sophie smiled at her before pulling some string out of her bag, placing it on Eva’s stomach. Eva watched on wide eyed as Sophie next took out a bottle of baby oil and a hair dryer. Eva looked slightly confused. Her face went as white as a ghost as Sophie placed a toothbrush, two electric toothbrushes, two hairbrushes and four bullet vibrators, placing them down on Eva’s stomach, followed by a roll of duct tape.

    Eva started thrashing around as much as she could, tipping the items off her as she rolled from left to right.

    “Scared yet?” Sophie said with a grin.

    “NO” Eva snapped back, trying to hide her fear.

    “Well, lets get started then” Sophie said as she walked back down to Eva’s bare feet, holding the string.

    Eva’s feet twitched as the string tickled her toes as her big toes were bound together. Sophie stared into Eva’s eyes menacingly as she grasped Eva’s big toes with her left hand, pushing them back before spider tickling her right hand fingers over Eva’s heels.

    “Eeeeekkk hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe” Eva started to giggle.

    Sophie released her toes before using both hands to tickle Eva’s arches.

    “AAAAhahahahahahahahahahahaa nooooooohohohohohohoho ahahahahahahahahaha” Eva laughed, scrunching her toes up.

    Sophie tickled her wrinkled arches for a few more seconds, listening to the sweet sound of Eva’s laughter.

    She pushed her toes back again.

    “Keep these stretched back, or I will have to tie them properly” Sophie mocked condescendingly as she scattered her nails over Eva’s large soles.

    “AHAhahahahahahaa i-i-I cant ahahahahahahahahahahaha” Eva laughed, almost instantly scrunching her feet to protect them.

    “Last warning” Sophie said, pushing her toes back again.

    “Ahahahahahahahahahahaha staaahahahahaaaapppppp ahahahahahahaha” Eva laughed, trying her best to keep her toes back.

    Sophie continued to tickle her soles, having fun watching Eva’s toes twitch as she wriggled around in laughter. She moved up to her toes, lightly scratching her nails under Eva’s long toes.

    “AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Eva cackled louder, scrunching her feet up again.

    Sophie continued to tickle her wrinkled soles for a few minutes as Eva laughed uncontrollably, her head shaking from side to side, tears running down her cheeks.

    “Have you thought over my proposal?” Sophie asked.

    “Ahahahahahahahahaaha YEAAAHHH Ahahahahahahahahaha” Eva laughed.

    “AND?” Sophie quizzed.

    “Ahahahahahaha F-F-FUCK YOU ahahahaahhahahahahaha” Eva stuttered out.

    Sophie stopped, climbed back to her feet and picked up her tickle toys, one by one, placing them on the floor near Eva’s feet.

    “Let’s get serious then” Sophie said.

    Eva remained silent whilst she watched Sophie approach her midriff, placing both hands under Eva’s right butt cheek before rolling Eva over onto her stomach. Eva gulped as she sunk her head into the sofa cushion. Sophie grabbed Eva’s bound ankles and pulled her down the sofa slightly so that her large, soft feet hung over the end of the armrest. She took out more string before tying it around the existing toe tie and securing it around the feet of the sofa, pushing Eva’s long toes back before tying it around the sofa feet again.

    Eva tried to moved her toes but couldn’t. She gulped nervously as her large, ticklish feet were now completely exposed and at the mercy of Sophie.

    “Where shall we begin?” Sophie mocked before digging her nails into Eva’s soles.

    “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Eva exploded into fits of laughter as Sophie’s nails glided over her arches and heels.

    “Coochie, Coochie, Coo” Sophie mocked as she danced her nails over Eva’s exposed skin.


    “Not until you submit to me” Sophie joked.


    Sophie continued to tickle Eva’s bound feet with her nails for the next hour, as Eva’s upper body rolled from left to right as she cackled with laughter. Sophie didn’t realise just how much she would enjoy getting her revenge on Eva, her large feet twitching with every stroke of her nails, the forced laughter pouring out of Eva’s mouth as her nails glided up and down her soft arches and toes. Finally she let her rest, walking to Eva’s face, she brushed her sweat covered hair from her eyes.

    “Care to share yet?” She asked seductively.

    Eva remained tight lipped, just glaring into Sophie’s eyes as she panted and puffed, regaining her breath.

    “Very well” Sophie said. “Let’s try a different method”.

    Sophie picked up her toothbrushes before scrubbing the bristles under each set of Eva’s toes.


    Sophie sat cross legged on the floor with Eva’s feet in front of her, carefully but relentlessly scrubbing the brushes in between each individual toe.

    “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA MYYY TOOOHOHOHOHOHOOOOESSS AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Eva cackled with laughter, her wrapped body bouncing up and down on the sofa, unable to escape.

    Minute after torturous minute passed by as Eva laughed into the night.



    “Tickle, tickle, tickle” Sophie mocked as she slowly dragged the electric toothbrushes under her toes before going up and down her arches.


    Another hour passed before Eva’s laughter turned silent, the air sucked from her lungs. Sophie allowed her to breathe again.

    “What time is the shipment arriving? What is it? What vehicle and where?” Sophie quizzed.

    “I-I-I CANT” Eva panted.

    Sophie picked up the bottle of baby oil before dripping it on Eva’s soles. She carefully but firmly rubbed it in, coating every bit of skin. The cool liquid and massage was a slight relief for Eva’s tortured feet.

    “According to some tickling videos I watched, oil plus heat makes the skin extra sensitive” Sophie said confidently. “Are you sure you want to go down this route?”

    “I can’t, my dad will kill me” Eva said softly shaking her head.

    Sophie plugged in her hair dryer before forcing the hot air onto Eva’s immobile feet.

    “OUCH” Eva scolded as the heat hit her.

    “Don’t be a wimp” Sophie mocked as she continued to heat Eva’s soles.

    After a few minutes, Sophie touched Eva’s warm feet.

    “Perfect” she said, satisfied.

    She drew one finger down her sole.

    “EEEKKKK” Eva squealed.

    “Are they more sensitive?” Sophie mocked. “What about now?” She said as she picked up her hair brushes and glided them up and down Eva’s arches and heels.


    Sophie dragged the brushes up and down Eva’s large soles until she became breathless again.

    “P-P-Please, I can’t take it” Eva begged.

    “Not until you tell me” Sophie said softly, holding the roll of duct tape.

    “I Really can’t” Eva stuttered.

    Sophie picked up two of her bullet vibrators, placing one under each set of toes before running a strip of duct tape around her toes, making sure that the button of the vibrators could be accessed. She repeated it for another 2 vibrators on her arches before standing back up. She moved a chair close to Eva’s face before sitting down.

    “Remember how you left me, being tortured” Sophie said, staring at Eva.

    Eva looked defeatedly at her.

    “Well, I am going to watch you be tortured. When you are ready to talk, I will turn them off” She said before standing up and walking to her feet.

    Quickly she turned all 4 bullet vibrators on.

    “AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA” Eva cackled as the vibrations started to tickle her feet intensely.

    Sophie took a seat by Eva’s head, watching her laughing face turn red again as she laughed. 5 minutes of ticklish torture passed as Eva’s body shook from side to side, unable to shake the vibrators off.


    Satisfied, Sophie turned them off before taking a seat back at Eva’s head and taking out of her notebook.

    “T-T-Two Hundred kilos” Eva panted out. “Coming to the docks at noon”

    Eva slammed her head into her cushions.

    “Kilo’s of what? What vehicle are you transporting them on? Who will be there?” Sophie quizzed, pen in hand.

    Eva stayed silent. Sophie put down her notepad and pen before walking down to Eva’s feet, turning the vibrators back on.


    Just before Sophie stood up, someone grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth with a rag. She fought as much as she could but the smell overpowered her and she slumped to the floor.

    To be continued.

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    wow. The second part is good as the first one and there is no end in sight. Cant wait to read the next part.

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    Part 3 please

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    Insanely good !
    Loving the setup, a ticklish cop tortured by a bitchy younger mob daughter, for hours, tries to get revenge on her for minutes, teaches her torture methods, then gets caught having told no one
    She did set herself up to some long cruel tickle tortures

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    Can't wait for Part 3

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