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    “The Celebrity Tickler” Part 9 (mmf/fffff)

    “The Celebrity Tickler” Part 9


    May 1, 2020
    F.B.I. Special Agents Kelly Henderson and Ashley Goff continue studying the case file

    Ashley brought in their dinner she had picked up. It was going to be a long evening ahead of them. Especially after interviewing Gwen Stefani earlier that same day. Ashley saw her partner Kelly had dozens of reports and supplement reports, crime scene photos, and written statements laid out covering the entire conference room table. She placed the to-go bag on the table and looked over at the white board behind Kelly. On it she had written “Incident #9, Victims #18-22” and then below that was the date of the incident, the locations involved, and the celebrities’ names that were involved.

    Ashley: “This is going to be a huge pain in the ass, huh? This is the most victims in one abduction so far. Jesus. Five! It’s going to take forever to get through all this and look for any oversights. Bickler must have gotten cocky around this time. And those ladies he took probably weren’t expecting a thing at this event. I mean, the Country Music Awards? That’s a huge event. There had to be tons of people there. They must have all thought that there’s safety in numbers. And there were even five of them, so I’m sure they thought nothing could have possibly happened that night. Looks like they were wrong though.”

    Kelly: “Well don’t forget that Bickler had help now. Mitch and Sadie Hart were his little sidekicks by this point. That’s how they were able to pull off these big grabs.”

    Ashley: “I guess nobody wanted to be interviewed on this incident?”

    Kelly: “No, they did not. I tried to set something up. But you can imagine how these tough country music stars would handle something as degrading and humiliating like this? None of those women want to talk about it more than they absolutely had to the night it happened. So we aren’t going to get any help there. We’re stuck here combing through this case file.”

    Ashley: “Alright, well let’s get started or we’ll be here until the sun comes back up. Start walking me through it.”


    August 3, 2005
    Country Music Awards
    Nashville, Tennessee

    The unmarked white van was waiting next to an exit door in the rear of the event space. Sadie kept watch at the rear doors of the van. She had on a neon yellow vest that said “SECURITY” on it. She waited patiently for Simon and Mitch to bring the others and load them up.

    Soon the two men came out carrying the last two women over their shoulders. Simon was shouldering Reba McEntire and Mitch was carrying Carrie Underwood. Their hands were bound with rope behind their backs, their ankles were tied together, and they could barely talk through the snug, black cleave gags pulled tight between their teeth.

    Sadie opened up the rear van doors and both men dumped their precision cargo in the back with the other captured victims. Already tied up and cleave gagged in the spacious rear compartment of the work van were Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and Miranda Lambert. The three country hotties struggled and whined through their gags when the doors were opened. For a split second, they thought they were being rescued only to find out that more of their fellow country music artists had met their same fate after the awards ceremony.

    Simon laughed and replied, “Howdy, ladies. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m Simon Bickler, the ‘Celebrity Tickler’ as they call me. Hope you country gals are as tough as you play yourselves up to be on T.V.” Sadie drove the women to a secluded part of the industrial area of Nashville. There was a construction site with no foot traffic around it. On that lot, there was a double-wide trailer that was being used as a makeshift office at the construction site. The crew had prepared it for tonight. There were a few wrist wraps secured from a ceiling beam and Simon’s tickling tools were laid out on the desks inside.

    Simon opened up the rear doors and assisted the singers out of the van. Simon ushered them all up the small ramp and into the work trailer. Since the singers’ hands and ankles were still bound, they could only move by making little hops. They made their way into the trailer reluctantly as they all hopped along in a single-file line behind Simon. He held the front door to the trailer open and waved his feather with a sinister smile as they passed by him. He teasingly said, “Goochie goochie goo, ladies...” They groaned and pouted as they entered knowing their fate.


    The work trailer was filled with the sounds of hysterical laughter as Simon and his crew continued to torment the Country Music stars. Against the far wall, Faith Hill and Shania Twain were strung up by wrist straps. Their feet barely touched the floor they were pulled so taught. Faith was shaking her head back and forth, which was whipping her blonde hair around across her face as she screamed. Sadie was standing behind her with her sharp fingernails lightly, but rapidly, fluttering in Faith’s unguarded armpits.

    Faith had on a white, sleeveless button up blouse that was knotted in the front and exposed a sliver of her tummy. She had on blue jeans and had been wearing black leather boots. Now that she was barefoot, one could see Faith’s big, bare size 9 feet. She had beautiful and shapely soles. The 37-year old country star’s arches were high and the balls of her feet were prominent. Faith’s toes descended down from her big toes steeply and were capped with conservative, light brown toenail polish.

    Sadie moved back over behind Shania. Shania was wearing a red top with 3/4 length sleeves. The shirt was cutoff a few inches below her chest so that her famous midriff was clearly visible on stage. Shania also had on black leather pants and had worn black boots for her performance earlier. Shania’s squat size 6.5 soles were compact but shapely. Shania had buttery heels, lovely wrinkled arches, and short toes that were mostly equal with each other in length. The 39-year old singer had her toenails painted a deep maroon color that was so dark it could almost pass for black.

    Shania shot back to life with strong laughter when Sadie began squeezing and tickling the sides of her tummy. She swung her hips any direction she could and tried to tense her muscles, as if that would magically make Sadie’s nails feel less horrible. Shania was screaming like a banshee as Sadie skittered her sharp talons gently over her signature midriff. Sadie smiled and commented, “Aw, you’re poor little tummy is trembling, sweetie.” Shania growled with extreme annoyance and fatigue as Sadie scrunched her nails expertly across her abdominals and then traced them around the outside of her bellybutton. The gorgeous brunette couldn’t help but shake and begin laughing again.

    While Faith and Shania were suffering at the hands of Sadie, the other three singers were bound and sitting behind a desk in office chairs. Their bare feet had been pulled up on top of desk and tied down with a rope that went over the desk and down the opposite side where Mitch and Simon were. The singers’ pretty peds were pulling back against the ropes as the women wiggled them away from the tickling tools.

    Miranda Lambert was on the left side. Miranda had on a black tank top that showed her belly a little and Daisy Dukes with frayed bottoms. Mitch admired her pleasing size 8 soles as he wiggled his fingers along her arches. 21-year old Miranda had creamy, youthful heels, shallow arches that were very smooth, and strong toes that were slightly gappy. Her toenails had been painted a rich purple color.

    Mitch commented, “Ms. Lambert’s got pretty little soles. No way any woman has heels this smooth without going to get them scrubbed and lotioned all the time. Hey, speaking of lotion...” Mitch retrieved a bottle of lotion and applied some of it to the bottoms of Miranda’s feet. She curled her toes down tight when she saw him return with a hairbrush. Miranda wagged her soles back and forth desperately as she pleaded for a break. But her tickling resumed and it was worse than before. Miranda screamed and cackled while Mitch rubbed the ball-tipped bristles in concentrated circles across her yummy, vulnerable arches.

    Carrie Underwood was on the right side with her gorgeous feet up on the desk. Carrie had on a floral dress with thin shoulder straps. It stopped around her mid-thighs and had been complemented by her brown cowgirl boots before they were taken off of her. Simon marveled at the 22-year old up-and-comer’s flawless size 7 soles. Carrie’s rounded heels were perfectly smooth and rich, her shallow arches were silky smooth, and her adorable toes were long and shapely. Her second toes were just slightly longer than her big toes and descended evenly from that point. Carrie had chosen a light pink polish during her most recent pedicure. Simon was quite amused as he wafted his infamous feather up and down Carrie’s vulnerable peds and watched her giggle and shift around uncomfortably.

    Simon: “I agree, Mitch. Ms. Underwood’s feet are just as I’d hoped they would be...perfect.”

    That left Reba McEntire sitting in a chair in the middle of the two younger singers. Her feet were also bound with rope and secured to the top of the desk. Reba was wearing a dark brown leather jacket with a white tank top underneath, a cross necklace among some other layered necklaces that dangled down in front of her cleavage, and snug blue jeans with a large belt buckle. The mature redhead had gorgeous, pale size 7.5 feet with contrasting cherry red toenail polish. Her high-arched soles were wrinkly and her toes perfectly descended from her big toes. Judging by her fairly smooth heels and tender pads below her toes, Reba’s peds had clearly received lots of attention to look so well kept.

    Simon: “I swear, for a group of women that sing about riding horses and drinking whiskey alongside the guys, they all seem to enjoy sneaking away to the big city to pamper their pretty feet. Doesn’t quite fit the tough country lifestyle, now does it ladies? But I’m not complaining.”

    The women were embarrassed that Simon was calling them out for being a little more girly than their professional image depicted. Some of them even blushed knowing he was spot on about their pedicure routines.

    Reba: “Well...I mean...a woman’s gotta look good, right? Now you let us go this minute or I swear to God Almighty, I’ll give you a whooping’ when I get free!”

    Miranda: “What we do with our feet is none of your business, creep! Hahahahaha!!”

    Simon let Carrie catch her breath. He quickly switched his feather over to Reba’s feet. The feisty redhead complained, “Aww no! Not this again! This is silly! Enough of thihihihissss! He he he hey! Ugh! Quit that!” The feather effortlessly flicked up and then down over and over. It’s playful tip swiped teasingly over Reba’s high arches and licked up around her tender toes. She giggled and laughed as she rocked back and forth in her office chair. Reba exclaimed, “He he he! Hey knock it off, mister! Hahaha! I’m getting tired of this!”

    Simon: “Now try and control yourself, Mrs. McEntire. Be a good example for these young singers. I’m sure it’s unsettling for them to see you laughing like that.”

    Reba grunted as she tried to focus and regain her composure. Simon was right about that. Reba knew these women were looking to her to see how she would react. But it still didn’t make it any easier as the feather fluttered up and down the curvy bottoms of her bare feet. Reba kicked her feet around and tugged at her ropes some more.

    Sadie came back to Faith and said, “Aw poor Faith. So upset because she isn’t getting any attention on her tummy.”

    Faith’s face lit up in fear. She yanked and twisted around as she shook her head no. But Sadie knelt down in front of her and placed a hand on each side of her waist. Faith’s small little innie was visible below the bottom portion of her knotted shirt. Sadie slithered her warm, wet tongue into Faith’s bellybutton. Faith was laughing so hard that her legs gave out and she just hung there defenseless as Sadie lapped her tongue in her button.

    Shania was not pleased when Sadie switched back to her. She grimaced and yelled, “Don’t touch me anymore! I mean it!” Sadie just smiled in return and then whispered in her ear, “I have just the thing to...let’s say...make you feel like a woman haha!” With that, Sadie began slowly tugging up Shania’s red top. It hung loose at the bottom. Sadie pulled it up so that the lower third of Shania’s globular tits were exposed and dangling just below her red shirt. Shania looked down with a mixture of anger and concern. But there wasn’t much time to contemplate her situation. Sadie brought her hands up so that her fluttering fingernails were gently grazing the undersides of Shania’s large naturals. Shania had to fight back her immediate laughter. She couldn’t believe her breasts were sensitive as well. The feeling was horrible. Shania turned her head away and began slipping back into laughter. The more she laughed, the more her melons jiggled and shook freely while peaking out of the bottom of her shirt.

    Simon had moved his feather over to Miranda’s tender tootsies. He was methodically sliding it between the gaps in her toes, causing her to laugh and giggle nonstop as her feet twitched sporadically. He playfully asked her, “Oh is right here too ticklish? Well what about between these two toes then?” Miranda just giggled so much that she could barely get any air. She shook her head back and forth as her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

    Mitch was now in front of Reba and Carrie. He held the bottle of lotion and his hairbrush for them to see and asked, “Do you ladies think you’re tough enough to handle this? Or are your tender little cowgirl feet just too sensitive? Guess we’re about to find out, huh?” Carrie had a fearful expression as she crossed her feet over one another and tried to pull them as far back from that side of the desk as possible. Reba tried to look a little more composed but Mitch could see her toes were curling just from looking at the hairbrush.

    After he lathered their feet up, Mitch began scrubbing the brush wickedly across Carrie’s exquisitely smooth soles. The perky blonde screamed laughter and writhed in the office chair as her trapped feet were tickled mercilessly. The bristles slid back and forth over her baby soft heels and across her flawless arches. Carrie bucked her body in the seat as she let loose agonizing screams and laughter. She felt as though she could crawl out of her skin. Mitch rubbed the brush quickly across both feet at once, sending Carrie into a sort of ticklish hell.

    Reba felt awful as she sat between her cackling co-stars. The mature redhead spoke up, “Aw now give the girls a break! This has gone too far, ya hear?! Come on, a woman can only handle so much tickling on her feet before she goes crazy!”

    Mitch began scrubbing the hairbrush in the deep curves of Reba’s arches, sending her into instant hysterics. She threw her head back and let out unbridled laughter as Mitch brushed her bare soles that were creamy with lotion. Every time Reba tried to resist and control her laughter, she would just immediately bust back into sheer guffawing. Soon her cheeks grew as red as her hair. Reba pretty, pale toes with their bright red toenail polish were flailing and scrunching like mad.


    Reba, Miranda, and Carrie were now at the mercy of Sadie as they hung from the wrist straps. Sadie was back behind Carrie. She loved how the thin shoulder straps of her floral dress left her smooth armpits wide open for a vicious tickle attack. Carrie yelped and melted into hearty laughter as Sadie drug her fingernails cruelly down her hollows and danced them wickedly in the middle. The fresh-faced blonde screamed laughter and twisted from side to side while she laughed her head off.

    Sadie eventually went back down to Miranda, who tried to brace herself for more torment. Miranda had every intention of trying to hold back her laughter but as soon as Sadie’s devilish fingernails began gently clawing at her silky pits, the young woman lost it once again. Miranda’s initial giggles quickly broke out into full on laughter. Sadie loved dividing her efforts and tickling one armpit while at the same time using her other hand to squeeze and trickle her fingernails teasingly around Miranda’s exposed lower tummy. She swayed and jiggled with laughter as Sadie played her like a fiddle.

    Sadie: “Which is worse, darling? Me tickling you under your arm or me down here by your waist?”

    Miranda: “Hahahahaha!! I don’t know! Hahahahaha!! They’re both bad! Just stop! Hahahahahahaha!!”

    Reba was starting to show her temper as Sadie eased back behind her again. Her brown leather jacket had been removed earlier to give easier access to her upper body. Reba only had on a white tank top now. She shouted back at her, “Don’t you go licking in my bellybutton again! That’s no way for a lady to behave!” Sadie smiled and replied, “Would you rather me behave like this?” Sadie crawled her dancing fingernails up under Reba’s tank top and slowly inched her way up. Reba grimaced and shook her head back and forth as she repeatedly told her “No!” But Sadie kept going until she felt Reba’s large, creamy breasts under her shirt. Reba let loose and threw her head back in laughter as Sadie began lightly stroking her sharp nails along the undersides of her full melons. Reba shook and shouted repeatedly, “No! No! No! Hahahahaha!!” Sadie snickered at Reba’s response.

    While Sadie was dealing with those three, Simon and Mitch had Faith and Shania tied to office chairs with their feet propped up on the desk. Faith was about to fall backwards in her chair she was kicking and laughing so hard from Mitch’s hairbrush scrubbing across her big size 9’s. Her fingers were practically clawing the stuffing out of the arms of the chair as she screamed and whipped her hair about. Mitch chuckled at her reaction. He found that sliding the brush firmly up and down the outer ridges of her large feet was quite effective.

    Simon was using his feather to torment Shania’s squat little feet. He enjoyed poking and lightly flicking it along the bubbly tips of her short toes. And he especially liked how uncomfortable it made Shania when he wafted it across the more tender areas of her soles, like the super soft patches below the balls of her feet or right in the middle of her deep, curvy arches. Shania grimaced and tried to hold back as many of her giggles as she could, but they kept slipping out.

    Mitch and Simon switch places while Faith and Shania caught their breath. Faith’s chest was heaving from gulping down air. Her long feet leaned to one side. She was exhausted from all the tickling at this point. But her break was cut short as Simon’s feather began sliding up and down her silky soles. Faith made a pouty, defeated noise as she began giggling. She was fed up with people tickling her but she had no choice in the matter. Simon listened to Faith’s irritated whining and increasingly loud giggles as she wiggled her feet back and forth and squirmed in her chair.

    Shania closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the chair as she grumbled, “Oh no.” Mitch smeared lotion all over the bottoms of her short, size 6.5 feet. Then Mitch poised the hairbrush bristles menacingly against her broad little heels. Shania grunted with dread but kept a stern expression as she watched to see when the brush would move. Mitch began rapidly scrubbing the bristles against her slippery soles, causing Shania to jolt back against her chair and start bucking against her restraints. She let out raspy, deep laughter while her feet spasmed from the bristles sliding over her lotioned arches.

    Mitch: “What about you, honey? Are you just a ticklish cowgirl too?”

    Shania: “HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Fuck you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    Mitch began scrubbing the brush firmly along the pads below Shania’s toes. The stunning brunette screamed and shook her head violently. It was terrible and she was laughing so hard she could barely breathe. The shiny patches of her feet were turning pinkish from the bristles constantly rubbing against them.

    May 1, 2020
    F.B.I. Special Agents Kelly Henderson and Ashley Goff continue studying the case file

    Kelly: “Based on the victim interviews in the file, this continued for a while. Just Simon’s usual wearing down of his victims. We should watch the parts that he filmed and distributed to the media outlets.”

    Ashley: “I’ve got them in this evidence box. I read ahead a little in the file. That sick bastard messed with them for hours. Then he hogtied them all and gave each of them a turn in front of the camera as he finally broke them.”

    Ashley played the video. The footage immediately began with all five women helplessly hogtied as they struggled, squirmed, and whined. Their bare feet kicked and wiggled in the air as they grunted and pulled on their ropes. Simon could be heard off camera saying, “Oh now stop your bellyaching. I would have thought that a group of cowgirls would appreciate a good hogtie. But I’ll tell you my deal. If any of you can last ten minutes, I’ll turn myself in to the police tonight. But if you decide you can’t take anymore, just say my magic phrase and I’ll stop.”

    The women weren’t enthused about Simon’s deal. They grumbled and struggled some more as Simon picked his first victim. He and Mitch carried Miranda Lambert away from the group and placed her in the middle of the floor with her face angled toward the camera. Miranda saw the red recording light was on and about that same time, she felt lotion being applied to her soles again.

    Simon ignored her frantic begging and began rubbing the bristles over her tender, youthful soles. Miranda erupted back into laughter as she shook from side to side on the floor. She kicked her legs and flailed her fingers as she tried to reach back to stop the brush from swiping across her size 8 feet.

    Miranda wailed and begged, trying to hold and fight on for every second of time she could. She seemed to really hate how Simon would concentrate the brush back and forth across her meaty heels. Miranda shook as a steady stream of laughter was forced out of her with that tactic. At just 5 minutes and 13 seconds, she finally just gave up and agreed to say Simon’s humiliating phrase.

    Miranda: “I’m Miranda Lambert and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”

    That meant another woman was to have her turn. The men moved Faith Hill out to the center of the room. She too pleaded and whined as Simon smeared lotion all over her large size 9 feet. Faith tensed up, knowing what was coming. As soon as the bristles began gliding across her beautiful arches, the normally well-composed singer lost her shit and began guffawing and writhing around like crazy. Her big, silky feet flailed around in the air behind her as she screamed laughter.

    Simon: “Uh oh, this cowgirl’s big feet are awfully ticklish! Better hold out better than that or you’ll never make it.”

    Faith was belly laughing as she turned her head to the side and screamed. The brush swiped back and forth rapidly in her high arches. Faith thrashed so much that she ended up on her side. Then she pushed herself over onto her back so that her feet were flat on the floor and somewhat safe from Simon for the moment, even if it was just a naive, stupidly hopeful thought on her part. Simon asked, “Hey where do you think you’re going, little lady? Give me back those big feet of yours. I’m not done with them yet haha!” Simon easily pushed her onto her side. Then he encircled her ankles with his arm and began scrubbing his brush over her flailing foot bottoms as she cried out, “NO!!!” Faith kicked and cried out as she writhed on her side still in the hogtie. At 6 minutes and 21 seconds though, Faith couldn’t take anymore.

    Faith was mortified as she gave up. She had tears coming down her face as she yelled, “Okay! Okay! Hahahahaha! I give up! I’ll say it! Anything! I’ll say it!” Simon leaned her back onto her stomach and brushed her hair out of her face so the camera could see her better. Then she defeatedly said, “I’m Faith Hill and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”

    Reba, Shania, and Carrie looked visibly disappointed as another one of their own fell victim to the infamous Simon Bickler. Mitch and Simon came over and pulled Shania into the center of the room. She thrashed and even tried to bite their arms. But that didn’t stop her fate as Simon returned to smear her small size 6.5’s with creamy lotion. Shania growled and kicked her feet randomly as he did so. Simon commented, “My oh my, you’re going to be a wild little bronco for me to break, aren’t you? Well ma’am, this isn’t my first rodeo, so to speak.”

    Shania tensed as she felt the bristles grazing her slippery soles. She put on a good front, but the brush was maddening. Shania began slipping into giggles and titters as the bristles slid across the pads below her small, compact toes. She started bucking and kicking her feet wildly as she broke down into full on laughter. Simon was being jostled by her thrashing, but managed to keep his tickling tool on target for the most part. As Shania passed the halfway mark on her time, she was shamelessly doing anything she could to help cope with the constant torturous feeling. She was screaming and whipping her head back and forth. She bucked her body up and down like mad and wiggled her feet as fast as she could.

    Simon: “You’re a spirited one, I’ll give you that! Yee-haw! Gotta ride this cowgirl until she breaks!”

    At 7 minutes and 48 seconds, Shania couldn’t take anymore. She blurted out that she would do what Simon wanted. Pissed off, sweaty, and with red cheeks, Shania looked up at the camera and uttered the words, “I’m Shania Twain and now I’m just another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”

    Now it was down to Reba and Carrie. They looked at each other with concern. As Simon walked over, Reba frantically told Carrie, “Remember, no matter what happens, you have to be strong. Don’t worry about me. Be strong and your dignity okay?” Before Carrie could respond, Reba was pulled over in front of the camera and her feet were coated with fresh lotion. Simon held the hairbrush down by her face for her to see before he started with her. Reba looked at it fearfully and groaned with contempt and dread.

    Simon began scrubbing the brush ruthlessly back and forth across Reba’s mature soles. Her pale, wrinkled arches were very tender and extremely sensitive to the bristles. Reba’s face contorted in silly, embarrassing expressions as she fought to keep as many giggles in as possible. Simon called to her, “I know this is killing you, Mrs. McEntire. Just let it out.” Reba bucked and squirmed about on the floor. Simon continued to brush her rounded heels and up her size 7.5 soles until her was just at the base of her toes.

    Reba began breaking down and laughing. Her cheeks were flushed red with shame as uncontrollable laughter began pouring out of her. She kicked her feet and wiggled her hands desperately trying to undo her ropes. The brush was merciless. Reba tried to be strong in front of the young singer that was looking to her for strength. But she couldn’t help but cackle like a wimp as the brush was rubbed thoroughly over her shapely arches.

    After 9 minutes and 15 seconds, Reba had enough. If she would known how close she was to finishing, she might not have given up. But her mind was a blur and she began shouting for mercy when she hit her mental breaking point. With the camera rolling, a teary-eyed Reba said, “I’m Reba McEntire and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”

    Carrie Underwood was the last to go. As she felt the lotion being re-applied to her beautiful size 7 soles, she became rigid with anticipation. She kept reminding herself she had to be strong like Reba. She had to be strong for all the young women that idolized her. But that all went out the window when that damned brush began sliding across her silky foot bottoms. Her tender skin was no match for the stiff bristles. Carrie arched her back and screamed loud as she fell into helpless laughter.

    Simon: “Come on, cowgirl! Don’t give up already haha!”

    Carrie: “I can’t help it! Hahahahahahaha!!”

    Carrie’s pretty toes with their light pink polish were curled down tight as the brush rubbed back and forth across her supple heels and shallow, smooth arches. Her blonde hair whipped back and forth in desperation as she struggled with each passing second. It was only a mere 3 minutes and 12 seconds before the blonde country singer gave up. With mascara running down her face, she admitted, “I’m Carrie Underwood and now I’m another one of Simon’s tickle toys.”


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    FIVE VICTIMS THIS TIME!?!? Primal, you spoil us my friend ��

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    Definitely my favorite one this far

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    This is great!

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