This is a short one, inspired by a true pedicure. (Can confirm surprise new tool works)

The cost of a pedicure

Casey scampered into the car with a smile on her face, and pressed her flip flop clad feet against on the dashboard. She wiggled her toes in place and looked to Damon, “I love pink,” she told him, nearly bouncing in her seat. She sat there for a moment admiring them, wiggling her toes slowly, and then quickly again. After a few seconds, she looked at Damon coyly, “Oh I’m sorry, did you want to get a closer look?”

Damon didn’t have to answer, his open mouth and wide eyes did all the talking for him. She giggled playfully as she slid her feet out of her flip flops, letting them fall to the floor of the car with an audible plop. She kicked her feet up and down a little as she turned and extended her legs towards Damon. He held out a hand to cup her heels and gasped when they landed where they belonged.

Damon admired the paint on her toes for a few moments, but quickly turned to admiring the perfect soles facing him. He began with a knuckle, and it glided along her smooth flesh effortlessly. Casey was pursing her lip, and as he rubbed his fingertips up her supple arches, her feet twitched involuntarily. She made a soft “ahhhh” sound, bringing her hands towards her chin. She began to breath quickly as he took in the marvelous job her nail tech did.

He looked up at her with those big puppy dog eyes of his, and she sighed, “ten seconds! Then we have to go and get lunch!” She shut her eyes, but Damon didn’t tickle yet.

“Ten seconds, a tip is traditionally fifteen percent, twenty if you think they were good. That pedi was forty minutes, so that means you owe me six to eight minutes....and after all, I got you this pedi,” He demanded with a smirk, but still only rubbed her perfect feet.

“Not in the parking lot!” She protested. “People will see us! When we get back!”

Damon gripped her ankles firmly, and didn’t budge. “You’ll make an excuse, and next thing I know they’ll be locked in moisturizing socks until bedtime.” He pouted, and she knew he was right. Still, she had bargaining power.

“First of all, those are the two best bedtimes of your month and you know it. How about this, ten seconds, one kiss each, and I tip you a full twenty five percent when we get home?” Damon’s eyes narrowed, it wasn’t a bad bargain. But he was a greedy ler, and a foot in the hand is worth two in bed...or something.

“I’ll make that deal…” she signed with relief, too soon. “If, you agree to leave your feet in my lap the whole car ride. Deal?” Casey figured he would want something, but she rolled her eyes and nodded agreement.

“Fine but we have to go! I’m hungry!” Damon agreed, and just like that, he dug his wiggling fingers into her tender arches. Casey burst out into loud giggles, the tickling was firm, but not insane. She shook her feet, counting backwards from ten in her mind. As he reached his toes, and she squealed so loud that somebody in the parking lot looked her way, she blurted, “That’s ten! HEHEHEHEHE you’re DOHUHUNNNN!” Damon stopped quickly, and bent down to kiss each sole. They twitched at his touch, and he started to drive away.

While he began to move, the soles felt the memory of his fingers, and rubbed against each other for a moment. They began driving, and hurried to a drive through for some lunch. As Damon needed to get his wallet out, she placed her feet on the wheel, and as the car straightened out as they came around to the window, the wheel rubbed against her soles, making Casey giggle loudly again.

“EEEEP! Whahahahat was that? Hehehehe…” Damon’s jaw popped open as she tried to pull her feet back, but he seized them, holding her to their deal.

“Did the steering wheel do that to you?” He asked, nearly bouncing in his seat.” She shook her head quickly, but they both knew it was a lie. Damon calmed himself just enough to pay for their food and pull out of the drive through, but before he turned back onto the street, he commanded, “Do that again!”

Casey was a little afraid to give Damon this new toy, but she was curious, and it wasn’t an intense tickle, more of a fun one. She slowly put her feet back on the wheel, and as Damon turned into the street, she bit her lip. When he released the wheel to straighten the car out, she sputtered out a fresh series of giggles. “Pffff-fff-fff-HEHEHEHEHEHEHE OK OK! IT TICKLES! HEHEHE.” She placed her feet back in his lap quickly, but she knew this game wasn’t over. Magically, Damon discovered three more errands that he had to run on the way home, and if she refused to play, he pinched and plucked at her toes. She was trapped.

The last errand took them to autozone, and Damon disappeared inside for a brief moment. When he came back out, she placed her feet back in his lap, and saw him hungrily tear the bag open. She gasped when she saw what it was: a textured steering wheel protector, complete with tiny rubber spikes, like a miniature shampoo brush. She was in trouble now, and she knew it. At first it was mostly a fun tickle, this would up the intensity tenfold.

“Please no,” she whimpered. Damon only looked at her with an evil grin. Once the cover was in place, he placed her feet up on the cover, and she squirmed against the bristles, tickling herself. “AHH HAHAHAHA! Oh no…” she squeaked as he began to move.

Damon drove home by the most roundabout route he could imagine, and every turn had Casey in fits of laughter. As they finally pulled into the house, Casey was red faced and out of breath, and thick strands of her dark hair were in her face. She yanked her feet back and settled them in her flip flops. “I think I wanna drive for a while...hehehe,” she said with residual giggles on her breath.

“Don’t forget my tip,” Damon winked. Casey ran inside with the food, and tried to lock Damon out, laughing the whole time. They settled on the couch, enjoyed their lunch, and after an episode of their favorite show, she plunked her feet into Damon’s lap, wiggling her fresh pink toes.

“Ok, Mr. Go on and collect your tip. Ten minutes…” Damon wasted no time in seizing her ankles and tickling them insanely with his fingertips. Casey squealed and laughed, white knuckling the couch pillows, and banging her head against the cushion to try and block out the sensation. He pulled her toes back, and she started begging.

“Not under the toes! Nohohoho! Please! EEEEK HAHAHAHAHAHA OHGODNO! HAHAHAHAHA!” Far too soon for one, and an eternity later for the other, the alarm went off for ten minutes. Casey needed a moment to catch her breath as Damon massaged her soles, but his very touch made her twitch, so he instead rubbed her calves. At last, she rolled off the couch, darted into her room, still on her hands and knees, and slipped on a pair of thick moisturizing socks with a little puppy on it, a christmas gift from Damon.

As she caught her breath back, she pointed at Damon, “Now, these...phew, are staying...on, un-until...bedtime!” She had to pause several times for breath still.

“Can’t wait!” He said eagerly, and handed over the last few french fries. “Pedicure day just got so much better….