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    A night of fun with my wife (F/M) (some sexual)

    Last week my wife and I got abnormally flirty with each other. We are in our early 30s with two young kids, so itís not that we arenít romantic at all, itís just that this week was different. Sexting throughout the day and even taking a couple of afternoons off to thoroughly enjoy each otherís company.

    Through it all, there had been a running promise/threat of tickling. After giving her plenty to enjoy on Friday afternoon, the evening arrived and it was time to finally experience what I had been asking for.

    (Side note, sheís not ticklish at all. Fairly early in our relationship I had to evolve from a ler into a switch to gain more satisfaction from this kink)

    We showered and then she strapped me into our under-bed restraints. Arms straight above my head and ankles spread at the bottom of the bed. She blindfolded me as well, but not before pausing to make sure I got a good look at her face gleefully staring at my now vulnerable body.

    Gently she started stroking along my rib-cage. And then, inspired from some videos we had watched together earlier in the week, she grabbed a bottle of baby oil and began drizzling the stuff over my sides and under my arms. This was a first for me and I wasnít quite sure how it would effect the sensation. I didnít need to wait long as all of a sudden the jolts started coming.

    Emboldened by this new level of sensitivity she kept at it, trailing her fingers up into my armpits and down to my hips. When I finally started to get used to it (donít get me wrong, I was still laughing and pulling at my restraints), I suggested that the spot above my armpits (under my arms) was more ticklish than the spot below (above my ribs). She filed that piece of information away and moved on to alternating between giving me pleasure and sending me back into giggles.

    As much as she enjoyed the power over my release, she decided to move into phase 2. Focussing more on the pleasure side she proceeded to put her feet up to my mouth, and continued gently tickling with her other hand.

    The combination of having her beautiful feet (and they really are stunning) so close, being tickled, and being taken care of quickly became too much and I came very hard.

    After about 10 seconds she asked me ďIs that long enough?Ē and repositioned herself to attack my armpits again. As many of you will know, the heightened sensitivity post-orgasm is incredible. Some insane mix of hate and lust all wrapped up into one.

    Now she threw my words back at me, ďWas it more ticklish here?Ē *digging into my arms and armpits ďOr here?Ē *fingers jumping down to my ribs*. The quickfire assault, with constant change did my head in and I was genuinely thrashing as much as my restraints allowed.

    Video inspiration struck again and she climbed on top of my forearms, facing the rest of my body. Now I truly had nowhere to go, and any semblance of control was totally gone. Her nails explored every inch of my oiled sides and underarms. Up and down, digging in firmly and then scratching softly.

    For the first time I genuinely felt like she was delivering on her threats of how bad she was going to get me. Time was only a vague concept by this point, but I would guess she continued the all out assault for around five minutes. More than enough for me to consider asking her to stop. Never did mind you.

    She climbed off and grabbed the bottle of baby oil again, this time pouring it liberally over my feet. ďIím sure you noticed that I havenít tickled down here yetĒ. My feet are my most ticklish spot, and we both knew that. Grabbing a comb she very lightly began to scratch it along my soft foot. Back and forward she went, making me explode with semi-laughter/semi-screams.

    After a minute or two she swapped to her fingernails and my laughter jumped an octave or two. This was way worse. The randomness, the ease that her nails glided over my soles, it was too much for my frizzled brain.

    A few minutes more and she untied me. I was thoroughly exhausted but had had an absolute blast. We both slept very well that night, and I'm already looking forward to our next play session.

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    Great story! Glad that you both had fun. Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Super hot story! Thanks for posting.

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