I think Iíve found where one of the holy grails (imo) of tickling clips is hiding, and no one has to pay Sesame Workshop a crazy amount of money to get it. Iím talking about the Electric Company clip where a girl gets tickled off her chair by the word ďtickleĒ (mentioned in this thread among many others).

To be clear, I donít have the clip; itís geographically out of reach for me, but perhaps some well-placed TMFers can take this info and run with it.

The Details

Residents of New York and Los Angeles may be familiar with the Paley Center for Media. According to their FAQ, they have an archive of over 160,000 TV shows and ads going back over 100 years that can be searched online.

As fortune would have it, one of the shows in their collection is the aforementioned Electric Company episode.

Back to the FAQ, you can go to their library and choose any program in their collection to watch individually (or with up to four people if you want to make a small party out of it). Unfortunately, the collection itself doesnít appear to be online, just the collectionís searchable catalog.

I think you can see where this is going. As stated, the Paley Center offices are in New York & Los Angeles, two cities I am far away from. It would be great if a brave, closer Ďphile would visit the Paley library, confirm the clipís existence, and share a definitive description, including which girl gets the giggles. Bonus points for screenshots. +1 internet for the clip.

(Side note: I understand concerns that the girl might be underage, and I donít want to stir that hornetsí nest, but in this thread one poster thinks sheís 18 in the clip. We wonít know until we have more details to confirm one way or the other.)

In the meantime, Iíll see if Paley offers interlibrary loans. I have my doubts, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Happy hunting!