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    Joey Lynx: Wildcat Detective #6 (New Bandito Comic!) 4/30/21

    Joey Lynx: Wildcat Detective 6
    Written, Created, and Illustrated by Bandito!

    Hanging on for her dear TICKLISH LIFE, one slip away from a 60 foot drop with a sud-den stop, our hot heroine, JOEY LYNX laughs herself insane from the most SINISTER OF TICKLE TORTURE!

    .Just when you think the ruthless tickling of her soft succulent soles and her perfectly naked upper body couldn't get any worse…she finds herself in inescapable bondage and a ticklish FATE WORSE THAN DEATH!!!!

    Meanwhile, Mouse continues to be tickled out of her hot little mind in the Spider's web. Jenny the Squid is tickled bare naked and forced to face wave after wave of ticklish cli-max as THE DREADED GIGGLES take over her mind, body, and soul!! And poor Mad Dog will not escape TICKLISH PUNISHMENT as the fiendish boss tickles her way clos-er to running this CROOKED CITY!!!

    Come see the naughtiest, hottest, meanest JOEY LYNX COMIC YET!!!

    From the universe of Bullets and Laughter…we’re delighted to bring you the adventures of Joey Lynx: Wildcat Detective.

    JL06_Cover.jpg JL06_Preview.jpg

    Item Features

    • 12 DESPERATELY Ticklish Pages + Cover!
    • 48 Quiveringly Hysterical Panels!
    • Desperation Tickles + Sexy Punishments!
    • Tons of Sweaty Bare Foot TICKLE TORTURE!
    • EPIC Naughty Naked All-Over Tickles!
    • Tickle-gasms + Insane TICKLING!
    • Sock Tickles + Ticklish Stripping
    • Illustrated and Created by Bandito!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit our new mobile-friendly store @ MTJpub.com and our gallery @ DeviantArt

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    Looks great,
    Joey was always one of my favourites.
    Can I ask when the next Pepper Parker comic will be out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgus View Post
    Looks great,
    Joey was always one of my favourites.
    Can I ask when the next Pepper Parker comic will be out?
    Thanks, man. I love drawing Joey. As for Pepper...her next sizzling adventure should be out in the next month or so! We're posting up a ton of hot and naughty previews on Patreon, if that sort of thing interests you: Patreon*https://www.patreon.com/BanditoCorporation/overview



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