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Part 1

Alexa slunk down the the hallway after collecting the buttons off the floor. Her tears had started to smear her mascara, and she was still struggling with her shoes. She had tied her blouse to cover up her expansive bust. Alexa approached Andrea's door, her hand was quaking as she lifted it to knock on the door. At this point she just wished to go home, but the pang of fear of being unemployed caused he to tap lightly on the sturdy wooden door.

The door swung open, Andrea was standing there in all her dominant stature. Despite being a demure woman, she was overpoweringly dominant. “It's about time you showed up,” She looked her up and down. “Why are you undressed in that manner?”

As Alexa tried to explain that she was pinned to the wall and accosted by her male colleagues, she could tell that Andrea was getting impatient. She continued to look down at Alexa's feet as she shifted from foot to foot. The itching and tingling was insufferable, but she was trying with all her might not to show weakness to Andrea. This did not work at all.

“Uncomfortable dear?” Andrea asked with a raised eyebrow. “Perhaps you'd like to sit and bathe your feet?” She gestured to a chair in the back of the room, complete with a foot bath. “I realize that I may have been too harsh earlier. Let's get you cleaned up.” Alexa gladly kicked off her shoes and sat in the chair, allowing the warm water in the tank to soothe her feet. She closed her eyes for a moment to take in the relief. Suddenly metal clamps came around her wrists and the foot bath's lid shut around her ankles. “What the hell is this?” Alexa exclaimed as she struggled to break free. “Why it's a foot bath dear, I would have thought you would recognize it. We need to get you all cleaned up and back to work.”, Andrea smirked.

She took a remote control from her desk and looked over at the trembling Alexa. “I think that setting three should suffice, for now.” After a few button presses water jets started to swirl around Alexa's big supple soles, the feeling was excruciatingly ticklish. They were powerful, almost needle shaped jets that traced every line and wrinkle in their paths. Alexa had never felt anything like this before. She dug her nails into the arms of the chair and yelled out between cackles of laughter. “Turn this fucking thing off!” Andrea frowned, “Language dear, you must try to be the professional you claim to be. I am only trying to relieve your discomfort, but if you need to be that way, we'll just have to turn it up.” She adjusted a few controls and Alexa felt small robotic arms clasp her big and pinkie toes and spread them apart. Her feet were splayed and immobile, jets were now invading the oh so sensitive webbing between her toes. She screamed with frenzied laughter, nothing had ever been so bad on her. She prayed for something to intervene. When the jets died down, unfortunately, something did.

Alexa sat panting for breath in the chair. Her eye makeup she had done so carefully that morning was streaked down her cheeks. “Alright Andrea I'm sorry, I won't be late again, just let me go.” She begged. “Not that simple, I'm afraid. This device has to finish the cycle before it releases,” she lied, “get ready for a nice deep scrubbing and pedicure.” Alexa felt brushes make contact with the heels, soles, insteps, and balls of her feet. Additionally, there were smaller ones on the undersides and between her toes. “Now, I have a meeting with the other corporate officers, It shouldn't take more than two hours. Then I will right back to collect you. Do not worry if you giggle a bit, this room is soundproofed and no one beyond that door can hear you. Have fun!” She gathered some files off her desk and put them in her attache case. “Please, you can leave me like this! This can't be legal!” Alexa begged. “You wouldn't think so, but here we are. Tah, have fun!” Andrea said as she left through the heavy door, locking it behind her.

Suddenly all of the brushes stirred to life. Her heels were more sensitive than she had imagined, they were being polished by rough spinning brushes. There was a cylindrical spinning brush on each of her insteps moving up and down and back and forth like a violinist's bow. The soles and balls of her feet seemed to have dozens on smaller brushes all moving around in an excruciatingly ticklish ballet. Her toes were the worst however, each had a brush moving from the base, up the stem, to the tip and back again. In between each toe the was a small pen sized spinning brush that would come down one toe and up the other and back, always pausing at the crevice in the middle. As she screamed into the void while the devices worked her big feet from every direction her only thought was if she could last two hours without losing her mind completely.

To be continued...