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Thread: Trick or Treat

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    Trick or Treat

    FYI - Non Consensual, long, a lot of build up

    I know a lot of tickling experiences are non consensual by nature, but wanted to add the disclaimer.

    I know a couple, Jake and Christina, that shared a massive house with several roommates. The house would throw great Halloween parties because it was open invitation as long as you knew someone that knew one of the hosts. This allowed for a lot of new faces and a lot of people cycling in and out throughout the night. I didn't know Jake and Christina were into tickling but after this event I am almost sure they are.

    I was chatting with Jake when he says with a smile "stick with me if you want to see a show, Christina is looking for a victim right now".

    I asked "victim? what kind of show?"

    "You'll see, just play along" said Jake

    Christina is very pretty, friendly, extroverted, and charming, so it would be an easy task for her to convince someone to go along with what they were calling a "game". Christina eventually returns with 2 girls and she did NOT disappoint. Kelly, who the three of us had met before, and Joy, who was Kelly's coworker whom we were all meeting for the first time.

    Joy was a 23 year old Asian American. She was Taiwanese but was born in the US so she barely had an accent if at all. Her face and smile were absolutely gorgeous. Great skin, rosy cheeks, long dark brown hair, symmetrical face, with a small nose. She was slim and petite but had enough curves to encourage you to check her out. She was dressed as her version of Cinderella. Her dress was blue and more form fitting; not a ball dress like you would picture. She completed the outfit with sheer blue gloves and of course sparkling high heels on her tiny feet.

    Joy was a little shy since she didn't know us yet but was eager to make friends. When Christina pitched the "game" to her, Joy agreed with little hesitation. I'm sure the alcohol played a role too.

    "Joy we have a game set up called 'Trick or Treat', do you want to try?" - Christina

    "Sure! what is the game?" - Joy

    "It's kind of a guessing game. We have a bunch of bowls with mystery contents, nothing gross. With your eyes covered, you'll need to reach in and touch the contents and try to guess what it is. If you get more right than wrong, we all take a shot, that is your treat. If you lose, you take a shot, that is your trick." - Christina

    "That sounds fun! I'm down" - Joy

    Christina escorts us around the corner behind a black curtain. The house was dark and full of Halloween decorations so it didn't look that weird. There was a small chair and ottoman facing the curtain that Joy was instructed to sit in. Next, Christina pulled out the blindfold and asked Kelly to secure it so she couldn't peak while Christina pulled out the bowls. The game gets going and Joy is getting some right and some wrong. Popcorn, dry rice, random things. Everyone is making jokes and genuinely having fun. While Joy is immersed in the game and distracted, Jake takes me to the other side of the curtain which is at one of the main entrances to the house with a lot of foot traffic. He delicately lifts the bottom of the curtain just enough to expose Joy's sparkling heels. Now I can see the ottoman was inconspicuously made into custom stocks and I get excited because I'm almost positive I know what the plan is now. He barely had to adjust the ottoman so Joy's ankles naturally slid and rested in the subtle bottom grooves of the stocks. Next, he leans the top piece of the stocks nearby. Meanwhile the girls are continuing the game and Joy (and Kelly) is completely oblivious. Jake blocks the view of her feet with a Halloween decoration so anyone passing by doesn't blow it. We walk back behind the curtain with some filled shot glasses. This was the signal for Christina to end the game.

    "Sorry Joy, looks like you lost! Give us your hand and we'll pass you your shot." - Christina

    Still blindfolded we place a shot in her hand. She is being a good sport, laughing and pretending to protest the results. Then Christina says, "don't take it yet, i'll be right back". Jake continues to distract Joy by asking her questions like "which bowl felt the weirdest?" Meanwhile Christina swiftly secures the top of the stocks, which Joy obviously feels.

    "What is on my legs?" Joy says laughing

    "Kelly, is Joy ticklish?" we hear from behind the curtain

    "HAHA umm I have no idea" - Kelly

    "Hey! Don't take my shoes off" Joy whines nervously and half laughing. She was trying to play it as cool as possible in front of her new friends. She pulls the blindfold off with her free hand but doesn't know what to do with the shot. Her face gets flushed and I can see her fighting a smile.

    "TRICK OR TREAT JOY" taunts Christina

    Joy can't fight it anymore and a huge smile spreads across her face followed by the cutest giggle. "Hehehehe ohohohoh stop tick hehehehehe i can't hehehehe". She is so polite that she doesn't even consider dropping the shot. Joy is feeling bashful now and tries hiding her face with her free hand. "Kelly hehe HELP". Fortunately Kelly seems to be enjoying her friend's predicament "Sorry hun, better you than me".

    "heheheohohoh" Joy is squirming a bit now. As her knees buckle inwards, her dress rides up a few inches to expose some smooth and sexy thighs.

    "OK I got you, I got you" I say to Joy

    "thank hehehe thank you!" she barely manages to blurt out

    I walk around the curtain with no intentions of helping Joy. Christina is having the time of her life spider tickling both of Joy's tiny foot bottoms. I crouch down next to her and tell her I'll take the right foot. Joy's feet are nearly immaculate. I'm guessing they were about a size 5.5. Her big toes were the same length as her index toes, and the rest descended uniformly. Her light blue nail polish matched her costume and accented her bright white feet nicely. Her shallow arches were white and wrinkled but her heel, toes, and balls were pink. Joy's soles looked as soft as clouds and when I gently caressed them with my finger tips they felt just as soft as they looked. I don't waste much time with the light stuff and soon Joy has 20 fingers scribbling all over her helpless bare feet.

    As her feet flail and her toes crunch we hear her desperate laughter from behind the curtain "hehehehehahahaohhhhhohoh PLEASE hehehe"

    I notice Christina's crouching is causing her soles to be almost fully exposed from her high heels, so I sneak a quick tickle which surprises her. She loses her balance and looks at me shocked and smiling, but then goes right back to tickling Joy.

    After another minute or so we head back around the curtain to greet the now breathless Joy.

    "You guys are so mean!" she says with a shocked look on her face

    "You have no idea" says Christina, as she pinches Joy's nose and slightly wiggles it (which was oddly hot probably because of the teasing and dominant nature of it). Christina had taped a paper sign to the outside of the curtain that read "tickle below" with an arrow pointing down. While Joy was gaining her composure it didn't take long for a puzzled look to come across her face and she was soon back to giggling.

    "hehehe oh my hehe gosh hehehe no"

    For the next 30 minutes or so, as guests passed in and out of the entrance they tickled the pretty mystery feet.

    sometimes it was long and relentless "heheheohohohohoh heheheheheheheohohohoh"

    other times it was short bursts that made Joy yelp in surprise

    her breaks were random and completely dictated by strangers but she never got to the point of true distress. I would have felt bad but she was a good sport and her pleading and giggling was way too adorable.

    She would be asking us to let her out, only to be interrupted by her face contorting, eyes shutting, and lip being bitten "hehehehehe"

    One particular sexy moment was when her eyes opened wide and her mouth slightly opened
    and she let out a soft "oh ohh" which immediately turned to a huge smile and back to "hehehehehe"

    I wish it went on longer but Christina decided Joy had enough and let her out. Joy pulled her knees to her chest and sat for a while catching her breath.

    "I've never been tickled for that long, omg, I couldn't move"

    "Yea that was the point cutie" - Christina

    "I'm NEVER playing games with you guys again" Joy said smiling but absolutely serious.

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    Oh wow the thought of my girl being in that position.
    I just love asian women.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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    Something tells me that that wasn't her only time...

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    Jan 2003
    Great party idea and well executed!

    I agree with Bob. Seems like that girl has some tickling experiences in her past and may even like it a little.

    OP, may I please be invited to their next party? ;0)

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    I really enjoyed the story, and I'm normally not a foot guy. But this story was cute and fun to read. You made it feels like we could have been there ourselves! �� Do you have some stories about tickling Christina? It looks like she's ticklish too!

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