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    Jun 2006
    central PA

    Hippie Chic Val tests the stocks! " You guys are having way too much fun!"

    Our newest hippie chic Val went for a test run in the stocks,,Overtime we have someone in that has NEVER been tickled like this before always seems intrigued and a little scared of the stocks! Well, she was a trooper and we got her in them,,Crys Loves tickling her too,,this is an awesome clip and man does she get it,When her toes are tied back she was like "whoaaaa Whats that for" ,Theres a good chance after the stocks she might not be back,,i mean we hope she does but she was tickled really good here and was wiped out after! Enjoy

    Full clip here

    Hippi Chic Val tests the stocks! " You guys are having way too much fun!"/cid839aab7330dd706d50b095ceca
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    Apr 2005
    well life sure is great when get tickle cutie girls see reactions from tickling cute smile laugh and feet .

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    I love your endless parade of ticklish hippie ladies!

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