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    Oct 2013
    Tickle Therapy in Russia
    Blog Entries

    Tickle Therapy - fitness instructor Tina interview before and after her first session

    Height: 5'10
    Shoe size: 9,5
    Sign: the Twins

    Youtube clip - Fitness instructor Tina interview before and after her first session

    Tina is just a perfect tickle therapy patient. She is so cheerful, outgoing, loves to smile. She is a fitness coach so she has some perfectly fit body. And what's more - she is very ticklish. It took a long time to convince her to come and try tickle therapy because she was so afraid of it. But once she is finally here, she has no excuse. And we won't let her go before we tickle her every ticklish spot good.

    Smiley Tina standup tickle therapy by Khristina

    First session is her dance for us in the stand up position. Our therapist Khristina looks like an innocent good girl, but when it comes to tickling, that's what she does to her patients with pleasure and skill. You can also watch the process of fastening Tina and her vivid emotions before the session even begins.

    Smiley Tina foot tickle therapy by Khristina

    The second part is when Tina is fastened to the tickle bed and Khristina goes for her feet with feathers and fingernails. Tina is a good sport and tries to talk her way out of her predicament, but Khristina's fingers don't let her to resist smiling and having a good laugh.

    Smiley Tina upper body tickle therapy by Khristina

    After foot tickle therapy is over, it's time to go for our patient's fit upper body to find ticklish vulnerabilities in the muscles of our beautiful fitness coach. It's not hard at all for Khristina, who eagerly probes and prods her patient's abs, sides and ribs. Tina is so ticklish all over she can't help it. She just can't handle this therapy without giving us her beautiful smile and laughter. No escape for the ticklish patient.

    Smiley Tina on the massage table by Khristina

    Just look at those perfect abs. Isn't Tina just a perfect tickle therapy patient? For the last session we fasten our patient tightly to the massage table, her wrists and ankles immobile. So she just can't protect her ticklish body from Khristina's fingers. No way to put her arms down and protect her sensitive underarms, no way to prevent Khristina from probing every inch of her ticklish abs and ribs. Not to mention that Khristina starts with tickling her feet, and our lovely fitness coach can't help but smile and lose her resistance from the beginning. And with each minute it's more and more difficult to handle it.

    * * *
    Fitness instructor Tina comes back to us, to continue her struggle against her greatest weakness. Her perfectly fit body is very ticklish. No matter how hard she tries to resist, she always ends up helplessly giggling and wiggling like a little girl.

    Fitness instructor Tina upper body tickled by Irochka

    She is exactly the right kind of patient for our therapist Irochka, who loves to thoroughly exploit her patients' weak spots and slowly break their resistance. The more they try to resist her skillful fingers, the more fun it is for her. Irochka begins with Tina's upper body, exploring her abs, sides and underarms.
    Tina tries to distract her captor with her talking skills. But once our therapist finds her worst spot - her neck - Tina completely loses it and can do nothing but laugh and wiggle uncontrollably.

    Preview clip - Fitness instructor Tina upper body tickled by Irochka

    Fitness instructor Tina foot tickled almost to tears by Irochka

    After the first upper body session Irochka goes for her sporty patient's feet. Irochka's nails send ticklish impulses all over Tina's body, making her tense all her muscles and struggle not to lose her mind, as our therapist plays on her ticklish nerves. The fitness instructor tries to pretend she is confident, but the agony on her face tells Irochka she is doing her job right. She is an expert in foot tickling and really loves to do it to helpless ticklish ladies.

    Preview clip - Fitness instructor Tina foot tickled almost to tby Irochka

    The link to Tina's first tickle therapy session by Khristina:

    You can watch preview clips on our website.
    Thank you for your comments and your support, we really need it to keep going!

    From now on you can see the list of all our video threads in our blog.
    Here you can find all the previews and photos of our ticklish clients:
    List of all Tickle Therapy video threads

    IMPORTANT: We can no longer keep up with English subtitles for our clips, but you can ask us here in the comments by time code and we'll provide the translation to the phrases that you are interested in.

    Laughter is the best medicine.

    All our video previews and descriptions -> Click Here

    Tickletherapy.info - tickling clips
    pure tickle therapy for desperately ticklish clients

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    Jul 2018
    I’m glad she came back! So sexy and with an incredible smile

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    Jul 2005
    Great! Sometimes I love these interviews even more than the actual tickling. Nice work producer.

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    Dec 2004
    I sent you a Private Message.

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