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    Apr 2001

    Secret Hysteria of Pepper Parker #9 *Smooth as Silk *New Comic 5/20/21

    Secret Hysteria of Pepper Parker #9
    Written and Created by Bandito!
    Illustrated by Churin
    Colors by Roel
    Lettering by RostoKFX

    With a face that audiences fall in love with and a body that would cause most film projectors to OVERHEAT on the spot...it's a wonder that our perfect Mrs. Pepper Parker has never been on the big screen!

    Not until now, that is!

    Pepper has landed a role in a commercial for Silvana Nylons alongside the famous hunky male actor, Rock Rodgers! SWOON!

    There's only one small problem. With a tagline like, “SMOOTH AS SILK” our severely sensitive Pepper might just have some trouble holding in her beautiful laughter while her handsome costar fondles her exquisite TICKLISH FEET!

    OH, NOES!

    Even if our perky Pep survives her silky ticklish cinematic turmoil...I have a sneaking suspicion that the sexy hair and makeup gals have even more sadistic plans in mind! Will our insatiably hot heroine's hysterical weakness come to haunt her again???

    Find out for yourself in the latest issue of the SECRET HYSTERIA OF PEPPER PARKER!

    SHPP09_Cover.jpg SHPP09_Preview.jpg

    Item Features

    • 9 Sexy Showbiz Pages + Cover!
    • 34 Erotic Tickle Torture Panels!
    • Bawling Bare Sole Tickles!
    • Highly Erotic Dungeon Tickling!
    • Helpless Holding in the LAUGHTER!
    • Illustrated by the Amazing Churin!
    • Written + Created by Bandito!
    • Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit our new mobile-friendly store @ MTJpub.com and our gallery @ DeviantArt

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    Another gem, love it!

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