As a Specialist Master I take complete control and take sadistic pleasure and delight in amusing myself indulging in subjecting the submissive men who are sent to me to the oldest torture known to man! They have all disappointed their Masters who deliver them to me personally and all of them share the same weakness; ticklishness and their Masters discovered this but not interested in exploring it, register the weakness which when they need punishing will be used against them. Not told what will happen to them, on arrival will be told by their Masters to lose street clothes, business suits as the case with Jason told here, stripping to briefs and socks. Secured to the playtable their Masters most often leave them in my hands as Jason Tappenden found yesterday!

30yrs the 6' accountant, married with 2 yr old son has been with Master John for 6 months with a liking being submissive! Master John told me bluntly "Jason's super fucking ticklish and by that, I mean SUPER fucking ticklish, hates it major especially feet and will beg for you to stop so gag him!" Enough said I was all ready and waiting for Jason and now faced the back of him secured, blindfold and gagged and the black socked soles of his size 13 feet! I leaned over him and whispered menacingly in his ear "I hear you hate tickling and very ticklish, insanely ticklish on your feet!"

I smiled as he squirmed as I told him he was so helpless, so vulnerable and lately been disrespectful to his Master, cancelling meetings and having attitude so he needed teaching a lesson, a ticklish lesson and knowing his feet were so sensitive it was in his written agreement that they not be touched and saying this my sat facing his socked feet and fondling his toes through them and telling him don't react, don't laugh or be given something to laugh about!

His socked feet were warm n' moist from a days sweat wearing them so feet smelling like feet and reading from a discarded black loafer shoe ...

"Hmmm Jason says in this shoe a size 13, I guess that is an unlucky number for you and nice smell from the shoe, leather and sweat and Gucci so soft leather, like your taste in shoes and Mmmmm socked feet smell raunchy so reckon will find them ripe n' tasty! For someone who hates their feet messed with Jason, this will be a nightmare as your feet are now my feet to enjoy in any ways I choose! Oh even smelling them makes you uneasy but feet secured together, soles right in my face! You best not move your feet while I tickle them or you will encourage more intense tickles delivered and beginning with feet inside the protection of these black nylon socks but not much of a protection as you're finding reacting as I very lightly stroke this right sole and now left sole! Fuck you are ticklish Jason, try to keep your feet still! I know you hate your feet touched so need to educate you in the art of acceptance so you will keep your feet still as socked they're rubbed and massaged and not even by a woman breaking your rules but another man!"

A muffled groan and gasp from Jason made me smile as I continued doing as I fondled and felt up every inch of his socked feet loving his instant spasms as truly finding the exploration by me unbearable and no intentional tickling but massaging every inch of his socked feet but making my touch light so teasing and tormenting deliberately and verbally taunting him ... "Oh Jason is that ticklish?" "Does that tickle, what about this?" "Are you really so sensitive on these big feet?" "Mmmm your feet smell like feet and that's a real bonus for a foot fiend like me and have to tell you I really focus on tickling feet, especially big feet like yours Jason" "Feet in socks all day so very warm and lubed with sweat so most sensitive and when as well as manually tormenting them, I indulge doing so orally you'll be driven berserk as though I've tickle tools to try, my most evil weapon is my tongue! I like to tickle guys who can't handle it, find it too much so like you Jason but you're proving one of the most sensitive guys I've worked over already and the torture tickling hasn't even started! A torment you're with me to endure, to suffer as you have no choice so it's just you, me and your feet, your size 13 super ticklish feet!"

Jason shook hearing this and wasting no time I slowly peeled off both socks saying I was so excited exposing his virgin feet to soon be raping them as they were mine and a gift from his Master to me. I slowly ran my finger up each newly bared sole in turn as Jason fought to not react and taunted him that I would keep lightly stroking each sole until he cracked, he'd decide that but I expected a challenge from him so if he submitted too soon he'd be punished with a more intense tickling! Very lightly and gently stroked each bare sole simultaneously making comments like "Doesn't that tickle?" "This must tickle!" "I love seeing your feet flexing and toes twitching Jason!" and listened to his moans and verbal pleas I reckon for me to stop!

Both large feet wiggling his feet and toes flexing as he desperately trying to evade the tickling agony I was inflicting by caressing his siles very gently as realised that soft and gentle tickles were the most tortuous for him especially identifying as straight so making my touching his feet feel sensual and intimate and verbally taunting him saying the sexiest part of a man for me was his feet, their look, their smell and as I'd soon find their taste as sensing his were going to be delicious!

"Ever had your feet lickled Jason, no of course you haven't and a first time for everything I promise you it will lickle-tickle and be embarrassing and I guess humiliating that another man's mouth is intimately connecting with your feet, licking your soles and toes and sucking your toes as other guys might suck your dick but I prefer giving blow-jobs to straight guy's toes! Mmmmmmm yeah Mmmmm!" I taunted deeply inhaling their smell as I pressed my face against his warm n' moist bare soles!

I licked over his arches, the middle of his soles and each individual toe. Jason knew I was definitely no amateur as I sensually proved with each roll of his tongue on his soles and under and in between his toes sucking on them softly. Then slowly running a finger over his soles up to his toes and then down the length of his feet and then up to his toes again and down again! Jason's body was writhing and his feet was flexing trying desparately to get away from my finger stroking his soles and alternating my hands to deliver the insidious tickling torment! Then using both my hands running my fingers up n' down the soles of his feet from heels to toes over and over and over again! Jason in ticklish agony!

"Ssssh Jason fight the tickle, play the game and be the man and try not to laugh it's just a really light tickling under these ticklish toes, oh I hear your muffled giggling Jason, let's give you cause to laugh and adding pressure stroke these soles but Mmmmm tasting delicious and now wet feel this quill of a feather slide along the lengths of your feet, that tickles right Jason, oh fuck yes that really tickles!"

Now Jason was being tickled as the quill of the feather was raked along the length of his size 13 feet driving him berserk! Up n' down his bare soles driving him crazy and slowly dragged underneath all of his toes and then down to his arches to his heels then slowly running my fingers up n' down Jason's bare feet building up the ticklish sensations as he tried to kick away but both feet secured together, no escaping the tickling! Then to be even more merciless I held the toes down of each foot in turn so the soles were taut and tickled his soles more aggressively! I focused on each foot individually so stopped to make sure his not tickled senseless and with his breath back alternated to the other foot and repeated the tickling process!
Jason soon was paralyzed with laughter.

Now very sweaty indulged in licking the soles of his feet and sucking and lightly nibbling on his toes which drove him wild as there no escaping the ticklish-licklish torment that I pride myself on as loving the taste of men's feet I really do enjoy a feet-feast! I told him his feet tasted awesome and I sucked his toes wiggling in my mouth due to my relentless fingers caressing the soles of his feet indulging in a foot tickling frenzy and delivering unbearable ticklish sensations to Jason even ungagging him to hear his ticklish reaction!"


"Love these big bare feet Jsson, taste delicious, smell so raunchy and your Master's right, his words to me that your feet are super fucking ticklish is no exaggeration and feet not only do I relish tickle torturing but just rubbing and massaging before even thinking of things I've yet to do like running a feather and a pipe-cleaner in between your toes and scraping your soles with the feather quill again but also later the excruciating ticklishness delivered by the revolving bristles of the electric toothbrush and oiled soles will be tickled with the plastic tines of the hairbrush but oiled when I've tasted their natural deliciousness but until then lickled by my teasing and tormenting tongue Jason! Friday night so the weekend and your Master telling me your wife away, think I will call him as he gave me the option and tell him that I've decided these feet will be subjected to an all nighter session! So humour me and tell me Jason; does stroking these soles and toes with both my hands tickle?"