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    The Sorority Fundraiser (R) (Crowd/M)

    So this might be the closest I get to non-con. Also this take place in reality rather than Fetish galaxy. A side note, I'm not sure how long I'll be doing these series. I don't really have an ending plan, so I might just do some adventures that come to mind. This might cause a larger gap between my uploads. I'll try to keep them a week apart, but I'm also working on non fetish stuff with a different account and website. Those might take priority over these since those are meant to help me grow in the writing field while these are just for fun. Either way I don't plan on stopping this. So I hope you enjoy my fellow tickle lovers (Yes I'm trying to get a saying down too).

    Amy led Caspian through the festival. The blonde had asked him if he could help her and her sorority with their fundraiser and he’d agreed. She told him to wear a basic white shirt with regular jeans. She was wearing her usual lite colored tank top with regular skinny jeans and white flipflops. He knew since he started college due to her being in most of his classes. She was kind to him and the others and offered to help a lot. That’s why he felt like he had to say yes to her. He didn’t mind though. He had nothing going nor did he plan on attending the festival. Plus it was always nice to hang out with her.

    As they went around the tents, he asked, “So what do you need help with exactly?”

    “It’s just a little thing. Don’t worry.”

    They reached the section that May and her sorority were using. It was a large red tent and Amy lifted the back flap and allowed Caspian to walk in. Inside, he saw the others. There as Lisa. A tall athletic girl who was wearing regular jeans with muscle shirt and running shoes. She had her brown hair tied into a ponytail. She was a soccer player for the college. He’s met a few times and she was always active. Next to her was Sarah. A small red head with glasses, a long sleeve shirt, loose jeans and slip-on shoes. She was the smart nerdy type. He only had one class with her, and he knew she was a straight A student. Then there was Bethany. A goth girl with jet black hair and dark makeup to match her pale skin. She was wearing a black hoodie with a torn jeans over her boots.

    In the center of the tent was an odd chair. It had arm rests that hanged off the side and stuck out instead forward. The legs were raised and separated with small holes on the ends. It also had straps that were all over the leather seat.

    Sarah then handed Amy a clipboard with a paper and pen clipped on it. She extended it towards Caspian and said, “Just need you to sing this really quick.”

    He gave Amy a questionable look. But she continued, “I swear it’s nothing bad.”

    He signed the sheet then Lisa guided him over to the chair. She had his arms hug the arm rest and Bethany started to strap his arms down. As she did, he asked, “What am I doing exactly?”

    Bethany looked at Amy and asked, “You didn’t tell him?”

    “Tell me what?”

    Lisa and Sarah started to move his legs and locked them into the holes and strapped his legs down. Amy walked in front of Caspian and said, “Listen. We needed someone to help raise some needed funds. We came up with a tickling booth.”

    He widened his eyes and tried to struggle. As he jerked, he said, “Get me out of here.”

    She held up her hand and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I drew the short straw. If I didn’t find someone, then it would’ve been me getting tickled. Annnnd I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

    “Amy. Please,” he begged.

    Once he was fully strapped in, Lisa handed Amy a motorcycle helmet. It was pitch black and the visor was just as dark. She held in front of him and said, “We’ll put this on so no one knows who the lee is.”

    “Though we’ll know,” Bethany said.

    “Come on this isn’t right,” he tried to defend.

    This only made Lisa put a rag in his mouth and tape over it. She said, “There. Now it’ll be even harder to find out who it is.”
    Amy slide the helmet on and Caspian’s view darkened, but he could still see the girls walk around in front of him. He tried to get free, but the leather straps remained tight around him. He then felt something pushing against the visor of the helmet. It was Amy writing with white paint, “Tickle Me”.

    Bethany finished up the sign. On it she wrote, “Tickle the Loser.”

    Amy then said, “Come on Bethany.”

    She sighed then flipped the wood over. She wrote, “Tickle me” then “150 will allow tool use. 300 will allow stripping. Then 600, we’ll do a special surprise”. She stood up and looked at it. While she did, she said, “Still think the first part was better.”

    Lisa said, “Maybe, but we’re putting him through quite a bit. We should be a little nice at least.”

    “Whatever. Can we get started already?” she asked.

    “Just a minute,” Amy said. And went back up to the bound Caspian and said, “Listen. This will be awhile. You signed a contract saying you volunteered basically. You’re not going unpaid though. You’ll get a small portion for your troubles. Now get ready.”

    Amy and Sarah then pulled the front flaps back and exposed their booth to the people as Lisa and Bethany took off his shoes and socks. Once his feet were bare, they tied his toes to the small stocks and stretched his soles. Amy then started to advertise their act.

    As she grabbed their attention, Lisa and Bethany lightly scraped their nails over his trapped feet. The gag muffled his faint laughter while he squirmed under the restraints. And they were just showing off his sensitivity.

    Soon Amy’s voice and his squirming grabbed people’s attention. A group of four girls walked over to them. One of them asked, “How much?”

    Amy cheerfully answered, “Just ten dollars for five minutes.”

    The other asked, “Per person?”

    “Oh no. All four of you can go at him together.”

    The first then asked, “So a twenty will give all four of us 10 minutes?”

    “Yep. You can be merciless and tickle any spot. Just leave the helmet on.”

    They giggled and Amy received the twenty. Lisa and Bethany stepped aside. Caspian could see the girls assumed their positions. One at each of his feet and one on his sides. They attacked all at once. He could feel sharp nails digging into his feet and hands grabbed at his sides and went under his shirt for his stomach.

    He feel his laughter trying to push past the gag and helmet. Even the girls could hear his muffles at they kept tickling. In his vain attempts at getting away, they couldn’t help but giggle at him. One of them looked at the blackout helmet with writing on it and smiled. She teased, “Somebody’s a ticklish little stranger. Aren’t they?”

    The others then decided to join in the fun.

    “Tickle tickle tickle little boy.”

    “All bound up. Can’t escape our manicured nails.”

    “Maybe we should come back later. Get you for a whole hour.”

    They all giggled again, and he clenched his fists. Somehow the tickling was actually getting worse. Not only that, but he felt his pants grow tight around his nether region. Somehow this was turning him on. He wasn’t sure if it was their voices, the nails, the restraints or even the merciless way they kept tickling him. Either way, he felt every muscles tense up in his body and trying to break free of the leather straps. He was going crazy, and he could only focus on them.

    Meanwhile, Amy and the others were just watching in glee. She felt somewhat bad about his predicament, but at the same time, she was loving it. Maybe she should pay some to get him. Just as she was thinking about it, Lisa said, “He seems to be doing pretty good. Maybe we should do this again.”

    Sarah responded, “I don’t think he’ll get tricked again though.”

    “Oh please,” Bethany shot at the red head. She gestured to Amy and said, “He won’t say no to sweet Amy here.”

    Lisa chuckled and asked, “You don’t know?”

    “Know what?” Sarah asked the two.

    Bethany answered, “Our poor ticklish Cas here has a crush on Amy.”

    Amy’s face went red and stuttered, “N-no.”

    Lisa placed her arm on the blonde’s shoulder and reassured, “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll forgive you.”

    As they continued their chatter, the ticklers picked up their pace. When five minutes went by, his feet were red from the nails and his sides were aching from their grips. His thrashing had became weaker, but this didn’t deter them. Instead, this made them work harder. One girl went behind the chair and plunged her fingers into his armpits. The other went to the center of his legs and crawled her hands under his shirt. At his feet, one of them decided to scrape her nails across his soles while the other dug under his toes.

    This new pattern revived him to a degree only to now deal with their new fun. He could feel tears going down his cheeks the trapped moisture under the tape build up. Though he want the gag out, he was kinda glad that it was there. They probably would enjoy it even more if they could hear his laughter. Might even be able to figure out who they’re tickling. They stay with this and for them the minutes went by. Once their time was up, Amy said, “Okay. Times up. Let him have a break.”

    They finally stopped. They all had joyful smiles on their face and thanked the sorority. As they left, one gave him a poke at his side, and he lazily jerked away from the finger. Though their session was done, there was a line of people waiting for their shot. Some would tickle him one at a time while others did it as a group. There was one particular group of friends going out. There was ten of them and when they went, poor Caspian felt like he was going to die as he was tickled all over.

    After the first few, he lost count how many session were given. Let alone how long it’s been since he was strapped down. Amy and the others were keeping track though. And they reach their first goal and made it halfway to the next one. Something Amy was oddly looking forward to.

    Sarah and Bethany brought out the tools that the people can use on Caspian. There were feathers, brushes, oils, and even sharp metal claws. All were used on his sensitive flesh and quickly he felt sore from the abuse. He no longer tried to fight back or squirm out of the restraints. He could barely comprehend where he was anymore. All he could do was laugh. Both during and in between the session.

    After a couple of sessions, the next goal was reached. Bethany was smiling as she held the scissors, but before she could start cutting, Mrs. Adams came up. She was the instructor of the biology class here and in charge of the festival. She noticed the goals on the sign and stepped up to the girls. She pulled Sarah, Bethany and Amy to the back and asked, “So what are you planning on doing exactly?”

    “We reached our goal so we’re doing what we promised,” Bethany responded.

    “I can see that, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed.”

    “Well actually,” Sarah responded. She then showed the instructor the paperwork that Caspian signed. Without actually knowing what it was for, but she didn’t need to know that.

    As she looked it over, she cocked her eyebrow up and said, “Wow. Caspian must really like tickling.”

    “Yep,” Bethany responded. “Sooo can we continue?”

    She handed the paper back to Sarah and said, “Yeah I guess so. Have fun.”

    Bethany walked over Caspian and giggled, “oh we will.”

    She then started to cut of his clothes. First his shirt. Then his jeans. As she did, he was aware just enough to feel more embarrassment take over. Especially when she cut off his underwear. Even though he was exhausted, he was still sporting a full erection that twitched as it was freed. The people cheered while the girls chuckled amongst themselves. They then allowed people to continue their fun.

    When the first group stepped up, one knelt down in front of his erection while the others took their different spots. She gripped the base of his shaft and twirled her feather in the air. Once the others started, she swept the soft tool up his shaft, over his gland and through his urethra. He tensed up as the tickling sensation mixed with the pleasurable one. He could feel himself getting closer with each stroke.

    Soon he feared he was about to cum, but just when he did, she stopped and left him thrusting. She then yelled, “Let make sure he doesn’t get to cum.”

    Everyone laughed at his denial. The girl then stood up and placed her face in front of the visor. She cooed, “Just sweet torment for you. That’s what ticklish boys get.”

    She went back to his erection and kept edging him. She would flick the feather across his head while the others were merciless in their tickling. Their time was up, but she wasn’t done. She gave the sorority some more bills and resumed her teasing while others came up for their piece. This girl managed to make sure he stayed on the edge of orgasm with no hope of going over. She would use her tongue and trace it around the head. An electric toothbrush to tickle his tight balls. Even a paint brush that she would lightly brush against his gland.

    The edging was keeping him aware despite the amount of tickling he was getting. No matter how sever or how long, he remained fully aware as he dealt with the torment of tickling and denial.

    When she finally stopped, his dick was a leaking mess that yearned for more. The sorority decided to give him a small break. As the they waited, Sarah counted how much they’ve earned so far. She smiled at the amount and showed the others. They’ve managed to earn over 800 dollars.

    Wide eyed Lisa said, “Wow. We went above and beyond then I thought.”

    Bethany put her arm around Sarah and said, “turns out you little idea wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

    The red head blushed while Amy looked at the crowd. Though she figured Caspian would be more than relieved to be done, the crowd. Wasn’t done. She said, “Well, guess it’s time for the surprise.”

    They all giggled, and Bethany revealed the mystery. She showed the crowd a small silver cage with a pad lock and key. She informed them, “Our mystery is that this little tickle slut gets to be locked up for a month. Should we let him cum first?”

    The crowd all screamed, “No.”

    She giggled and went in between his legs. As he started, Amy couldn’t help but feel a little bad. He’s getting locked up and doesn’t even get to cum. Though this idea also excited her. When his erection died down, Bethany quickly applied the main ring and slide the metal cage over his dick. Just before she locked it, she could feel him growing back and trying to push free from it.

    However. She was able to keep it in place and lock him in. She tossed the key to Amy and traced her finger in between the bars as she stood up. She stepped aside and yelled, “Well who’s first?”

    The crowd went wild, and Caspian was in for a while. The festival was far from over. It was only 7:00 and they were allowed to stay till midnight. This time only groups would come up. The people decided to band together and tickle him all over. Leaving no inch of skin uncovered. Their attacks would range from feather dusters dancing across his quivering chest and stomach, stiff brush being raced across his red feet, and even electric tools teasing his trapped member. Some would get him close, and he would pray that he could at least be pushed over accidently. But they made sure he wouldn’t find that relief. The people would yell, “Tickle tickle tickle. Koochie koochie koo.”

    Those who were tickling him would teased, “Nothing but tickly frustration for you tickle boy.”

    For the rest of the night, Caspian was tickled edged and never given a break. It was one attack after another. Soon he felt like his mind had melted and he could only understand the frustration and tickling. Once the festival was over, the girls were able to get the people to stop and finally disband.

    They started to undo the straps, but he only remained slump in the chair with his chest lifting up and down with each deep breathe. Amy stared at him and suggested, “Let’s bring him back to our place.”

    They shot her a look and Bethany asked, “Why?”

    “I think he deserves some rest. Plus, none of us have his keys.”

    Lisa leaned in a teased, “Sure, that’s the reason.”

    He face went red again, but the others agreed with her. They left his helmet on while Lisa picked him up. Sarah pulled their van over to the tent and loaded him in with their stuff. They left the tent for the college and drove off to their house. As they did, Bethany asked, “So how much did we get?”

    Looking into the mirror, Sarah said, “About 1500.”

    “Jeez. Maybe we should do this again,” Lisa suggested.

    Amy responded, “I don’t think he’ll even think about helping us again.”

    Bethany wrapped her hands around Amy and said, “Oh I’m sure he’ll help us if you ask. If not, then we might have to use you. And I know some people who would mind getting ya.”

    Amy remained silent with her face getting flushed. She did enjoy getting tickled, but with how vicious everyone was Caspian, she wasn’t so sure about it. Maybe she could get him to do it again.

    They quickly arrived at their large brick building. It was relatively secluded form everyone and allowed for some privacy. Lisa decided to do Amy a favor and carry the limp man up to her room. She placed him on the soft bed and took off his helmet. He still had a frozen grin on his face as he slumbered. Just before she left the room, she told Amy, “Why don’t you keep him company. We can handle the stuff.”

    Before the blonde could respond, the athlete left and shut the door behind her. Amy looked at the sleeping Caspian and decided to go with it. She put on her pink sweatpants and white tank top and climbed into the bed. She lifted his head and placed it on her chest. Even though he was more than a foot taller than her, she felt this was better. She would softly brush her fingers through his hair and only stared at him. She oddly liked how tired and peaceful he looked. Though she didn’t plan on it, she found herself falling asleep with him on her and the lamp light still on.

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    Love it!!

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    Fabulous story! I envy him!

    I wrote a story with the same theme and almost the same title back in 2011. It is story #4 in this collection:
    <== the sacred soles of Goddess Shelly

    A link to my stories on the TMF.

    Buy my first novel "Sorority Sisters" here.

    Order one of my collections of short stories from MTJ Publishing here:

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    Great! Thanks for sharing

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    That was crazy

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    Wonderful classic scenario. ^ ^

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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