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    Jun 2018
    Jax FL

    So is the South Essentially A Desert When it Comes to Tickle Gatherings??

    Seems so desolate, in terms of folks and gatherings... are things more active on another site for us down here?
    Life is short, spend it ticklishly...

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    Jul 2002
    I think its more so that people down here are more into having individual sessions. I know for me things arent quiet. Im meeting someone in 2 days as a matter of fact. But I personally do not go to gatherings.

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    Apr 2001
    Clarkston, GA
    Yeah, for the most part it is. It takes some effort to organize any sort of group meeting, be it a munch or a NEST-type gathering. There just aren't enough folks willing/able to put in the effort, and a lot won't or can't go for any number of reasons.

    I think technology might factor in as well. The gatherings we're familiar with like NEST or Bella Bash pre-date the advent of social media platforms and apps. To @Static's point, it's now easier and cheaper to find and hook up with someone online via IG, fetlife, kik, whatever - especially if you're willing to pay for sessions.

    All that being said, I've done some munches in the past, and will do so again. They were small, but I've met a few people and had a good time.

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    Apr 2003
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    Its not too hard to organize one. I managed it a couple times.

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    Aug 2001
    Columbus, Ohio
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    Gathering attendance has nothing to do with preferring private sessions; while there's plenty of play, events like my Bash or Nest are equally about meeting friends and having social fun with like-minded individuals; social media has only enhanced gatherings because we get to party with friends we met online As for location, if I can do it in Ohio y'all can make it happen down south



    She squeals. She pleads. She kicks, over my knees.
    She pouts. She cries. She laughs, for the highs.
    She wants. She needs. She gives, all for me.
    To pay her back, I make her cry.
    I try to be what she needs, like she is for me.

    -Bruce (3/25/02)

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    Nov 2001
    Home of the raintax
    I always felt like the South was a dead zone for tickling. That's the only reason I haven't moved down there

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    Apr 2021
    Where the wind comes sweeping
    Itís so odd because like, yeah weíre the Bible Belt down here. But we have Texas. Texans are wild and there are so many of them! We should be able to organize something, even if just a munch.

    There are a few dungeons in the OKC area that have meetups and Iíve considered getting into that mix. But something feels strange about wanting to just find a platonic tickle partner when others are wanting the super kinky/sexy things in the same group ^\\\^

  8. #8
    Well I'm an Alabam'ian, and I have always had a plethora of tickle buddies, Albeit most of them did not have the fetish, not up til i turned them anyways. I think location will have the biggest say so on how many you can get to show up for a down south nest.

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    Apr 2001
    I’ve tried hosting munches in my town. Found locals aren’t inclined to come out. Met folks, though. Worth the effort.

    Old married guy

    Omaha Gatherings are in the Midwest Gatherings section

    Founder of the West Coast Gatherings

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    Jan 2002
    Middle Tennessee
    Blog Entries
    It all boils down to who is willing to do the work to organize events, and who is willing to show up.

    I don't think the south is a tickling desert, per say. I just think that some people are willing to attend, if someone else takes on the effort to get things started. Could you be that person for your area? If not, are you willing to attend? Are you willing to travel?

    There will always be people who prefer to meet one-on-one rather than in a group. For me, I almost always feel more comfortable meeting in a group setting first (90% of the time). I know it isn't as easy as saying this, but hopefully, eventually, people will step away from the screen and try something social- Share drinks, a meal, something small first before you jump into a full gathering. You never know who may/ may not show up unless you try. And- keep trying. Consistency is the key. Sometimes no one will come. Sometimes it will just be two of you. Eventually, it may grow into something bigger. It does help to advertise on various platforms.

    I will say, I didn't learn any of this on my own. I asked for advice (and STILL ask) from friends in this community who have actually hosted events. I was even on the phone with someone as we were scouting potential meeting spots for my first Nashville munch. I'm grateful for the help.

    I can't force the people who only want to meet one-on-one to show up, but I've encouraged a couple of them to come anyway. It's been a fun ride and completely worth it in terms of making friends and having unforgettable experiences.

    So- Bring water to the desert! You're here! What can you do?


    MUNCH- SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 @ 4:00 p.m. Location: Nashville Suburbs
    Food, drinks, meet & greet!
    DM me for specific details!

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