Mike called me and said if I wanted to he was seeing a client and would like my help, the guy was early 40's Vice Chariman of a well known bank and married but a masochist who Mike had been having sessions with for the last month so yes Mike is an escort and a dominant Top but during a recent session he had made a discovery that his client was horribly ticklish and this not being his thing but knowing it was mine he told me that he had a booked session that same evening at the man's penthouse apartment in central London, yes he had the family home in the country where his wife lived as he stayed in the apartment during the week!

Mike had made interrogation a part of the recent session and his client had admitted he was horribly ticklish and hated being tickled and Mike had him admit that on his size 12 feet uncontrollably. Mike knew my predilection and that I would be interested in accompanying him to the arranged meeting and the client would have no idea what was to happen but would be excited that two men might be playing with him sexually as he loved to hate being edged which was Mike's speciality. Mike picked me up and told me that he had called the guy and yes he was defintely interested in being toyed with by two guys and Mike said he has fed him a load of bullshit as what was in store was tickle torture and the apartment sound-proof so no worries about reactions and I wasn't to hold back and I told Mike in my pocket I had some teasing tools.

Mike smiled and said he was looking forward to seeing me working over the guy who had been told to be in his business suit including shoes for our arrival. We got the private life from the underground car park that went directly to the apartment's door and Leonard opened the door and was attractive, slim, looking fit and 6'1" Mike took control and told Leonard to strip to his socks which Leonard did saying "Yes Sir" and Mike then told him to replace his shoes and go to the bedroom and lie down on his back and soon had him secured and blindfold.

"So Leonard I have brought Nick with me and for a good reason as you know how I like to see you suffer punishments right and Nick is going to really punish you and take his time and remember our last meet I kept edging you and teasing you until you were forced to confess to me how ticklish you are and especially where? I said where Leonard?"

"Please oh please Sir no please!"

"Please what Leonard?"

"Please, please Sir please don't tickle my feet please!"

"Leonard I'm not going to tickle your feet ... Nick is and Nick he's all yours enjoy!" said Mike

I winked at Mike and whispered in Leonard's ear how guy's feet really turned me on and especially guys who don't like their feet touched as challenges thrilled me and no matter how he pleaded or begged me to stop that I was going to have a lot of fun with them and sweaty, smelly feet my favourites which is why Mike had told him to stay dressed and I imagined his feet would have a rich appealing smell being trapped in shoes all day and feet being most sensitve fresh from shoes which is why I had told Mike to make sure that Leonard had replaced his shoes adding there's nothing about feet I don't know!

Ignoring his pleas for me to do anything else to him I knelt at the end of the bed by both his large feet and slowly unlaced both black leather shoes saying I was glad he was wearing thin black nylon socks as this would mean hot n' sweaty feet and sure enough his large black socked feet smelled amazing! I sniffed inside both shoes inhaling the odour emanating from them. I told Leonard how I loved feet, their odour being the initial attraction and driving me wild and leaned into both secured socked soles deeply inhaling their smell. He immediately tried to pull his feet away so gripped both ankles and pressed my face into them harder and Mike told him to wiggle his toes which Leonard hesitated doing so Mike holding a feather began stoking Leonard's inner thighs with it just letting the tip touch the busineeman's balls making him squirm.

"Wiggle your fucking toes or you remember this tease, trust me I will drive you totally insane Leonard & Nick will torture tickle your feet until you're breathless and us both loving seeing you in ticklish agony!"

Leonard was squirming and immediately wiggled his socked toes as told. I made sure Leonard's toes wiggled touching my face and taunted him for a man not liking his feet touched he was naughty teasing me as Mike amused himself feather teasing the man's exposed armpits saying he had enjoyed playing with him before like this so welcomed doing so again for longer but stopped as he was curious to see me dominate and control Leonard. I then fondled both big socked feet massaging them through the socks saying his hot, tired, sweaty feet needing a foot rub and loving the feel of his damp socks saying the massage would get both feet even hotter and more sensitive and allowed me to get to know his feet! Feet flinching and in sarcastic mode I said

"What's the problem Leonard are you ticklish?" and ran a finger across each socked sole able to tell from his reaction as Mike said he was and hated it and told him to be brave and endure the strokes or I'd be tempted to tickle his feet properly and kept slowly stroking both soles, saying up'n down and upn' down as my fingers ran from heels to toes.

"HAHHAHA Get your hands off my feet please PLEASE HAHAHHAHA!" Leonard reacted as I told him that I couldn't dney him a slow, sensually tortuous tickling as he laughed more "Heeeee, heeeee, heeeeee, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, heeee, heeee, heeeee, ssssssttttooooppppp!"

Both of Leonards' socked feet flexed and his toes wiggled desperate to escape my fingers already relentlessly touching them and I told him the stroking would stop if he did what I said and was cruel as knowing this man hated any attention to his feet so what he was told to do was going to be an ordeal for him but either that or tickling! Still feet in damp socks as with Leonard I was going to take my sweet time, loving their smell and dampness I told him to rub them both in my face and made sure my nose was in between the toes and balls of his feet and took a deep sniff feeling the warmth of his damp, dirty socks by my nose in fact under it and I gripped his ankles to make sure I enjoyed them both to the max. Leonard clearly was not liking this at all!

I took both his feet and planted his black, damp, smelly socked feet directly onto my face and rubbed the tops of his socked feet as he obeyed me and rubbed both soles in my face and I made him squirm kissing both soles as I deeply sniffed them. As he reluctantly rubbed his feet in my face my tongue licked and tasted his socked soles and then I resumed rubbing and massaging his feet and grasped his socked toes and massaged them and under them and then licked slowly along his socked soles and each foot in turn sucked his toes through his socks and tasted more of his natural foot sweat.

"Sttttoopppppha ha aha ahaha ha ha ha heehee!" my tongue proved being a killer as I stroked both socked soles now wet with his sweat and my saliva saying I was glad it having been a hot August day so his feet were moist with sweat and having such a musky smell as I rubbed my nose into them as he whispered to me to please stop as Mike told him to be glad the tickling hadn't started!

"You really love feet eh Nick!" he said to me

"Oh yeah especially big n' warm and ticklish feet like Leonard's but take my time!"

"That's fine take all night he's not going anywhere!" said Mike laughing

I held both socked feet to my face and sniffed deeply and loved Leonard flinching as my tingue licked the soles of his socked feet and sucked his socked toes making the executive guy really squirm which enticed me to nibble at them too and stroked his soles so his socked toes wiggled in my mouth! I told Leonard how much I loved big feet with an intoxicating scent like his had, a strong masculine foot odour and deeply inhaled both feet saying his foot-stink was so damn hot and under threat of tickling had him press both sweaty socked feet to my nose. I then massaged both socked feet and loved him squriming. I grabbed his ankles and pressed both of his feet against my face, focusing on the super warm, sweaty socked feet. I could feel the heat radiating from it as his socks smeared his foot sweat on my face. The odor was intense and I couldn't get enough of it as I rubbed my face all over his socked soles.

"Hmmm Mike told me he teased your dick and asshole with the feather until you were forced to confess your feet being so ticklish and you can't bear them touched so Leonard I am going to do whatever I want with your feet and guaranteed you will live out the reality of your nightmare and I want to see Mike tease the fuck out of you with the feather too!" I told him menacingly.

"Nick stay with his feet I want to have fun with Leonard okay!" said Mike

"Yeah sure Mike!"

Mike began licking Leonard's dick until he was erect and then sensuously ran his stimulating hands along his legs as Leonard shivered in helplessness as I slipped off his left sock and massaged Leonard's left foot and then licked the bare sole and sucked his toes as Leonard's dick throbbed and he shuddered as I massaged his left foot. The right sock off he felt the wet caress of my tongue as I fondled his right bare foot and Mike's hands in between Leonard's legs fondling, feeling and massaging his inner thighs and balls so Leonard moaned. Mike then licked his dick again and it throbbed responsively and then licked his nipples as a hand stroked Leonard's balls whilst still sucking on his stiff dick. Leonard's body panted with lust and the need for sexual release but Mike then licked Leonard's right armpit as I licked his toes one by one, licking them, moistening them, kissing them. Mike licked his left armpit as I fondled his toes as Leonard's dick was really throbbing! Mike then licked Leonard's balls and fondled them driving Leonard's helpless body wild with sexual need. Mike soon licking the shaft of Leonard's dick again as I sicked on his toes and licked in between them all very sensuously as Leonard was shuddering with lust under our tongue stimulation!

Leonard was completely controlled, completely helpless as we were driving him berserk and Mike sensed orgasm was soon coming but the climax did not come as Mike signalled to me to stop as he did too! Mike whispered in the executive's ear "So close yet so far Leonard, oh what bastards we are!"

Mike and me stopped all stimulation until eventually though begging us to get him off Leonard calmed down as I told Mike the taste of Leonard's feet so amazing and my having an insatiable appetite that needed, demanded satisfying and his feet were going to do this, I deliberately talked about Leonard as if he wasn't there as we ignored his desperate pleas for freedom! After ten minutes I placed one finger on each bare sole and stroked the length of them lightly but pick up speed with more fingers tickling his wriggling feet and as Mike told him; nothing he could do about it but endure as I was and soon rapidly tickling Leonard's feet and the sudden change in ticklish intensity having him giggling hysterically! Ten fingers tickling his toes and soles as both feet thrashed about, trying to escape from the straps. The tickling continued with my tongue slipping in between his toes and taking mouthful after mouthful of toes so Leonard suffered my tongue and fingers; lickling and tickling and frantically trying to get me to stop, even pleading Mike to stop me but no chance!

I loved him really squirming as I was waking up every nerve ending in his bare feet already with heightened sensitivity as I stroked a finger tip up the centre of each sole simultaneously and he stated the obvious


"Oh Leonard does it tickle really just a little stroke but let's add more fingers and stroke your soles from side to side like this and up n' down and up n' down, you really do have sensitive soles, Mike guessed you would and no good trying to get free you're secured tightly but try as it's fun proving it to you. I indulged in lightly dancing my fingers all over the soles of Leonard's feet and increased the pressure of the tickle touch driving him berserk seeing his toes clench and splay, clench and splay and foot by foot I held his toes back and his soles taut I got the feather out of my pocket and dragged the quill slowly up each sole!


"Now Leonard that tickles, it really tickles!"

"Yeah that seems to get to you Leonard!" said Mike

I then stopped the feather tickle as I wanted to indulge in my favourite technique with hot n' sweaty feet and brought my face close to both bare feet. I savoured their addictive smell and started to lick the toes of his right foot very lightly and then licking all of his toes with the tip of my tongue saying I loved seeing them wiggling and hearing him laugh and was not going to stop as I loved lickling feet too much. I then did the same with his left foot and my fingers gently spaced his toes so my tongue easily slid in between them and told him whilst proving it that I was going to lick in between all of his toes and not stop amusing myself with his extremely ticklish feet and began to suck on the toes of his right foot. Then having sucked his sweaty toes, licked his sweaty sole and moved to his left foot and as with his right foot I sucked on his toes wildly and like with his right foot, I nibbled the bare sole and grazed my teeth across the arch but told him he should be glad I was licking the sweat from his soles and that I was so eagerly sucking on his toes and flicking my tongue in between them all. I continued to lap up his toes and tongue fuck between them saturating his feet with my saliva as Leonard shook on the bed!

"So Leonard here's the kind of thing I do to feet, lick all of your toes and lightly tickle them deploying my fingers to very, very slowly open your toes so my tongue slides in between them and be grateful it's not a feather sawing in between them yet but I love to see feet flexing and toes wiggling as yours are doing and I then licked in between all of his toes in turn and he begging

"C'mon please dohohohon'thahahahahahaha please noooo!

"Ssssh Leonard calm down, I love having this kind of power over you so unless you want Mike to tickle your ass with a feather you're going to submit your feet to me and um ... wiggle your toes for me yeah that's it and then I think a foot masssage will be good for you! I enjoyed massaging Leonard's feet from his heels to his toes before briefly stroking his soles with the tines of the fork!

"Now let me continue licking in between all of your toes...oh, it's just so great to hear you scream with laughter, I love having this kind of power over you! It's sooo soft between your toes, guess that's why it's so ticklish? Anyway, let me pull the toes apart, poke my tongue in, lick around, up the sides of your toes, move my tongue in and out...mmmm...only nine more toes to go! Keep begging, but this torture will never end Leonard!"

"No more, PLEhehehehehease, not with your tongue, it tickles so bad itticklessobad itTICKLESso BAhaahhaahhaa!"

"Leonard of course it tickles but I love you laughing and glad I'm productive in you finding it tickles, bet you never guessed this ticklish though I bet and I am a diabolical tickler Leonard, in fact tickled by me, you could be driven insane! What will happen when I run my tongue up and down over the soles of your feet? How ticklish will they be and how tasty?" And how tasty?

"Hahahahahahahahait tickles way too much not the toes please please pleasepleaseplease not my toeshahhahahayour tongue to t-t-t-tickle my s-s-s-soles? oh no no nononohoho, why would you want to do that? not my solesyou can't dohoohoohoo this, it's TORTUREHA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

"Mmmm first your left sole and up n' down with my tongue and yeah slowly at firsr and then quick little licks that really tickle you, fuck I am enjoying this and yeah now the right foot and unbearable tickling and licking as it's so ticklish Leonard and now so sensitised that even the tip of my tongue tickles


"Oh look a feather and imagine how the quill end will feel dragged up and down the arches of your feet, along the centre of your soles and the feather end sawn in between your toes and the quill end dragged under them all.


"Go for it Nick, I'll spread his toes and lick in between them be fiendish as you like, lickle all over his soles very lightly


"That's it Nick seems your tongue tickles between Leonard's toes is torture, keep laughing Leonard yeah Nick carry on it's tickling him so much right Leonard HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAASTOOOPAHAHAHAHAHANO PLEASE NOHOHOHOHO! NOT AGAIN! HA HA HA HA HA! I CAN'T STAND IT! HAW HAW HAW HAW! STOP PLEASE! HA HA HA HA!"

I stroked the feather up and down the sole of Leonard's left foot as he laughed and cursed at the ticklish sensations as I increased the intensity of the tickling running the quill of the feather along the left sole of his foot harder and then switched the focus of attention to his right foot and tickled the arch, a devilishly ticklish area! Then discarded the feather and used my fingers making Leonard laugh more! started to feather up and down his right foot in a tortuous manner. Leonard was laughing and wiggling his foot and toes. I then circled the feather on the ball of each foot. I laughed evilly as I feathered Leonard's| right sole as he laughed and struggled even more. Everything I did to Leonard's feet tickled a lot! After teasing his left foot with the feather in the same way I gave each bare foot a massage dliberately to increase his level of sensitivity. Then stroked lightly under his toes of each foot in turn with the feather end brushing it under his ten toes and then using the quill end and dragging it more vigorously up n' down the soles of his feet. I then began alternately licking the length of each foot loving their taste!


I then drew the feather in between each of Leonard's toes

"Ha ha ha ha noooooo, he, hee, hee, hee, heeee, heeeee, heeeee, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" he laughed uncontrollably. "Sssssstttttooooppp nottttt thhhhheerrrrreeee!!! PLEEEEAAAASEEEEEEE ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha heeeeee, heeee, heeee, heeee, heeeee!"

"Mmmm these feet smell so good Leonard, you know Mike we're going to have to do this again, use your' phone and take some photos of this that can be posted on line so his wife sees or people at his work!" I suggested and Mike said he had in mind the same idea and later would make a video!"

"Noooo please nooo not more ahahahahahahaha!" Leonard giggled as smelling one foot I stroked the other and alternated feet
and ran my tongue all over the sole of each foot and ran my tongue along the creases between his toes and soles eliciting more laughter from horribly ticklish Leonard and then resumed massaging his soles and sniffing his toes. Leonard was shaking and laughing off the scale as I saw the feather again between each of his toes and then held them back so each sole was taut and Mike took over doing this so I then danced the quill end of the feather along the length of each sole in turn making Leonard really frantic and laughing his guts out and then introduced the vibrating glove.

Lowering my fingers wearing the vibrating pads I soon was taking his tickling torment to a whole new level as the lightest stroking of each foot and especially under his toes drove Leonard insane. As my vibrating fingers met the toes of his feet they splayed and clenched immediately and I caressed each bare sole with my vibrating glove and stroking in between his toes drove Leonard berserk and Mike loved the fact that my touch was so light but the vibrating pads of the glove and a toy imported from Japan was so effective! I said it works on amazingly ticklish feet the best and feet I immensely enjoyed giving a ticklish workout to and taking off the glove began nibbling Leonard's toes and alternated feet and orally enjoying his delicious toes and pressed my face into each naked sole in turn and loving their overwhelming smell!

I deeply inhaled Leonard's foot stink and again told him to push his feet hard into my face and to say “You’re not done…. keep smelling!” or he was threatened with the worse ticklling imaginable and so Leonard was recored saying this as he pressed his feet into my face, his toes seen engulfing my nose with the bottoms of his toes, the smell now doubled. I took in a huge inhale, sucking the intoxicating foot scent in as Leonard was wiping his toes on my nose, pressing them against my nostrils, dragging them back and forth. Mike instructing Leonard to say things like”Liking my foot smell?” "You love it don’t you…huh" "Be me to smell them!" "Keep smelling my feet, your face is gonna stink of my feet!”

Leonard was so embarrassed and humiliated knowing he was being filmed and recorded but had no choce as he continued smothering my face with his bare feet. I then grabbed each foot in turn and slowly dragged my tongue up n' down the soles, licking the length of each foot, the sides of the m, across both arches and I licked between his toes, swirling my tongue between them. I licked underneath them, dragging my tongue back and forth. While I busily engulfed Leonard's toes in my mouth, Mike began began light tonguing across the shaft of Leonard's dick as mine swirled in between Leonard's toes.

Leonard's dick stiffened as Mike licked and sucked his dick as I simultaneously licked his soles and sucked his toes as Leonard's dick swelled and throbbed in Mike's mouth, feeling Leonard's dick grow harder Mike increased his rhythm and went up and down Leonard's entire dick and I deeply inhaled the aroma of Leonard's sweaty, damp feet. Leonard flexed his toes and then I told him to rub his feet together as Mike was working Leonard up to orgasm and then, yes he stopped! I then said to Leonard that I was going to tickle his feet mercilessly just because I could and would be spending hours with his feet and enjoy teasing and really tormenting him and completely focus on making it hell for him which was his fault having two size 12 feet so appealing to me and his explosive reactions to his feet touched were very encouraging as so was his squirming, shaking and shuddering as they were tickled. I knew how hellishly ticklish his feet were and especially when he'd been teased by Mike who slowly stroked the tip of the feather across Leonards balls expertly again driving the businessman frantic.

"HAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHHAHHAAAHAHHA STOOOOOOPSTOOO HAHHAHAHAHAHHA" Leonard yelled as Mike tickled and teased and teased and tickled slowly and mercilessly with the featherHAHAHAHAHASTOOOOPHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAAHHA!"

I sadistically used my tongue all over Leonard's feet exploiting every ticklish nerve of his feet one at a time adding to Leonard's ticklish agony and then my fingers went into action as I slowly traced every wrinkle in the soles of his feet and loving driving him to uncontrollable laughter as the intensity of the tickling increased but then reverting to a more intimate touching of his feet and slowly stroking the arches of his feet but with Mike still stroking Leonard's balls, he was being driven totally crazy, in fact his sanity in question but this being his problem not ours! My fingers wiggled gently and slowly over his horribly, hellishly ticklish, feet. I then stroked the soles of his feet slowly with the quill of my feather with a focus on his arches slowly and teasingly and then across the balls of his feet and under his toes and all he could do was laugh and laugh experiencing the ticklish sensations! Again I orally enjoyed his feet again and licked the soles of his feet and licked under and in between his toes and then kissed them!"HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA HA HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAAHHA!"

I kissed each foot and with each touch, the kiss got longer. I lingered longer every time I'd switch from one foot to the other. When I kissed each toe on one foot, I repeated the ritual on the other and pressed my nose against the soles of Leonard's feet and in the crevices of his toes and inhaled deeply the scent of his feet. I then sucked on his toes loving their rich and sweaty taste as Mike stroked Leonard's armpits with the feather. I gripped both sweaty feet and held them to my face and rubbed my nose against both soles breathing in their scent deeply. Then again took his toes into my mouth and in my mouth my tonue slid in between them as the feather teasing by Mike made Leonard squirm! I then started to slowly run my fingers from the middle of Leonard's feet in turn from toes to heels and then slid my fingers in between his toes and sucked on his toes enjoying their taste as Mike licked Leonard;s nipples and lightly nibbled them and caressed his dick with the feather.

Soon I was again driving Leonard nuts stroking every nerve ending in the soles of his feet with a focus on the centre of borth soles of his feet simultaneously. I stroked both soles of his feet from side to side across his highly sensitive arches and danced my fingers all over both soles of his feet driving Leonard berserk! Mike then assisting me bent the toes back of one foot at a time so I then ran the quill end of the feather the length of the soles of Leonard's feet driving him frantic with laughter.

“Pleeeeeeeeease…hee, heestooooopppp iiiiiitttt tiiiiicckles soooooooo muchahahaha” Leonard laughed his ass off

Leonard's toes splayed and wiggled and his feet moved in vain attempts to avoid my evil fingers and all Leonard could do was laugh uncontrollably and begged me to stop. I told him I loved seeing his toes clench but there was no escaping the inevitable tickling and ran my fingers under his toes and along the soles of his bare feet. I forced my fingers in between his toes and then using the plastic fork in my pocket drove Leonard demented raking the tines along the bare soles. This really tickled and I loved the immediate responsiveness of his toes as they splayed and clenched and Leonard screamed as this was tickle torture! I didn't use the fork on his feet too long as even I'm not that evil as it was unbearable for him but I also wanted to taste his feet again!

I licked under his toes and licked the length of the soles of his feet and nibbled and sucked his toes and switched from one foot to the otherloving the aroma of his foot sweat. I held back the toes of each foot in turn and then ran the quill of the feather along the taut sole of each foot in turn and then feathered the spaces in between his toes and beneath his toes Mike fondled his balls and rubbed them gently and began lightly stroking between Leonard's thighs which soon had Leonard laughing out loud! I began lightly gliding my fingers over Leonard's left sole and the his right soles as Mike began to pump him to orgasm so he had tow sensations to deal with and react to!

Mike kept jerking Leonard off and eventually after teasing him and coating his hands in lube he really worked Leonard over and kept pumping him until he was milked dry and he was driven breathless having been so teased and there woulbe more to come as Mike told him as Leonard would recall from their previous seesions but right now that it was time for tickles and Mike winked at me as we knew just how diabolically sensitive Leonard was going to be now! The vibrator met his toes and then I moved it up and down the soles of his feet delighting as Mike was in Leonard's frantic and violent movements and it worked amazingly across the arches of his feet as he laughed like a demented hyena, almost inhuman and drenched in sweat as his feet spasmed and strained to escape the torment of the fiendish tickling tool which was a joy to apply all over his feet at random!


I then turned the vibrator off and began raking the tines of the plastic fork over each sole and instantly Leonard went ballistic and dissolved into frantic giggles as he thrashed about on the bed vilently. I was driving him wild!

"Please, please stop staaaaaahp. I-I-I'm b-b-b-egging you ahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahah." Leonard's guttural laughter was music to my ears and he continued stroking his feet with my fingers but then reached for the vibrator again and he heard the bzzzzzzzzzzz "OHSHEEEEEIT! Please, please stop staaaaaahp. I'm begging you ahahahahahahahahahah."

I kept the vibrator on his spasming toes and then all over both soles of his feet and turned it off again after about 10 minutes and sucked and nibbled his toes and licked the soles of his feet and grazed my teeth across his arches and slipped my tongue in between his toes as the taste of Leonard's feet is aways appealing to me as Mike and I meet with him once a week or the video film goes viral and his secret is out. Mike edited a really good short video making him look like a guy who loves his feet being teased and tormented by Top guys whilst he's in bondage! My nibbling of Leonard's toes was sensual and his toes tried to clench but with my mouth around them impossible!

My oral attention to his feet was intense and then I began a five finger stroke from his heels to his toes as I loved hearing Leonard laugh and do as his level of ticklishness even a month later is as intense and never fails to excite and thrill me! I kept Leonard on the edge as I switched from light to intense tickles and had him writhing on the bed, squriming and shaking intensely and mumbling incoherently. Then I stopped and Mike took over and gave me a break and I never imagined a feather could be used to tortuously as Mike proves it can especially asshole tickling!