I'd photographed them meeting and recorded their conversations, those in the office and this was the time I'd waited for as I found my Boss Grant Naylor very attractive. 6', 31yrs, married and with an apha-male attitude. After the office closed I went to his office and as always his shoes off airing his large black socked feet he surprised to see me. I was blunt and direct and told him I wondered about the increase in salary he'd promised me a couple of months bck which I was still waiting on and he said that the budget could't cover it yet so I told him but he paid for the six weekend trips; business trips? with Anna and the meals out together!

Mr. Naylor totally shocked by the expose, my knowledge of the affair he was having with his PA who had the week off and was visiting her parents on the West Coast, and his wife in Canada visiting her sister who'd just had her first baby! Mr Naylor's wife the eldest daughter of the CEO, he was in line to take over the company based in NYC but with connections in France, Germany and Great Britain in Europe. I told him divorce would prove costly and ruin his career prospects so to keep my silence I'd spend the weekend with him! He had been sat on the sofa and had reached for his discarded loafers but I grabbed them and deeply inhaled them reading size 14's!

I saw the shock on his handsome face and told him he needn't worry as he'd earn my silence and it will be a challenge and the thing is Mr. Naylor I have I guess you'd call it a foot fetish and find your feet damn attractive and appealing and that I just want to tease and tickle them and sniff them and lick them and suck on your toes and I've waited a long time as had to get all the evidence on your affair with Anna. I told him we'd take his car to his house outside NYC and he'd do as told or his future in serious jepoardy and he knew it too!

In the car I had him drive in his socked black nylon feet and told him he had great looking big masculine feet and was glad that they had a rich smell but not pungent, the journey he kept saying we'd come to some arrangement as he really hated his feet touched, being very honest saying they were hideously sensitive and he'd not be able to eal with them touched but told him that it would be educational, he'd learn the art of endurance as my intention was to exploit and magnify his ticklishness and was foot fixated!

"You know Mr. Naylor the times as Company Accountant and with you in the office and always with your shoes off; that I've wanted to play with them I can't tell you, the fantasies about them and soon my lust for them unleashed, it's now what I'll do to them, more to the point is what I won't do to them and one thing sure, won't inflict pain on them, damage them in any way, you'll be howling I'd imagine but not with pain but with laughter! I heard you telling Anna how since your university initiation hazing that you hate being tickled and especially on your feet! Sounds like they really got you good and have to maybe tickle the full details out of you later but with me you're definitely going to be taking a trip down memory lane!"

Soon we were at his house and he knew who was in complete control so had reluctantly as told stripped to his briefs and socks and from my prepared black attache case I'd used the cuffs on his wrist and ankles, gagged and blindfold him and he lay on one of the 4 spare bedroom beds on his stomach! I loved hearing his muffled protests looking at his large upturned black socked feet soles and sitting on a stool facing them heard a moan as I informed him I needed to examine his feet and as impressed as he barely flinched as I massaged his feet!

"Hmmm that feels so good, the warmth and moistness of your socked feet and Mmmm smelling like feet Mr. Naylor but do need to trace over each of your feet with a teasing biro so try not to laugh out loud as ticklish as you are, show me the alpha-male you are!" He did giggle but quietly and clenched his toes but immobilsed secured together unable to evade them taunted and both inches from my face.

“I need to examine your feet and determine just how ticklish you are Mr. Naylor and the most sensitive areas of your feet!" and having said this I gripped the socked toes of each foot inturn and whilst on hand gripped the socked toe, fingers of the other stroked over the arches of a foot and along the soles of his feet to the balls of his feet and under his toes!


"How much does it tickle Me. Naylor?" I taunted as I drew my fingers over the arches of his feet again up to the balls of his feet and down the length of his soles again! I told him I was impressed by his resiliance and told him I sensed the vulnerability of his feet which clearly reacted to even a gentle and soft tickle and stroked each foot teasingly to prove my point and immediately Mr. Naylor thrashed on the bed and I loved hearing his ticklish laughter! My gentle techniques making my Boss squirm and giggle! I then peeled off each sock slowly saying he needed to be tickle tortured!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I activated the sonicare and the revolving bristles of the sonicare electric toothbrush stroked over one newly bared sole and then the other causing a frantic reaction from him as he lost it as the sensation being horribly ticklish!


I de-activated the sonicare and told him that he needed to calm down but gald his feet being even more sensitive than I'd hoped and being a handsome pair of feet that I was already addicted to and sniffed both deeply and then began orally enjoying them, licking the length of them both and licked and sucked on his toes as both of his feet were squirming and his toes wiggling as I breathed over them all and began massaging both bare feet and lightly stroking the ball of each foot inturn and being gentle and telling him I was glad he had such ticklish and licklish feet which had an intoxicating and raunchy smell as hie feet had a deliciously ripe taste!

Mr. Naylor's reactions were priceless, he giggled, wiggled and squirmed about in ways that were truly comical as I relished gently wiggling my fingers all over each foot and then rubbed both feet and loving geeting them very hot n' very sweaty and then indulged in sucking on his toes with real enhusiasm and passion just loving their rich manly taste! I slurped the length pf them and encouraged by his angry and muffled protests of his frustration in hating the deliberate emasculation of his feet in another guy's mouth!

"Mmmm Mr. Naylor love the taste of these licklish feet with such an intoxicating smell, these feet all I've jerked off over and more and tonight and all night mine, in fact all weekend and being honest in your office at work meetings but door locked and your feet as usual socked or bare but across my lap with me getting a good feel-up of them as we discuss company accounts and expenditure and chewing on your own socks as I feed on your feet as ripe for a foot feast!"

I ran my fingers over both my Boss's soles with serious focus; slow and steady not to miss an inch of them, sliding a licked finger in between each of his toes and effectively immobilised there was no escape as I lightly indulged in tickling his ridiculously sensitive feet and stepped up the tortuous torment to a new level and zig-zag motions delivered along both bared soles as gagged hearing stifled laughter!

"I guess Mr. Naylor you've always been totally ticklish on your big feet and have to say impressed buy your immediate ticklish reaction and can tell you I love playing with them and my deliberately gentle and continuous sensations drove Mr. Naylor mad and desperately wanting the hellish torment he was enduring to end but my being a vicious tickler having too much fun to show him mercy and told him he wasn't going anywhere and I just wanted to hear him laugh, how much my attention to his ticklish feet was making him laugh as I indulged in milking my ticklish n' licklish assault on his feet!"

I ran my fingers viciously all over both soles so his toes clenching and splaying as his alpha-male attitude saw him attempting to endure the relentless and extreme tickling I was dishing out to him! I taunting him that I fully understood why since being torture tickled in the hazing experience he never let anyone get close to his feet! Adding the problem being his feet were immobilised and were facing me and so inviting me to torment them! I couldn't resist lickling his soles again as the taste of them so delicious but his reaction so inviting!


I ran my fingers back and forth on the pair of ticklish feet and Mr. Naylor's reaction illustrated how effective my technique was. My fingers glided with ease on his saliva lubed feet and his toes clenched and splayed at random as every inch of his feet assaulted proving how ticklish he truly was and nibbled on his toes one by one and wreaked havoc on the soles of his feet with my insidious and determined lickling of his size 14's subjecting him to enduring nonstop ticklish stimulation!


My stroking Mr. Naylor's soles and sucking on all ten toes over and over again! I telling him being so glad he was so very ticklish whilst lightly stroking one sole and then the other individually and teased him I could sense he was fighting to hold verbal his ticklish reactions back as his toes clenching and splaying in reflexsive resopnse to my tormenting them was evidential how ticklish he was finding the endurance! I switching from light tickling to t more aggressive tickling, furiously rubbing my fingers across the soles of both of my Boss's feet so deliberately indulging in delivering intense feet tickling to him! I then prepared to orally enjoy them some more!

"Hmmm they smell so sweaty and tasty I love licking them and Mmmm tasting their sweat.”

I licked up n' down the length of each bare sole las he giggled and moaned simultaneously and his toes wiggled and feet flexed and I licked the balls of each foot and again began massaging them as warm and wet with my saliva the rubbing of them making them even more sensitieve to every stimulation delivered to them both! More sweaty, more tasty and more smelly as I like feet to be so indulged in licking and tickling Mr. Naylor's size 14's simultaneously! When his toes clenched seeing the wrinkles on his large soles and as he moaned emasculated again I licked each foot and sucked and nibbled every toe!

I then got the feather from my case and drew the quill end up and down his right foot while I spider-tickle his left foot. His toes really wiggled and feet flexed as I told him teasingly “Coochie coochie coo!" which made the evil ticklish determined strokes all the more unbearable and told him I'd heard him tell Anna he'd been subjected to 'Air Torture' by the students initiating him which meant with bird's feathers under his arms, in between his legs and over the soles of his feet and inbetween his toes and how hellish it had been!

"Like this right Mr. Naylor the feather drawn in between each and every toe and I've got a pipe-cleaner to try later but feather it is for now!"


I used the feather and my fingers on his feet teasing him seeing him squirming and suffering this experience and it's reminding him of the original one and how Saturday night I'd be going on line to find other ticklers to join me in seeing him re-living his initiation as he was my 'Tickle-Toy' and his feet now my feet to keep me quiet about his infidelity.

I then wanted to feel his feet again so swapped the feather for my fingers and ran them the length of his soles, up and down his feet “Coochie coochie coo! Coochie coochie coo!” "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and kept wiggling my fingers under and in between Mr. Naylor's wiggling toes “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I resumed spider-tickling his feet and toes but focused on the arches of his feet and gliding my fingers up and down his soles.


"I love playing with your toes Mr. Naylor, seeing them splay and clench in reaction to my teasing and tormenting them and sucking them and licking them really defeats your alpha-male image, ticklish as girly all over these size 14's but our secret just like your affair with Anna which you can continue but when I want to enjoy you, my desires win out and they'll always be satisfied by your feet as love seeing the way you wiggle your toes when I tickle them!”

I then slowly licked up and down the soles of each foot, long licks along the length of his size 14 soles and his instantly wiggling toes as I teased and tormented them all for my amusement so they were wiggling and his feet albeit involuntarily flexing teasingly to me and my taunting him that it seemed the alpha-male was becoming a ticklish n' licklish pussy boy inviting me to tickle and lickle his super sensitive feet and telling him I more than happy to accept his invitation!

I continued licking the soles of his feet and sucking on his toes as he moaned and giggled in reaction to the lickling-tickling endurance there was no escaping from for him, licking up n' down his soles and his feet close to my face and at times in my face so feeling their warmth, moistness and deeply inaling their sensuous aroma. I stroking over the arches of both of his feet!

“Tickle tickle tickle!” I teased. "I love tickling and licking your size 14 feet Mr. Naylor and seeing your large feet react to my stroking over the length of them both and something I'm going to be indulging in doing all through the night, just me and you and your feet and feet I've been desperate to control and dominate proving dreams come true!


As Mr. Naylor begged me to stop through his laughter, I just spider-tickled his arches faster, making his feet flex more as he wiggled his toes. I drew the feather quill up and down his arches, making his feet tremble and twitch more. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I then stopped and just stared at his size 14 feet and admired them, their look, their shape, sniffed them and commented on their awesome smell and massaged and felt them up loving their smoothness, their natural warmth and sweaty moistness and especially their incredible sensitivity!

“Coochie coochie coo! Hehehe!” I teased. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" and playfully wiggled my fingers along length of his feet, loving playing with his helpless and vulnerable toes! I soon lickling them all over again and then sliding my fingers the length of them both!

“Tickle tickle tickle! Tickle tickle tickle!” I teased as “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” his uncontrollable response and taunting him that it seemed his liking my tickling his soles and toes as laughter indicating pleasure so this all nighter I was glad was one giving him every reason to smile and my having a similar reaction inciting and persuading him to laugh like a loon!

"Lovely n' smelly n' sweaty slightly grimy big men's feet which taste so delicious!" I taunted as leaning into his bare soles he laughed hysterically as he sensed my warm and wet tongue licking over his hyper-ticklish feet and as he knew I'd be doing, taking my time to savour every inch of them both and sucking on all of his toes and licking them before resuming tickling them as I told him I'd soon be replacing his socks on his feet and then heating them up with the hairdryer and then running ice cubes over them as Fire n' Ice torment being highly effective!