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    Jun 2012

    Cool London's Armpits and Belly Tickle Party in Pajamas with Kody Evans F/F

    London is back! This time around she is laying on the futon with Kody who is in a tickling mood. Kody holds Londons arms up with one hand and starts lightly tickling all over Londons bare armpits and belly with her nails, then she uses a few tools to try and find some ticklish spots. Eventually Kody finds out that tickling hard on London's ribs really gets her laughing like crazy and she attacks!!

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    Mar 2009
    TX, USA
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    Love the pajamas and London's hot tummy! I always thought PJs were a highly under rated tickling outfit
    What do you do if a man attacks you with a banana and you havent got a gun?
    Run for it!
    Enough is enough! Banana control now!

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