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    yea cuz itsa fing like cos you fink and that you no

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    I can't imagine how it would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezslideus View Post
    I've always been curious about this. It seems to me that some people who have a fetish of some kind seem to be more intelligent? I though it might be a interesting discussion.
    There is no correlation between possessing a fetish and intelligence.

    Most people have some form of fetish, (or as I always say paraphilia, which is the proper term, not fetish which indicates a sexual disfunction) of some sort. One must remember that the concept of a paraphilia is a 'sexual arousal due to a non standard act/item/body part. And the rub lies in the word 'non standard' which is 100% based on cultural norms. And thus is massively fluid.

    In America males being sexually aroused by bare female breasts is considered normative. Thus it's not considered a paraphilia. But if you step back it's basically no different then a liking of feet, for example, a partialism. Arousal by a body part.

    Thus almost everyone falls into the realm of having a liking of something that turns them on more then other things, they simply tend to fall into the 'normative cultural value' pool and thus are seen as not odd.

    Given most of the population has such, it pretty much covers all levels of intelligence thus no correlation.

    It's a good question though, worth the discussion.


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    Myriads has said it well. I cannot think of much to add other than, I would like it to be true.

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