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    Oct 2013
    Tickle Therapy in Russia
    Blog Entries

    Tickle Therapy - Fashion model Marina tickle therapy by Tamara

    Fashion model Marina
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'11
    Shoe size: 9,5
    Sign: Aries

    Marina is a fashion model, a tall gorgeous lady, who has a weakness. She shared with us that she is very ticklish on her feet, and is also extremely ticklish on her tummy and ribs. So we just had to bring her to our mature therapist Tamara, who knows all the ticklish spots of young ladies.

    Fashion model Marina facedown by Tamara

    Tamara has her new patient lying on her stomach, her arms and legs restrained so she can't get away. She starts tickling lightly with her fingernails on the back of her legs and then moves to her feet, making Marina twitch and smile involuntarily, more and more with every touch of sharp fingernails on her soles.

    It doesn't tale long for Tamara to make the fashion model lose her seriousness and just burst into giggles, as she can't help it and can't get anywhere from Tamara's fingers, running all over her fit body. The following rib tickling makes Marina feel herself completely helpless and at her therapist's mercy.

    Preview clip - Fashion model Marina facedown by Tamara

    Fashion model Marina faceup by Tamara

    For the second session Tamara has her patient lying faceup on the tickle bed, her arms and legs stretched out and restrained. Marina doesn't even see when Tamara reaches out to her exposed feet and starts tickling them lightly but quickly. This foot tickling therapy immediately turns into workout for the fashion model's abs, as she starts laughing.

    Well, she rarely stops laughing during this session, even from the anticipation of Tamara's every next move. She just can't help it, being so ticklish. Not only on her feet, but especially on her upper body. So when Tamara puts her hands on her patient's abs, Marina loses it. She just can't handle this tickling and it's much fun to her therapist too.

    Preview clip - Fashion model Marina faceup by Tamara

    You can watch preview clips on our website.
    Thank you for your comments and your support, we really need it to keep going!

    From now on you can see the list of all our video threads in our blog.
    Here you can find all the previews and photos of our ticklish clients:
    List of all Tickle Therapy video threads

    IMPORTANT: We can no longer keep up with English subtitles for our clips, but you can ask us here in the comments by time code and we'll provide the translation to the phrases that you are interested in.

    More photos with Marina:
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    Laughter is the best medicine.

    All our video previews and descriptions -> Click Here

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    pure tickle therapy for desperately ticklish clients

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    Apr 2002
    Tempe, AZ
    Of course i rushed to purchase this, amazing as always!

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    Mar 2016
    Marina is beautiful and has some really gorgeous feet! I would enjoy seeing a whole video just devoted to her feet with lotion and fingernails, maybe some brushes too. Like the video you did with Tanya a few years ago.

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    Jun 2021
    Beautiful woman and genuine reactions, thank you for posting

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    Oct 2013
    Tickle Therapy in Russia
    Blog Entries
    Thank you! It's a therapy so the reactions of our clients are always genuine, even if they try to resist

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    Dec 2018
    Great! but I wished you had more videos where you tickled the model. M/F

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