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    Talking MMTTD 5.5 Cathrine Dola Part 1

    After I was tickled that day, things changed for me. I wasnít intimidated by his torture. Actually, I found it very interesting. But, I realized I needed to play things safer. I moved apartments and began to continue my plans quietly.

    I also looked into tickling and did more research on it. In my research, I found I wasnít really ticklish, Amanda was just a good tickler. I decided to hire my own tickler. Her name was Vanessa and her first job was to go after Francis Gulesí assistant Martha. Vanessa was a little disobedient at first, arguing that Martha was innocent and it would be wrong to go after her. I told her if she argued more, I would send her to someone who would straighten her out. And even though She quit arguing, I figured I would send her anyways to teach her a lesson.

    I handed Vanessa over to Amanda, who gave her a very thorough tickling. After that, she begged me never to send her to Amanda ever again. I told her as long as she did everything I said, I would not punish her and I would pay her very well. She agreed and I arranged for Martha to be brought to Vanessa. Although she was hesitant and obviously holding back, she completed what I asked her. Luckily for us, Martha was very ticklish, a trait more people have than you might think. And as I learned from this, it is possible to break someone through tickling.

    I sent Martha back to Francis with a message, back off or others will suffer the same. It only took a few more people before he finally understood.
    I knew Amanda wasnít my enemy. She only did what she did because thatís what she was paid to do. I respected that, but I respected her abilities more. I knew I could never hire her, which is why I had Vanessa. But, I kept in touch with her. If Vanessa was ever unable to complete her task, Amanda could. She and I agreed on tickling, that tickling was for torture. Although I never tickled anyone, I didnít have any time for that, I did enjoy watching someone get tickled and Amanda gave a good show when she let me watch. Tickling really became a part of my life.

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    Wow, a lee stunner

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