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    THOMPSON CORPORATION #9 *FINAL ISSUE!* New Comic Release! 6/28/21

    Written and Created by Bandito
    Illustrated by Giangiacomo
    Colors by Estudio Sicalo
    Lettering by Giangiacomo


    This it it.

    The moment has come.

    The final issue of Thompson Corporation will answer all questions, will reveal all secrets, and will be so full of screaming helpless laughter that it'll feel like 3 final issues! XD

    A brave coalition made up of the Intergalactic Territories Police, the Multi-System Mining Guild, The Spadran Science Fleet...and of course all our very sexy, nearly-naked, incredibly-ticklish heroines are attempting to save THE WHOLE FREAKING GALAXY from an ETERNITY OF TICKLISH ENSLAVEMENT!

    Override continues to be tickled mercilessly by Captain Logana and Cadet Slither on her vulnerable NAKED SOLES and her naughty robotic button as they exorcise the maniacal robotic consciousness right out of her cackling noodle!

    Alice has been captured and is about to fall victim to an extremely naughty full-body tickle torture session from the epically hot Officer Dusty and Hiromi Novak! And given how ticklish Alice is...she better brace herself for the meanest tickling of HER LIFE!

    Three impossibly sensitive Thompson cyborgs are now caught in an unspeakably cruel SCENE OF TICKLISH DESPERATION as the Original Thompson Sex Bot (I mean War Bot) tickles them out of their minds (and underwear!) with a little help from her evil tickling friends: Trux and Flux!

    And oh by the way, the entire Velmennite home-world is being invaded by allied forces as they attempt to save the galaxy from an eternity of ticklish slavery to diabolical cybernetic overlords! How cool is THAT???

    Come find out for yourself!

    Fight the robot apocalypse!

    Join the resistance!

    Become the Corporation!

    TC09_Cover.jpg TC09_Preview.jpg

    12 Climactically TICKLISH Pages + Cover!
    The Naughtiest Thompson Corporation Yet!
    Tickle Torture DESPERATION!
    A Thunderous Tickling Finale!
    So Much Naked Foot Tickling!
    Tons of Completely Nude Ticklishness!
    Amazing Illustration by the Mighty Giangiacomo!
    Written and created by Bandito!
    Direct Digital Download (PDF format)

    Product and Ordering Information

    Attached Images Attached Images

    Please visit our new mobile-friendly store @ MTJpub.com and our gallery @ DeviantArt

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