Hi! I'm a somewhat inexperienced ler living in Sweden. Aside from tickling-related things, I enjoy drawing, playing games and philosophical conversations. My preferred way of socializing is more passive rather than active, watching movies or just doing separate things whilst occasionally showing each other memes etc (though this more so describes how it's like after the "getting to know" phase).

I'm Asexual, aside from tickling which is like "semi-sexual" for me (not quite sure what that means either haha but it's the best way I can describe it), and romantically (as well as kink-wise) I'm drawn to women, that being said I'm not primarily looking for romantic partners or "tickle hookups" (though I'm not opposed either), rather, I just feel pretty lonely being the only person I know IRL with this kink, even though partners and close friends know about it it's still so foreign to them and I feel like if I knew someone like me in that regard, well that'd be pretty neat! and for those purposes my attraction leanings aren't really relevant. I wouldn't want to meetup without feeling at least some sort of connection and having talked for a while beforehand, and since Sweden isn't quite done with lockdown yet that's maybe for the best ^^.

I don't dislike being tickled myself, it's just not part of my interest but I'm all for a bit of give and take

Also, I speak DO speak Swedish as well (Jag lovar, men det kändes mer rätt att skriva på Engelska här ^^)

Basically; Write me if you'd like to get to know a fellow tickle-enthusiast in Sweden!