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  1. #1
    Join Date
    Jun 2010

    Unable to post new thread or access albums

    I actually had to use my old account, as I can't even post new threads using my current one (HyenaHarry).

    Switched to the http: version (as opposed to https and even attempted to reset my general settings. Is there a reason my albums, and permissions have disappeared?

    I've have done something wrong somehow...please email me @ yoyo50@yahoo.com.

    Thank you

  2. #2
    I think you changed your email and did not get or did not click on the link in the account confirmation email (changing email results in a need to confirm the new email). I see that the email in that account does not match the Yahoo email you put above. You may wish to log in and change your email to the one you listed. Let us know if you do not get the confirmation email after doing that.
    Quote refresh required; holding pattern until such occurs established

  3. #3
    Join Date
    Jun 2010
    Ahh I just noticed that typo in my email under settings...I've changed it and am currently standing by for a confirmation email.
    Smart security measure on the forum's part! Thank you, as well, for your feedback

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