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    Jul 2021

    HEIDI'S COURAGE TEST ff/f part I and II

    Hello everyone
    This is my first post and my first story here in the forum.
    I am usually pretty good at writing, since I have a lot of expericene in writing ticling stories, but this is my first story in English, so probably it gonna be plenty of mistakes.
    Let me know if you enjoyed it and if you find my English enought good and pleasente for you to read.

    So.. enjoy the reading and please let me know if you liked
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    Jul 2021
    PART I

    “Are you serious?” I asked, while staring at the rolls of rope, Alice was pulling out from her bag. Alice was my best friend since forever and she was one of the most beautiful girls I knew. She was tall, slim and sporty. She had long blond hair that she had gathered in a braid that afternoon. Her blue eyes and fair complexion gave her the typical angelic face that all boys liked.

    “Yep” Claire answered, looking at me and noticeably enjoying my displeasure. Claire was the other my best friend since forever. But she was completely different from Alice. Both for the aesthetic aspect and temperament. Claire was not very tall, with dark hair and eyes, and she was very thin, perhaps too thin. She is absolutely not sporty and rather nerdy. While Alice was exuberant and lively, Claire was rational and withdrawn, but at the same time she also stubborn and determined. The former liked parties with many people, while the latter preferred quiet evenings with friends. Alice was very successful with the boys, Claire was not at all.

    The three of us have been inseparable friends since forever. Heidi, Alice and Claire. Three girls who had grown up together and had no secrets one to the others. And I couldn't be more different from both as I was, since I am a very shy and introverted girl, who theoretically would have a chance to be successful with the boys (because I admit I have some suitor), but because of shyness I have often rejected those who approached me.

    I have said the three of us had no secrets one to the others. But, it would be more correct to say, we had ALMOST no secrets. Because (I can confess in these memories) actually I had a little dark secret. And it was something I never had the courage to confess even to my best friends. I am into Bondage. I had this secret fantasy for quite some time now. Ever since I had read the 50 Shades trilogy at the age of 15. And since then I have always kept fantasizing, but never giving myself the chance to practice. And I often had fantasies about playing with ropes and handcuffs, to do with a hypothetical boyfriend/mater that I didn't really have. I didn't even have a standard boyfriend...

    The day when Alice and Claire come to my place with a bag plenty of rolls of rope, was the day of my my eighteenth birthday. I had invited them to my house a couple of hours earlier than the time at which I had made an appointment with other friends in a club downtown. Because I'd like to spend some time alone with the two of them.

    Heidi, Alice and Claire and a bag plenty of rolls of rope.
    That sounded very strange...

    “We have a very special present for you, Heidi” Claire began explaining me, underlining my name in a mischievous way. “Buy in order to deserve it – she continued – you have to pass a courage test. And was in that moment that Alice had opened her bag and started puling out a lot of rolls of rope.

    “As you have maybe already guessed – Claire continued – this courage test involves your being tied up!”. “Are you serious?” I had asked while starting feeling disoriented. “Yep – Claire answered – we are pretty serious! So let's we know: are you accepting the test?”

    The reason I was disoriented was that, what they were proposing to me, was a cheap shot for me for at least two motivations. First of all I have always been, as they oblivious know, a very shy girl who is easily embarrassing and who doesn't dare to play malicious games like the one they are making me suspect. Why did I have to be tied up? What did they have in mind for me, after that? After I was tied up?

    “What does exactly this test of courage consisted of?” I tried to asked.
    “You are not supposed to know that” Alice answered.
    “Of course you are not supposed – Cleire added - if you knew in advance what the test consists of, it would not be brave to accept it”.

    “Don't you trust us?” they asked finally, cornering me. Since they were my best friends, I couldn't say I didn't trust them. So I had no choice, but to accept the test, or whatever they had in mind for me. “I try to trust you” I had to accept.

    “Good choice” Alice congratulated, while Claire approached me. The she grabbed my arms and put them behind my back. “That looks good – said Cleire to Alice – you can go on” and then Alice began to wrap pieces of rope around my wrists and and to tighten them with firm knots. In an instant they got my hands tightly tied in a way that it was pretty impossible for me to get free. I couldn't help thinking that Alice were very good at tying. Either it was an innate gift, or she probably had a lot of practice doing it.

    “How do you feel? – asked she when she finished – comfortable?” “Not at all” I answered with a nervous smile. “And now let me try if I've done a good job...” Alice said and pinched me in the side. “Ahahah” I burst out laughing, as I did not expect this attack from her. In the same moment Claire approached me too, and he started to tickle my helpless side and armpits.

    “Nohohohoahaahaha - I kept protesting while laughing – that's tickles!”. As my hands were tied, I couldn't do nothing to protect from tickling, but just try to curl up on myself, for what little I could. Which was totally ineffective... but luckily it all lasted only a few seconds.

    “Sorry Heidi – they apologized – it was the quickest way to check if you were able to free yourself... or not!”. “I hate you” I protested, as I were very ticklish and they well know it. “You know I hate tickling, so... no take advantage of this stupid situation and tickle me...don't you dare...”. “Hei ehi - Claire said – please Heidi, moderate yourself”. I bit my lip for the nervous. I couldn't see myself, but after their tickle-attacks I was pretty sure I looked clumsy and awkward in such a situation.

    “Well - Claire said turning to me – and now dear friend, take a sit”. While he was finished the sentence she pointed to the sofa and invited me to sit down. I could not help but obey. Alice took a seat in front of me, kneeling on the floor and I noticed she still had pieces of rope in hand. She take one ankle of mine and lifted it up. I went along with the movement, as I had understood she wanted me to cross my legs. Then she started undoing my shoes.

    “What damn are you doing?” I asked in surprise and I took my feet away from her hands, moving as little as I could my legs sideways. “We need to tied your feet too – Alice explained me, simulating a pedantic tone – and so we need you to be barefoot!”. “Why barefoot'” I asked. “To tied you better!” Alice answered me, but her answer didn't convince me. “Please Heide – she tried to persuade me looking at me with her big eyes – trust us and be cooperative!”. “Maybe.... - Cleire said – we need to persuade her to cooperate with good arguments” and she started once again to ticke my side. “Nohohohoahaahaha – I bursts out laughing for the tickle – pleeeeese nooooohohoh!”.

    “Are you giving up, Heidi?” Claire asked to me, while she went on tickling my side. “Yehehehehehssss” I tried to answer while laughing. “I can't understand you, Heidi – Claire said enjoying herself – If you give up, you have to say I give up!”. “Yeeheheheheh – in the end I gave in – I gihihihiihivvvvvveeeeee uhhuhuhpppp!”.

    Claire's tickle-attack ened and so I could take a catch my breath, while Alice began to undo my shoes again. And then I had to let her take off my shoes and socks. Then, after lifting the edges of my jeans a little high, she tied my ankles firmly, locking me in that position, sitting with my legs crossed. So I was totally helpless immobilized.

    “Aahhahahaha noooooohohoho!” I burst out laughing once again, as she started tickling my barefoot rubbing her fingernail under my soles. “Sorry aging - she apologized again with feigned repentance – just to test you are well tied up. “I hate you!” I protested at that treatment.

    “So, that's the moment you can have a look at your birthday present!” Alice said and show my a box wrapped in gift paper. It was a box large enough to hold anything, and I had no clue as to its contents. “Unfortunately you don't have your hands free to open it right now!” – Alice said – so we have to save it for later”.

    “Now we are going to explain you the rule of the courage test! - they said – are you ready, Heidi?”. “Yep” I answered and I realized that I was getting more and more curious.
    “It's not difficult at all. We are going to put you some questions and you get you'll get a point for each right answer”. “So far everything is very clear” I said to confirm I was following them.
    “Of course, as we suspect you are into bondage, all the questions are about bondage!”.
    “What? - I said in a low voice – why do you suspect that I am into bondage?”. “Well – Alice answered – you are a shy and introverted girl, but ad the same time you look always very interested when we talk about boys and sex. And you like self-confident guys... that's are all clues”.
    The Claire summarized: “We think you are suited to submission!”.

    “Oh my God” I thought listening at their words. I couldn't believe that people looking at me from outside could think that about me. But the real problem was that most of their ideas about me, was right. I thought I was good at hiding this side of me, but apparently I wasn't that good. The situation started to be more and more embarrassing.

    “And, as you are a very shy girl, we also thought of some incentives to get you to respond. We don't want you to purposely pretend you don't know the answer!” Alice said. “The first incentive – Claire said – is that you have to get at least 10 points to deserve your gift, so shouldn't miss the opportunity to answer if you know the answer.” “Secondly – she continued – we have something for you, which could make you more daring!” and she took a well known bottle out of her bag. It was a bottle of cream and strawberry vodka, which is my favorite alcoholic. “Oh my God – I said – you have thought at everything!”. Because of the droplets on the bottle, I understood the bottle was still iced, and I was going to ask how they had kept it cold such so long time.

    “In addition to the incentives to get you to answer right - Claire said – we have also thought at a forfeit to discourage you to answer wrong!”. “Oh my God, which kind of forfeit?” I asked worried, already suspecting what the terrible answer they could have given me might be. “In the case of both wrong or not given answers – after a scenic break, they said together – you will get a tickle forfeit!”...

    Last edited by kitzelmaniac; 07-26-2021 at 12:15 PM.

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    Aug 2017
    Southwest United States
    This is excellent! I'm eager to read the next part.

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    Jul 2021
    Quote Originally Posted by Saturn&Jupiter View Post
    This is excellent! I'm eager to read the next part.
    Thanks Saturn&Jupiter, I am glad you enjoyed my story.

    Since in the continuation there will be questions about bondage, if you'd like please suggest me some questions that I could use.

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    Apr 2021
    Somewhere at Secret Continent
    I really like the story

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    Apr 2001
    Frederick, MD
    Love This!!! Part II please

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    Jul 2021

    “Please no – I begged them – not a tickle forfeit!! I can't bear that!”. “We know you can't bear that – Claire said with a big smile – That's why we chose just that!”. “Yes Heidi – Alice said – we know how ticklish you are.. so it's the perfect forfeit for you!”

    “Nohohohohohoho” I screamed when them started to tickle me again all over my body. “That was just a taste of what the forfeit would look like! So.. be very careful not to answer wrong!” Alice said.

    “Let's go with question nr. 1...” Claire asked me, while the other friends was giving me the first shot of vodka by holding the glass to my lips and holding my head while I drank. “What does the acronym BDSM mean exactly?”. “Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism!” I answered immediately as I know the right answer. They looked at me very surprised. “Very good Heidi – Claire said – a point for you!”. “You sound very expert!” Alice congratulated with me.

    “Question nr. 2: what is a Safe Word?”. “I know it – I answered immediately after I had finished the second shot of vodka – It is an agreed upon word that the slave can say during the bondage session to stop it immediately!". “Wow – Alice congratulated again – you are really very expert and you have also a very precise vocabulary...”. “Yep – Claire was very impressed too – Slave... Session... How do you know that such words?”. I started to think I would be better to not be so fast in answer and to not to be so precise in vocabulary, in order not to prove I am so deep into the topic.

    “Ok now something more difficult: what is the practice of Snowballing?”. I finished my third shot of vodka ad looked at both of them in silence. Actually I know the right answer was that Snowballing is when a girl has her mouth full of cum she kisses another girl transferring the cum to her... but I felt it would be too embarrassing answering them. I would probably have blushed, even more that I already was because of both alcohol and embarrass and they could have thought that Snowballing was a practice I had fantasies about. “Sorry – I answered – I don't know!”. “Are you sure my dear friend? - Alice asked – Should I remember you which is the forfeit if you don't give the right answer?” While she spoke, she was already moving her finger in front of me pretending tickling me. “Yes – I lied – I don't now the answer!”. “I suggest – Claire said – we can started with something soft – maybe a minute of no-stop tickle at her sides!”. “I approve!” said Alice with a big smile. So then they come and take a sit on the sofa with me, and I found them sitting next to me, one on each side. Claire was already set up a time on her handy “Three, two, one – she counted aloud – goooo!”

    “Ahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhah!” I started laughing and screaming at the same time while four handed grabbing me at my sides, poking and tickling me mercilessly. “We has just started, Heidi – Alice said – you should try to control yourself just a little bit!”. Of course I was trying to control, but tickling was too cruel for me not to laugh and not to jerking. But because both their hands and the ropes, I couldn't escape that treatment. “Nohohohohohohoho – I begged – pleeeseeeheh nohohohohohohhhhh!”. The worst point was the lower part of the hips, just where the ribs end. They liked to sink their fingers into that sensitive spot and, seeing that it made me jump and shiver, they repeatedly insisted on poking me without mercy. “I gonna answerrrrr...” I screamed as the tickling become unbearable, because I was willing to admit that I knew the answer, just in order to stop that torture. But just then the timer sounded, which meant that the no-stop tickling torture has ended. So I changed the ending of my sentence: “ I gonna answer – I said – whatever you want, but please no more tickling!”.

    “It'd better for you – Claire said – that you answer everything... if you want to avoid tickling!”. And after a theatrical break, she added “But we can't change the rules right now.. so the tickle-forfeit stays still!”. While she spoke she was moving her fingers pretending to tickle me, which made me jerk.

    “By the way – Alice said – I'm sure you are curious to know what Snowballing is. It's when girls kiss each other to transfer the cum they have in their mouth!” “Uhmmm – Claire said – so interesting, don't you think too, Heidi?”. And (I guess she did it to tease me and see my reaction) she ran her tongue over her lips very slowly and maliciously.

    “And now – Alice said – question number 4, are you ready, dear cute Heidi?”, while she was preparing the next vodka shot for me. But I wasn't listening at her. I caught myself fantasizing on the scene of Claire, with her mouth full of cum, kissing me pouring a huge part of it into my mouth. I felt really confused when I realized that the thought had made me somehow horny.


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