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    Jul 2001
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    Tickling & Laughing Experiences Store Clip (Italian)

    I usually don't post reviews of clips...no matter how shitty they are or how mislead I felt into purchasing it. But this one here I felt deserved a special public bashing because of how deliberately and intentionally misleading the short preview was that baited me to buy it.

    The clip was called "La Schiavetta Licenziata - The Fired Slavey", and the lee would have been great and the whole clip would have been great....except, the ler for almost the whole 22 mins straight would not shut the fuck up! I'm not kidding! Wish I had that much breath to talk non-stop that long. Totally killed the clip making this a waste.

    The 10 sec preview I seen was very cleverly edited out of a few different 3 second sections where the ler actually had to catch her breath and shut up to breath between rambles. They knew what they were doing to bait a customer into buying what they full well knew was a crap clip. So, this is another store that now goes on my personal blacklist.

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    Mar 2021
    Milan, Italy
    I'm sorry you felt deceived... I've purchased several clips from the same studio and I generally liked them very much (my personal favourites are "una clinica esilarante an exhilarating clinic", "la carta di credito rubata - The stolen credit card", "the tickling questioning" and "Il torto della piccola sorellina - Little siter injury").

    I do agree that there is a lot of talking, which may be distracting especially if you're not fluent in italian. Also, some of their older clips are plagued with very fake reactions, poor acting, mediocre bondage, and even more talking. But their quality has definitely improved over the years.

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