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    Mar 2011

    Yvette F/M tease and denial story from TickleTheater

    With TickleTheater gone, one of my favorite stories from the site is gone as well. The title was titled "Yvette F/M FF/M F/F" and other variations of F/M in the title. It starts off with a captured bank exec tied naked to a chair with his legs spread and the interrogator, Yvette, teasing his cock trying to get him to tell her the combination to the vault of cash. Later in the story, she calls her friends over to help tickle and tease him but they betray her and tie her up and tickle/tease her as well as the bank exec. Does anyone have this story saved anywhere? It'd be great to have it again. Thanks.

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    Yes, here you go (copied as is):

    Please feel free add on to his story. I would very much enjoy reading the direction any of you might take the story. Thanks. Additionally illustrations from some of the very talented artists here would also be great. =))

    This story is for adults only and any resemblance of any of the characters to real people or copyrighted characters is completely accidental and unintended. Enjoy!

    He sat comfortably in a luxurious fur covered chair. He was in a reclining position, his legs spread wide apart and cuffed at the ankles. His arms were pulled high over his head and cuffed at the wrists. There was a wide fur covered strap across his waist holding him tightly in place.

    He was completely naked!

    A beautiful young woman, maybe 25, was erotically stroking his rock hard manhood with a long, stiff red feather. Up and down and up and down the feather teased the underside of his helpless cock. It was obvious that she had been working her ticklish magic on his cock for an extended period because it stood at attention and greeted each tickling stroke of her feather with a twitch or a jerk.

    His engorged member begged for more, leaking long strings of pre-cum all over the fur covered chair.

    The pleading look in his eyes and his verbal pleas for mercy also gave away the desperate nature of his predicament.

    Just imagine a top executive with the bank allowing himself to be drawn into this position, a position where he was helpless, a position where he was naked, a position where his sexual weaknesses could be exploited at length by a group of beautiful women, and a position where he was doomed to spill his guts concerning the location of the large cache of cash that his captors were apparently seeking.

    He already knew he was doomed to talk. He couldn't bare this treatment very long. He was just too damn horny, his cock was too damn sensitive, and she knew just how to play. His only hope was that she would go to far and he would orgasm before he broke down. He knew it was a slim hope but in his current state of arousal and helplessness, his only hope.

    The young woman stood almost 6 feet tall. She had large round breasts and a gorgeous round bottom. She was dressed in only a delicious push up black bra, black silk stockings, and heels. Her bottom was covered in silky black panties and look as if it would break free from the silky covering at any time.

    The same was true of her breasts which were pushed up and out and obviously driving her captive absolutely mad with sexual frustration. This woman, Yvette, had long flowing black hair and big dark eyes, pouty red lips, and judging from the stiffness of her nipples poking through the silky fabric of her bra, she was thoroughly enjoying the teasing treatment her captive was enduring.

    She briefly withdrew the red feather from his stiff cock and picked up a mini duster with her left hand and held it up beside the stiff red one she had been using.

    "Are you aware that I am equally talented with both hands?" she teased as his eyes widened at the mere thought of what she intended to do with that duster.

    "Please...please no more teasing ..no more feathers..god I can't take it..please let me cum..."

    Placing the duster under his balls, she twirled it and said "Come on honey you can take it, I'm having so much fun and I haven't even finished stripping for you."

    "You want me to take my bra off don't you?"

    With that she reached up with her right hand, the one containing the long stiff feather and grabbed the clasp on the front of her black lacy push up bra while she continued dusting his hopelessly horny balls.

    "NOOOOO I can't bear it," he pleaded..."no more feathers...not with your bra off..please mercy... NOOOOO."

    The merciless woman looked down at her helpless captive, smiled wickedly, and popped the clasp on her bra. Her breasts sprung out into full view and they were perfect. Large, round, soft and gorgeous. They were absolutely delicious. She shook them for him and pinched her own nipples as his cock twitched and jerked with delight at the view he was now experiencing.

    "What do you think?" She asked as she bent over giving him the full view of her awesome cleavage.

    Before he had a chance to answer her question, Yvette dropped the feathers and grabbed his cock in her soft little hands and begin to work it over with reckless abandoned and with absolutely no regard for the extreme nature of the sexual torment he was forced to endure.

    "Don't worry..she cooed as he moaned and begged for release, "I can work you over all night if I want and there is no chance for you to have any relief at all at least until I say so."

    "Remember when we started playing here a couple of hours ago and I coated your cock with that thick red liquid that felt so warm and made your cock tingle so good?"

    She continued. "That red liquid is an orgasm inhibiting solution. It makes your cock hyper-senstive to all stimulation...even the slightest touch of a sofffttt feather will drive you mad as you well know but here's the fun part, until I apply the antidote .....no matter what I do to you, YOU CAN"T CUM!"

    "Not even if I were to take my stockings and heels off my pretty little bare feet and wrap my tickly little tootsies around your rock hard shaft and do my worst and trust me, I know how much you like my tickly little bare feet."

    "Please," he begged..."You wouldn't, you couldn't, YOU WON'T!"

    Sitting back she propped her high heeled feet up in front of him and begin to slowly slip her shoes off her feet revealing her silky stocking covered feet and toes.

    "What georgeous damn feet", he thought to himself as she began to play with his shaft and balls with her perfect little feet. He knew he was in for a long hard night and there wasn't a damn thing he could do but lay there and suffer.

    At that point all he could think about was how under different circumstances the perfect curves of her ticklish bare feet and those wiggling toes, those perfect little toes, would be sooo good for him but with him bound completely helpless in this chair, they were just another wicked device of unbearable teasing torture in the arsenal of this wickedly gorgeous tease mistress, Yvette.

    Her feet felt so good stroking and playing up and down the length of his engorged shaft and her toes, her exquisite little toes, were wiggling playfully under his big horny balls. He was so unbelievably horny and also so unbelievably helpless and this was proving to be a completely unbearable mix. He could not believe that this was happening to him. He simply could not endure anymore of this teasing treatment. He had to have relief; relief from her soffftt bare soles, relief from those wiggly little toes, from the gorgeous bare breasts, and the feathers..those damnable feathers she had so expertly used before switching to the foot treatment he was now receiving. ....But he had no choice, no other option but to endure the teasing torture she was inflicting.

    "Do you like my feet, Hon?" Yvette cooed as she increased the intensity of the tease by wrapping her soft, milky white arches around his ever swelling member and beginning that awful up and down stroking action she seemed to be so fond of.

    "heeeheee..."she giggled sexily as her bare feet stroked up and down the shaft of his cock.

    "I have such ticklish feet.... I'll bet you like that, don't you?"

    This torment continued for what seemed like an eternity to the young man until finally he snapped and shouted...

    "OK OK dammit, I'll talk...I'll tell you where the cash is...I'll do anything you want just please let me come!" "Please, he whimpered, I can't take it...I can't take anymore....please"

    Yvette giggled again and began to rub his shaft softly with one barefoot while the toes of her other lil' bare foot were playfully wiggling under his balls.

    "Sorry hon, but I have explicit instructions from the boss to keep your big hard cock amused until further notice."

    She smiled wickedly and lifted both of her pretty bare feet up in front of his pleading eyes and sexily wiggled her toes at him before once again slowly wrapping her soft, milky white arches around the shaft of his big, fat, hyper teased cock.

    "Noooooooooo please," he begged as she began the up and down slow motion stroking that drove him soooo crazy.

    "Pleaseeeeeeee" he pleaded, his eyes wide as they focused on the Yvette's pretty little feet and wiggly little toes and the unbearable pleasure he was receiving from the combination of the two.

    His cock got harder, fatter, and more sensitive with each silky stroke between Yvette's soft, sexy feet. He managed to tear his eyes away from her feet just long enough to see Yvette pinching and tugging at her rock hard nipples, obviously enjoying her work. This drove him mad and then it happened...things got much worse.

    He felt a tickling sensation and tore his eyes away from Yvettes bare feet to see that she was lightly tickling the soles of his helpless bare feet. Her nipples were rock hard, her bare feet were expertly tormenting his helpless cock, and her long red nails were teasing the arches of his feet.

    "hehehhheheheehhee", he giggled. "No hohoohoh pleasheheheheeeee...my feet are very ticklish...hhhhahahahhhhhahahaheheeheee"

    "Great", Yvette cooed...that's perfect... for me anyway....Kootchhhyyy koooo she teased..such a delightfully ticklish little man."

    She increased the intensity of the foot tickling and the cock teasing at the same instant getting an incredible response from her captive.

    "HHHAAAAHAHAHAHheheehehehehehhnooooooooooohhohohoh ohaha......
    pleasehehehehehehehehehehehehe", he laughed uncontrollably.

    His laughter grew in volume and intensity but his laughter was not the only thing that grew. It seemed that this intoxicating cocktail of feet, feathers, teasing, bouncing breasts, and tickling had an incredible effect on his poor cock as well.

    Over the course of 30 minutes that this treatment was administered, his cock swelled to twice it's normal girth and grew six full inches in length, effectively doubling the amount of teasable cock flesh. His cock was swelling and growing with each stroke and each tickle and it seemed obvious to Yvette that it was becoming more and more sensitive by the minute. It was more apparent to her captive than it was to Yvette.

    Yvette was getting wildly horny herself and ultimately decided she wanted to share the wealth.

    She thought to herself, "if this cock keeps growing, it's going to be way to big for just one girl to play with effectively.: "I wonder how big we can get it to grow?"

    "Hmmmmmmm" she purred, the thought of a giant, hyper teased cock to play with really appealed to the wicked tease MIstress.

    She continued to tickle his feet and foot tease his shaft while she daydreamed about her captive's cock swelling to 4 or 5 feet in length and at least that fat. She imagined having it suspended straight up in the air, completely helpless and unbearably horny for unfettered play with her friends. She imagined it big and fat enough that she and her friends could hug it and rub their entire bodies up and down the shaft. She imagined herself luxuriously licking the head and that sensitive area under the shaft, all the while rubbing her body up and down the huge over teased cock. Her captive would agree to anything to stop the teasing as her friends Shannon and Ashley feathered his swollen balls unmercifully with huge fluffy dusters.

    Of course, they would refuse to offer any relief to the horny bastard. This vision drove her mad and she immediately called for the assistance of two of her girlfriends.

    She continued to torment her captive as she anxiously awaited the arrival of Shannon and Ashley. Her captive knew the reality of the situation and that his only option was to endure and await the arrival of Yvette's friends, who were sure to be absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and also experts in the fine art of tease.

    By the time Shannon and Ashley arrived, Yvette was completely naked. She was obviously wildly aroused as she didn't notice the two girls enter. She was way too busy tickling her captive's very sensitive bare feet to even notice the two gorgeous blondes in the doorway. Shannon and Ashley, dressed in cheerleader outfits were both blonde and very beautiful. They had huge breasts, gorgeous asses, and both appeared to have tiny little feet. They watched quietly for a moment as Yvette alternated between wickedly tickling the mans' captive bare feet and aggressively stroking his cock up and down with her fur covered fingers. She was wearing fur covered mittens.

    "What a horny little minx..." they thought to themselves.

    Yvette's prisoner was alternating between laughing hysterically and moaning and groaning with an intensity that was equal the teasing treatment he was being forced to endure. The two girls were amazed at the length and girth of the poor man's cock. They had never seen anything like this and were more than ready to enter the fray and had several ideas as to how they could add more sexual heat to this scene.

    Not only were they prepared to torment Yvette's captive but they were also ready and willing to see just how much teasing Yvette could take in her overly aroused condition. They knew Yvette was very ticklish and they knew her captive had an unbearable weakness for watching pretty women being tickled, especially on their bare tootsies. That was all the information they needed. The time was right and they lept into action.

    They grabbed Yvette from behind and quickly cuffed her wrists together and forced her into a sitting position on the bench directly in front of the overly aroused man. Yvette protested as they secured her wrists high over her head. Then they stepped back to admire their handy work. Shannon slowly slipped off her blouse revealing her huge round breasts which were straining the lacy pink push up bra she wore. Her nipples, like Yvette's were rock hard as she began to slowly play with the helpless mans engorged cock adding greatly to his torment and frustration. Shannon drove him to the brink over and over again with her tiny, soft hands while Ashley began to tease Yvette's rock hard nipples with her own feathers.

    Yvette tried to reason with the two gorgeous women and then resorted to pleading.

    Ashley and Shannon were NOT interested and continued to work on the two captives.

    Yvette now found herself in quite a spot and began to understand the torment her male captive had endured at her hands and was now enduring under the expert hands of Tease mistress Shannon. She was so damn horny and in desperate need of relief but Ashley seemed to be completely contented with simply teasing her hyper sensitive nipples with those awful feathers.

    She looked over at Shannon who was now taking her bra off and exposing her huge pink breasts to her captive. He managed to take his eyes off the feather treatment Yvette's nipples were receiving and pitifully begged for mercy as Shannon popped the clasp on her bra and allowed her breasts to spring out into full view. This seemed to have a strong effect of poor Yvette who was now having her ankles placed into the padded holes on the stocks which had been placed in front of the captive male.

    Just when it seemed that his sexual torment could reach no higher realm, he realized what was in store for him and for Yvette and he also realized that he would never be able to bear it but he had no choice in the matter.

    "Not that....anything but that" he pleaded as the georgeous bare breasted woman before him picked up the intensity of the hand treatment he was receiving.

    His deeply tormented moans and cries for release were met with the uncontrollable giggling and laughter that Ashley was forcing from poor Yvette.

    "Kootchy Kootchy Koooo...", she teased as she tickled the soles of Yvette's helpless bare feet. "Koootchy Koootchhy Koo...."

    HEEHEHEHEHHHAHAHAHAHAHEH noOOOOOOOO PLEAAHEHEHEHEHSEEEE HAHAHAH Yvette laughed as the beautiful wench tickled her tiny little toes....

    Yvette's was unbelievably ticklish on her bare feet and in her aroused condition her ticklishness had escalated to new heights. Her lusty giggles and haughty laughter rang out throughout the chamber. The captive man's eyes were riveted on Yvette's wiggling toes and the dancing feathers and the laughter, the delicious laughter was driving him mad.

    His entire body felt like one big sex organ, one over-teased hyper sensitive sexual toy and he was at the mercy of experts who had no other intention than to play incessantly with that toy.

    He felt as if his entire being would explode unless he could find relief but he knew in his heart that was not an option. Lost in the sheer eroticism of the situation he was suddenly jarred back to reality when Shannon sat bare breasted in front of him and said...

    "How about my bare feet hon? Would your cock enjoy some attention from my bare feet?"

    "Kootchyyyy koo", Ashley cooooed as she dropped the feathers and began to tickle Yvette's helpless bare feet with perfectly manicured finger nails.

    "Kittcchhhyyy koooo."

    Yvette burst into another uncontrollable fit of lusty laughter as her captor picked up the intensity of her tickling torment.


    "Such a tickly wickly lil' girl ...such tickly widdle footsies and oh so horny too", teased Ashley who allowed her attention to wander from Yvette's deliciously ticklish bare feet to her rock hard and obviously throbbing nipples.

    As the level of the giggling and teasing escalated so did the twitching and jerking of the man's helpless cock.


    Yvette was giggling, laughing, and pleading for mercy. She was covered in sweat and unbelievably horny.... in desperate need of some relief from the awful sexual frustration she was experiencing.

    Ashley would have none of that however and continued to tickle her victim's bare feet and tease her verbally which not only drove Yvette wild but was also having a strong impact on the hopelessly horny bank executive who was watching this incredibly kinky scene with wild eyed lust.

    Shannon pinched her own nipples while her feet continued to work their exquisitely erotic magic on her captive's helplessly engorged member. His cock twitched, jerked , and leaked long streams of pre-cum as it was forced to endure the teasing ministrations of Shannon's very sexy bare feet. Up and down and up and down her soft lil bare feet stroked without any regard for the teasing effect she was having on her male victim. Then, without warning, she would wiggle her sexy bare toes under his swollen balls before capturing his rock hard shaft once again between the soft, milky white arches of her bare tootsies.

    "Her feet are soooo sofftttttt", the man thought to himself as Yvette burst out into another lusty fit of uncontrollable giggling. "Sooo damn soffttt."

    By this time, both Ashley and Shannon were completely naked and extremely aroused and as you might expect, their helpless male captive was in a state of sexual delirium in which every stroke of a soft, bare sole, every tickle of a wiggly little toe, every lusty giggle, or kooootchy kooootchy kooo was driving his arousal level past anything he had ever experienced and for that matter, past anything he'd ever even fantasized about.

    The tickling, the teasing, the bare feet, the gorgeous breasts, the feathers, and his own helplessness were combined into a raw sexual cocktail which he had no way of finishing.

    He was experiencing a never ending drink full of passion and sexual tension and combined with all his wildest fantasies. His hottest pleasure filled dreams had suddenly become his worst nightmares. He was completely drunk with desire and all consumed with the need to cum, the unbearable need for relief that he knew these beautiful women had no intention of providing.

    He watched with pleading eyes as Ashley kneeled in front of Yvette's ticklish feet and stuck out her hot, wet tongue.

    Yvettes eyes widened with panic and she managed to plead "NO, please, no..you bitch ..no more..I can't take anymore."

    "Bitch?", Ashley responded. "Now is that any way to speak to someone who's just about to give your bare feet the most exquisite tongue bath of all time?"

    "Hmmmmmmm?" Ashley gave Yvette's left sole a lonnngggg luxurious lick and then proceeded to devoure both helpless feet with her hot wet tongue.

    Yvette laughed uncontrollably.

    She most definitely would have protested but she was way too busy laughing.

    Just then Shannon slipped down between her male captive's wide spread legs and began to devour his over teased, hyper sensitive sex organ with her tongue and of course she couldn't resist tickling teasing his horny balls with a pair of feathers because she knew this would add greatly to the horny man's suffering. She just couldn't resist.

    Our very horny and very helpless bank executive was enduring the most intensely erotic sexual experience of his life. His hottest and wildest sexual fantasies were coming true and the reality of this situation was far more arousing than he could have ever imagined.

    His hottest sexual fantasies had in effect become his worst nightmare.

    The busty beauty, Ashley, was completely naked, absolutely gorgeous, and seated between his legs intently stroking his hard cock with her soft little hands. She was expertly tickling his balls with a long stiff white feather and he was responding to every stroke and tickle.

    His cock was jerking and twitching uncontrollably as it was expertly manipulated by this beautiful young woman. He was helplessly suffering the erotic torments of this gorgeous naked woman while watching her friend Shannon, who was equally beautiful and equally naked, tickle the bare feet of his original captor, Yvette. The kootchhy koos were maddening as his eyes were riveted on Yvette's little toes wiggle and flex under the wiggly fingers of her captor.

    Yvette's lusty laughter was driving him out of his mind. Her pitiful pleas for mercy continually dissolved into fits of uncontrollable giggles which drove the young bank executive's arousal level higher and higher until he thought he would simply explode.

    Just when the eroticism of this ultra kinky scene appeared to be reaching it's climax..... through the door charged 2 beautiful ladies who had been hired by the bank to locate and save our horny executive while also preserving the top secret information for which he had been captured and was being tormented for.

    These two ladies were Deb and Jennifer, both dark haired Italian beauties with dark eyes and georgeous bodies, both dressed in full police uniforms which accentuated their large full breasts and perky round bottoms and more importantly, both very very well versed in the fine art of foot tickling.

    Immediately upon seeing the predicament the young man found himself in, they decided to have a little tease and tickle fun of their own.

    They immediately ordered Shannon and Ashley to stop tickling Yvette's soft little bare feet and to free Yvette from the stocks. The two girls were very reluctant to comply but decided to cooperate when they realized that Deb and Jennifer were law enforcement agents who could call down the authorities at any time.

    Poor Yvette was still giggling uncontrollably as they unfastened the restraining stocks and released her ticklish bare feet from their bondage. Her delicious little toes continued to wiggle unconciously as they were released from captivity.

    When the two girls released her wrists, Yvette, who was completely naked and obviously awfully horny, shamelessly began to stroke herself trying desperately to relieve the unbearable sexual tension that had been building for hours while she was forced to endure wicked tickling and teasing at the hands of Ashley and Shannon. Her bare feet had been feather tickled, her toes teased, and her soles lavishly licked. Her nipples had been feather teased as had her clitty. She was desperately close to release when Deb and Jennifer firmly instructed her to control herself and to place Shannon and Ashley in the stocks or she would face federal prosecution for kidnapping and sexual torment.

    With a look of wild eyed sexual frustration, Yvette abandoned pleasuring herself and quickly restrained Ashley and Shannon side by side in the tandem stocks.

    While Yvette was busy securing Ashley and Shannon in the same predicament she had been in, Deb and Jennifer walked over to the helpless executive and each picked up a long fluffy red feather. The helpless young man twisted and strained in his bonds and began to plead for release.

    "Please," he pleaded, "I thought you were here to help me...no more teasing, no more..please ..I can't bare any more...please let me cum...I need relief"

    Jennifer waved the feather sexily above his raging hard on and answered...

    "We are here to help you darling and we will help you..... all in good time, but right now we just can't resist having a little fun so be patient and besides you seem to really enjoy these feathers.....Koootchy kooo...kitchhyyy kitchhyy koooo..such a tickly widdle cock"

    With that, the two busty cops began to feather his cock up and down and up and down and each stroke was met by his desperate pleas for release.

    "Please... oh my God....pleaseeeeee!"

    "Teeheehhee," giggled Deb seductively, "he is truely one horny little man."

    "You know," Jennifer mused, "it seems such a shame to waste a big horny hard cock like this...hmmmm, what do you say we let poor Yvette pleasure herself with it?"

    "NOOOOOOOOOOOO," the captive man screamed.

    "You wouldn't do that...you couldn't...Please..as horny as she is it will take hours to fully satisfy her and I simply won't be able to bare it."

    "I'm so horny I'll explode..all the tickling and the teasing and the feathers and the giggling...please no ......MERCY!"

    "You're exactly right," Deb purred, "you are horny and you won't be able to stand it and that is what makes it all so delicious. But more importantly, the next time you are approached by a gorgeous woman with big round tits, a beautiful round ass, pretty little feet, and a handful of soft tickle feathers, you'll think twice before allowing yourself to be drawn into her web....won't you?"

    Deb's tone then took a more serious tone. "A man in your position and responsibility with the bank simply can't be too careful especially a man with your particular weaknesses for bare feet, feathers, beautiful women, and tickling!"

    "Why, when a girl can break you down by simply stroking up and down your hard dick with a feather or by wiggling her toesies under your balls, you should be real careful not to let yourself be stripped and tied like this because we all know how wicked women can be when allowed full access to a cock like yours....Don't we," she giggled.

    Both Deb and Jennifer turned to find Yvette restraining Shannon and Ashley's wrists high overhead and once the two naked beauties were completely restrained, Yvette looked at Deb for further instructions.

    Deb gave the man's cock one last luxurious stroke with the feather, looked into the hopelessly horny man's eyes, and then looked back at Yvette and instructed her to mount the bound man and enjoy herself until she was fully relieved. Deb handed Yvette the fluffy feathers knowing that the young bank executive would not be able to cum until they applied the antidote to the anti-orgasm solution that Yvette had applied to his cock earlier in the day. Deb and Jennifer had the antidote and would apply it but not just yet...not until he had fully learned his lesson, and not until they had had some fun with Shannon and Ashleys perfect little ticklish feet.

    Oh how they enjoyed tickling soft little feet with creamy white arches and those chubby little toes were simply unbelievable. For a brief moment both Deb and Jennifer felt a little bit of compassion for the hopelessly aroused bank executive, knowing how he must have suffered with these two beauties naked before him using their perfect bare tootsies to toy with his rock hard erection while tickling Yvette's creamy soft little size fives.

    Yvette, stark naked, wildly horny, and fluffy feathers in hand gleefully mounted the helpless young bank executive and began her wild assault on his hyper sensitive, over teased hard on. As she bucked and pitched atop the helpless man, she feathered his nipples and armpits eliciting uncontrollable giggling from him in addition to deep moans of arousal and of course, pitiful pleas for relief.

    "Kootchhhhy koooo...Koootchhhyyy koottchhhy koooo," Yvette teased as she rode his massive erection.

    "Please he pleaded...please hee hee hee," he gigggled as the sensations from his cock and nipples were combining to drive his frustration factor to a new level. His giggles turned into hysterical laughter when Yvette, who was experiencing the first of many earth shattering orgasms, dropped the feathers and began to intensely tickle the poor man's under arms.

    "NOOOOOOO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO....NOOOO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO", he laughed as Yvette continued to ride his manhood and tickle his sensitive underarms.

    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Yvette squealed as she exploded in yet another powerful orgasm. Still, she was not completely relieved from the built up sexual teasing and torment she had endured at the hands of Ashley and Shannon and she continued to buck and pitch wildly on her big rock hard play toy.

    "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH," she moaned, continuing her tickle attack on the poor mans underarms.

    He was in big trouble and he knew it. Even through the tickling and teasing, he could see what was about to happen and knew that the worst was yet to come. What he saw was Deb and Jennifer now both topless, closing in on Shannon and Ashley's lovely bare tootsies which were trapped in the restraining stocks and the panicked looks in their eyes as they stared at the feathers in their captors hands betrayed to him that their soft little bare feet were indeed as ticklish as they were gorgeous.

    "Tell us girls," Deb said twirling a lonnggggggggg stiff white feather in her fingers, "Are your widdle piggies ticklish?"

    "No please don't!," Ashley blurted out...."Not that....anything but that...my feet are too ticklish!"

    Ashley and Shannon had enjoyed tickling Yvette's bare feet and teasing the bank executives helpless cock. They had enjoyed it oh so much but now the shoe was on the other foot so to speak, and they both knew that it was time to pay the piper and much to their dismay, both the pipers were gorgeous, topless, and seated in front of their hopelessly ticklish bare feet with feathers in their hands and a serious kootchhyyy koootchhy kooo session on their minds.

    "Kitty kitty kittty," Deb purred as she began applying the feathers under Ashley's pretty little toes.

    "No No No... please no," Ashley managed to shout before melting into a wild fit of sexy giggling.

    Deb continued stroking the beautiful woman's captive toes with her feathers and Ashley continued to laugh. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..HO HO HO OH NO HO HO HO HO HO HO," her lusty laughter echoed throughout the room.

    Her beautiful breasts heaved and jiggled as her toes and soles were forced to endure a very intensive feathering at the hands of the busty police office. Both the tickler and the ticklee had beautiful bare breasts. Both sets of nipples were rock hard and standing at attention affirming that both the tickler and the ticklee were horny and aroused.

    Much like Ashley's lil feet, Shannon's bare feet were also being tickled and Jennifer was showing the busty blonde absolutely no mercy as she stroked her toes and soles and verbally teased the helpless girl who was completely consumed by the laughter caused by the tickling sensations being perpetrated on her helpless bare feet.

    Shannon's pretty little feet were oh so soft and unbelievably ticklish and Jennifer, who was obviously enjoying herself, was cruelly exploring her most sensitive spots....her creamy soft arches and the hyper ticklish areas between her tickly widdle toes.

    Both naked girls were sweating profusely. They were also laughing and giggling uncontrollably.

    Both captives continually threw their heads back and the lusty laughter would literally explode from their pouty lips. Deb and Jennifer were tireless in their tickle assault and the kootcchyyyy koos and the giggles, the bouncing breasts and the wiggling toes were all combining to drive the horny bank executive out of his mind while at the same time driving Yvette to one explosive orgasm after another.

    This erotic scene had continued for nearly an hour when Yvette exploded in one last earth shattering orgasm and lifted herself off her helpless and horny play toy. In sharp contrast to her toy, she was fully spent and completely satisfied. As she tried to catch her breath, she looked to Deb for more instructions.

    Deb and Jennifer put down their feathers, pulled a bottle of thick red liquid from a black bag on the floor and handed the bottle to Yvette.

    "This is the antidote to the anti orgasm solution," Deb told her.

    "Coat your bare feet and toes in this liquid and sit down between his legs."
    "Use your bare feet unmercifully on his cock until he stops cumming."

    "While you do that, we are going to continue enjoying these ticklish bare feet."

    With that proclamation, they both began to foot tickle Shannon and Ashley with renewed vigor only now, wickedly with their long red nails.

    Both Shannon and Ashley once again erupted in hysterical laughter when the long red nails began their ticklish dance across their naked foot flesh.

    "HO HO HO HO HO NOOOO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO," they both laughed while Yvette coated her bare feet and toes in the thick red liquid and settled in to play with the bank executives hard cock.

    The foot tickling scene combined with Yvettes expert foot action was simply more than our hero could bear and he exploded almost instantly, shooting his sticky seed everywhere. He had no more than stopped coming until he was on his way to yet another explosive orgasm and then another and another.

    After the non stop teasing he had endured he was cumming buckets and begging for more and the georgeous beauty who had his cock trapped between her silky soft soles was more than willing to oblige working him feverishly with her bare feet and sexy toes while he reveled in the lusty laughter and hysterical pleading of Shannon and Ashley.

    Forty five minutes and one dozen orgasms later he exploded like a volcano, once again showering the area with his seed and then completely exhausted, he passed out.

    He awoke 24 hours later. He was still completely nude and bound but now he was in his own office. His secretary, Brooke, was sitting between his legs with a big fluffy feather duster in one hand and a long stiff white feather in the other.

    "Welcome back sir," she cooed as she stroked his flaccid cock to full erection with the duster while teasing his nipples with the other feather.

    "Welcome back!" She was naked and georgeous and he was helpless!

    "What is the meaning of this Brooke?" he questioned, hoping his official tone would convince her to release him.

    "Sir," she cooed, "I've been instructed to train you how to withstand this type of treatment in case you're ever kidnapped again." "The president of the bank, Ms. Feathere, has instructed me to take all the time we need and to spare no expense in your training, therefore, I have taken the liberty of procuring the services of four professional women who are all well versed in this type of training but they won't be here for several hours yet."

    "They are flying in from Sweden."

    "All are gorgeous, blonde amazons..in case you're interested."

    "Not to worry though, you and I can have some fun until they arrive...I'll get you ready for them," she giggled, "if you know what I mean."

    His eyes widened as his cock stiffened and tears formed in his eyes as he began to plead with her. In his heart, however, he knew he was in for a LONG HARD week.

    "Kootchy kitchhy kooo," she giggled as Ms. Feathere entered the office.

    Please feel free to continue the story and comment..Constructive criticism is welcomed.

    Also I know that some of the talented artists in the community could create some wonderful illustrations.

    Thanks for reading my story!

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    I must say, that's impressive that you would still have this story... and it is a very nice story at that!


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