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    My Boss's Ticklish Feet! M/M

    My Boss is incredibly ticklish especially on his size 11 feet and sure wishes he wasn't under my control but Luke Edmonds aged 36 yrs so 5yrs older than me and married sure wishes I didn't know about his affair with his PA and blackmailed to keep my lips sealed as married to the CEO's daughter divorce ruining his personal and professional reputations! He never imagined satisfying the kinky, perverted lusts of a man as into his feet the way I am! Initially we'd only had limited contact; I working in the accounts dept had no call to associate with him though if crossing paths were always friendly and polite and I always drawn to looking at his feet in black weejun loafer shoes and black socks and wondering how they looked, smelled, felt and if sensitive, just how ticklish as finding Mr. Edmonds attractive!

    Needless to say I have damaging evidence including cctv coverage of he with Sandra in a compromising position in his office after hours so Luke knows in his interest to keep me happy and so long as he does so, his relationship with Sandra continues as I insist it does. The non-consensual arrangement on his part began 6 months ago when I confronted him in his office directly having requested albeit via his PA to meet him there as I needed to discuss a business account with him!

    I never imagined discovering his PA Sandra worked overtime for him but it made sense her accompanying him on his business trips as I now do, his having explained to her that it was looking suspicious to his wife Dianne that Sandra was with him and in both their interests to prevent suspicion which Sandra accepted but the truth being that I instructed him to alter the arrangement! We sharing a bedroom is more economical so a change welcomed by his father-in-law and for obvious reasons something insisted on by me! On my arrival he making it clear that the usual channel would be via my dept Manager; Mr. Curtis but his appreciating his being out of the office for the week agreeing to see me.

    I then surprised him and literally took control. To say Mr. Edmonds shocked an understatement but soon made aware I'd been thorough in my detective work and wondered what I wanted, offering me an immediate pay rise and even a brand new company car and shocked when I told him what I wanted, initially he laughed saying that he was sure something else more appealing as his feet in socks and shoes all day smelly and sweaty!

    "Your choice either you comply with my demands or risk losing everything and chose tonight to meet as intercepted your call so know your wife away you're due to meet Sandra later but a meeting you'll be cancelling as you'll be busy home entertaining a house guest and likely the duration of the weekend! I think you know I'm not fooling Luke, do we understand eachother?"

    He nodded looking defeated and saying again he quite sure my finding my idea not as appealing as I imagined and so told him to lie on the floor which he did and then pulled off both loafer shoes and saw inside them a size 11 and two masculine smelling black socked feet! I told him to rub his socked feet together which he did under the threat of me tickling his feet if he didn't! I then told him to stop and replace his shoes as we were going to his home and he knew not to argue.

    At his place he called Sandra cancelling their meeting making out he had some work to catch up on but soon instead was secured to his own bed having as told stripped to briefs and black socks! I had him on his stomach and gagged and blindfold as had my bondage equipment with me and veru lightly glided a finger over each socked sole in turn from heel to toes and he squirmed immediately determined not to verbally react and afford me that satisfaction so persisted in tracing my finger up n' down one nylon sole and then the other as he shook uncontrollably!

    "Mr. Edmonds; Luke being stubborn won't help you but if you insist I can stroke each of your soles lightly like this as I've a secret too and that's I'm a foot fiend and have fantasised playing with your feet since joining the company 6 mths ago, you spoke to Mr. Curtis in my interview and caught my attention then and had a good look at your feet and know you always wear black nylon socks and a fabric known for making feet sweat and sweaty feet the most sensitive! You're proving this and finger tracing your nylon socked toes you'll eventually be unable to hold your natural reaction being so ticklish; to laugh and "

    “Hahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA!” bingo!

    "There we go Luke that's more like it and let's traced my finger here over this sole to your toes and feel the tickle!" I taunted and Luke did!


    I told him I loved his defenseless feet as I lightly stroked over the arches of both size 11's and ran fingers to his socked toes and stroked over them and told him I'd remove his gag if he'd keep quiet and having done so I stroked both socked soles simultaneously!


    I whispered in his ear "You can take it and you will take it and that's all there is to it and too much isn't enough!"

    I gently brushed my fingers up n' down the sole of Luke's right foot briskly maintaining a steady pace keeping him giggling like a girl!

    “Hehehehe Stop it! STOP IT! Hahahahahaha!HahahaHAHAHAA!! I SAID STOP ITHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaahahahahaha!"

    I kept stroking his soles and alternating from foot to foot extracting as much ticklish torment from him as possible and intensified the pressure and speed of the tickling to achieve this objective! Running my fingers relentlessly over both ticklish soles sending him berserk!


    I tickled up n' down both black socked soles and every inch of his feet, no area untouched as the ticklish sensations escalated and still he made vain attempts to escape the ticklish strokes and stopped to let him catch his breath. I told him that I was gald it tickled him so much and there was no escaping my fixation on his feet and new rules as daily he'd arrive an hour early to work and as well as tickled, his feet lickled by me so he'd begin the day with saliva lubed feet so wet inside his socks having had his socked and barefeet massaged by me! I then re-gagged him!

    I was soon occupied stroking his socked soles seeing his toes clench and splay on his flexing feet trying to resist the insidious tickling sensations but impossible with he having two so sensitive size 11 feet. I then told him it was time to bare his sole, each foot in turn and slid the black nylon socks from his feet and there were both soles; smooth and warm and had a good feel and fondle of them both and my fingers stroking over his bare soles and dancing the length of them brought muffled giggles from him. I glided my fingers over his sweaty soles and toes, frantically tickling them to gain a mega ticklish reaction from him!

    He clenched his toes toes to try and numb the ticklish sensation but in doing so he was engaged in fighting a losing battle!

    I intensified my stroking up n' down the soles of his feet as he grew exhausted and stopped resisting the ticklish strokes which I continued subjecting him to enduring but lighter so a little more bearable but still ticklish! It was torture for him and he embarrassed and humiliated as I told him with feet as sensitive as his that I would enjoy being his traveling companion on business meetings as every night his feet would be warm n' sweaty from the day so perfect for a thorough tongue bath from me!

    Then I indulging in slowly and teasingly running my fingers up n' down both soles of his feet relentlessly and ruthlessly engaging in merciless tickle torture and intensifying in response to any show of resistance from him, more intense tickles to deal with! Luke's size 11 feet are off the scale ticklish so have a magnetic attraction to me that I cannot and will not resist accepting and honouring since both are presented to me by him albeit involuntarily! I licked my fingers and slid them up n' down the length of Mr. Edmond's feet!

    "It's great knowing just how ticklish you are Mr Edmonds I verbally teased and taunted him saying "I know how ticklish you are, such amazingly ticklish and licklish feet!" I whispered menacingly as I lightly stroked over his arches and over his toes and up n' down his bare soles of his ultra-ticklish feet!

    All of his wiggling toes only inches from my face I could smell the natural scent of Luke'ss gorgeous feet and an aphrodisiac for this foot and tickle lover and leaned into both bare soles and deeply inhaled his raunchy foot smell and stroked over the length of his soles and picked up the speed of my tickling tormenting tortuous touch along the length of his bare soles and toes!

    I tickled the soles of his feet repeatedly as Luke squirmed helplessly and laughed himself silly! I then slowly and methodically indulged in stroking the soles of Mr Edmond's feet, up n' down the smooth, sweat moistened soles making sure all he could focus and concentrate on happening was his feet being used and abused by me for my selfish pleasure and he being driven nuts!

    More lickling followed and then a more intense ticklisn indulged in by me with reckless abandon and mercilessly making Luke suffer intense ticklish agony and unable to suppress any laughter as the tickle torture intensified! My fingers slid in between his toes and glided over his smooth arches as he tried and failed to muster the strength to maintain his decorum enduring intensified torture tickling now more intensely from me as I tickled then stopped and tickled and stopped and tickled and stopped controlling and dominating him and his reactions!

    "Mr Edmonds you're my tickle puppet and I'm the puppateer and pulling your strings and intend lickling and tickling your size 11 feet regularly so as said daily you arriving at work an hour early so you begin every day with feet wet with my salivaand your sweat, one evening a week at my place your feet submitted to me and we will always travel together to business meetings in the country and abroad so sharing a bedroom, you know what to expect enduring from me wherever we are in the world!"

    Saying this I deeply inhaled the smell of his feet before licking the soles again from heels to toes and again indulging in subjecting him to more diabolical ticklish torment on his super sensitive size 11 feet!

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    Keep up the great work

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