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    Tickles long ago (M/F)

    Here are some tickling experiences I had with a girlfriend many years ago. It's my first time putting any of my tickling adventures into writing, so bear with me.

    First some background. The summer after my freshman year in college, I went back to my hometown. Sarah was a cute Asian girl with a big smile (which I would get to see *plenty* of as the summer progressed...), just a couple weeks away from graduating from high school. She went to the same high school as I had, but we had not know each other very well. One evening I was at a cafe, when Sarah came in. We recognized each other, and she came over and sat with me. After chatting for a bit, Sarah mentioned she had a calculus exam coming up and she was nervous. I offered to help her study and gave her my phone number. She called the next day, and we got together to study. From that point on we were basically joined at the hip. We stayed together until 2 am that evening, and met up the next morning to go to a music/art festival in town, and spent the whole day together. We went back to the festival the next day, and ended up making out in the park. In all, I don't think we spent more than a couple days apart the whole summer.

    My first tickling experience with Sarah happened late one evening shortly after we started seeing each other. We met up for a walk and headed to a nearby park. I was living with my parents after a year away at college, and Sarah still lived with her parents, so we didn't have much privacy, and we ended up making out on the grass at the park. As we were making out, I slid my hand under Sarah's shirt and started gently tickling her side. I could feel her squirm around, and eventually she let out a laugh and said "Oooh, that tickles!" I asked if she wanted me to stop, worried the fun might be over. I'll never forget her answer: "You don't have to stop, it makes me feel like a kitten!" I spent the next 15 minutes tickling Sarah's stomach, sides, and back while we made out on the ground. Eventually it was time to go, and I walked Sarah home.

    Another time, Sarah and I were lying on the couch at my parents' house watching a movie. Periodically I would tickle her sides, and she would giggle. When the movie ended, I started tickling her sides some more, gently but persistently. She stared at me and made a serious face, obviously trying to suppress a laugh. I kept going, and soon she broke down and started laughing. I challenged her to try to withstand 30 seconds of tickling without laughing. She agreed, so I started gently stroking her waist while counting out loud. Now I knew that if I wanted, I could make her laugh right away, so I started slowly, using five fingertips on each side. When I got up to 10, I gradually tickled faster, and also let my hands move up a little higher on her sides. Sarah's mouth pull into a smile, and I could see she was struggling. At 20, she was using all the willpower she had to keep from laughing. I gradually tickled faster and faster, and at the count of 28 she broke down and laughed. I rubbed her back and kissed her, and asked her if she thought she could make it for 20 seconds. She said yes, so I started the process again. Again I increased the intensity, and at 19 seconds she started laughing. Sarah never had a chance . We repeated the process with 15 seconds, 10 seconds, and five seconds. Finally I asked her if she could make it one second, and when she said she thought she could, I dug in and she started laughing immediately. The whole things was a playful yet intimate experience.

    I've always been a fan of ladies feet, especially when they're ticklish. Sarah's feet were on the larger side, which made her self conscious, so she wasn't always the biggest fan of me playing with them. I did get to tickle her feet a few times, though. My next story involves some foot tickling and bondage. I had a pair of handcuffs, which I got from my college roommate. He had broken up with his girlfriend so no longer needed them, and he traded the handcuffs to me for a pack of cigarettes (he and I both smoked back then). I asked Sarah if she should let me handcuff her and tickle her, and though she was a little nervous, she agreed. We got on my bed, and I cuffed Sarah's hands in front of her. Then I laid her face down on the bed, folder her legs up so that her feet were near her butt, and sat on her legs so she couldn't straighten them (not with my whole weight though, I didn't want to hurt her). From there I had great access to her feet, back, sides, and waist, all of which were prime tickle targets. I started by scratching her lower back, and Sarah immediately began laughing and jerking around. I alternated a while between her back, sides, and waist. Each time I switched locations, the jerking and laughing took on renewed intensity. After a few minutes I gave her a break to catch her breath. A short break, that is. About 15 seconds into the break, I said "Hmmm, I wonder, are you ticklish....HERE?", and started spider tickling her arches with my fingertips. Sarah let out a quick yelp, and immediately started bucking. A moment later howls of laughter started pouring out of her mouth. I had to hang on to her feet with my left hand in order to keep tickling with my right. It was a good thing she was handcuffed! Unfortunately, before too long Sarah had reached her limit and asked me to stop. I got off her, helped her up, and uncuffed her.

    Sarah's most ticklish spot by far was her insanely ticklish armpits. My final story happened one day when Sarah and I were making out on my bed. She had her arms around me, and I was making light tickles on her back. I gradually worked my hands upward on her back, then quickly slipped my thumbs under her arms. Sarah's armpits were *way* more ticklish than her back, and she immediately let out a squeal and yanked both her arms down, pinning my thumbs in her armpits. I leaned in and kissed her again, then started wiggling my thumbs. Immediately she broke into silent laughter, with her mouth formed into the widest smile I have ever seen. I could feel her laughing and shaking through my lips while I was kissing her (kissing a girl while tickling her is one of the sexiest things for me). The tickling was so intense that Sarah couldn't make a sound, all she could do was periodically shake her head. If she could have spoken, I'm sure she would have yelled at me to stop. Back then I wasn't always super careful about respecting boundaries when it came to tickling, and in this instance I definitely think I let the tickling get out of hand (these days I'm much more careful about consent). After about 45 seconds of armpit tickle torture, I stopped. It took Sarah over a minute to catch her breath. She was kinda mad at first, but forgave me once she cooled down.

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    Sounds like some cracking experiences bud! Thanks for taking the time to share them with us!
    tickle prince the name and tickling the game! and what a fun game it is!

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    Jul 2021
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    So fun!! Makes me miss the days my ex and I would tickle each other all the time. Always playing tickle games, always being tickled as “punishment” or if I was mad. I didn’t realize what I had when I had it 🥺
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    Sigh I just love asian women.

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    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experience here.
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