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    Aug 2005

    LAUGHS FOR LIFE - PATREON: Ciara the Very Ticklish Accountant FEET

    Hello my friends and you are my friends...

    Here's the latest video released from La Princesas on my Patreon page...


    LAUGHS FOR LIFE - Ciara the Very Ticklish Accountant FEET

    It's now time to visit our ticklish account huge size 9.5 wide feet for a few giggles below the ankles...

    Ciara has an explosive pair of soft ticklish feet and their are a pure joy to tickle, but she's a reaction ticklee and I like those. She jumps and moves a lot and she has happy toes.

    She really can't stand any kind of foot tickling, it's even worst then her upper body, but the thing that gets her the most of the combination of baby oil and brush, that really puts her over the edge.

    This accountant really had hard time, but her laughs are to be echoed forever in my room :-)

    Check out the preview below :-)

    Laughs for life, Las Princesas de la Cosquillas on Patreon ALL ON ONE PAGE



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    Apr 2005
    some one feet sure are very ticklish and wants it to stop there way thats gonna happen any time lol ha.

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