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    Jun 2020

    Sally Jessy Raphael fetish episode

    I remember watching an episode of Sally Jessy Raphael back in the day and it was about fetishes. Among several of the guest were a couple, a young woman who liked to tickle her boyfriend. I believe the boyfriend said something about being okay with it but sometimes not liking how intense it could get, something about his teeth chattering as he struggled to catch his breath. There was a sexologist in the show and she seemed okay with most of what the other guest were into but she wasn't okay with what the girlfriend was doing when she tickle tortured her boyfriend. I remember watching a small clip on youtube a few years ago and it was mostly focused on some lady clown but you could see the other guests.

    Anyone knows where to find that clip of the tickler and her boyfriend?
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    Sounds hot.
    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralBeatty View Post
    LOL dude. I've tickled nearly 300 women. I think I would know.

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