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    Skylar from Ticking Paradise (Babysitter Part 3)

    This was mentioned in forum post but also thought it’d be applicable to mention here!

    If you haven’t seen it yet… you need to!!! It’s a 10/10!

    Here is link:


    Does anyone remember the babysitter from tickling paradise? The last part of the video featured Skylar… a one and done tough punk rocker with purple hair and a leopard dress and shoes. In the video narrative it said she made fun of them about such a silly fetish and accepted challenge telling them she wasn’t ticklish and it was no big deal.

    The video started with Skylar tied up on a little couch and Gia slowly removing her shoes. She was actually really cocky and arrogant (full of sass) and confidence until Gia ran her long fingernails down Skylars feet. All I remember is Skylar saying “OH MY GOD!!!” before bursting out in laughter and within the first minute “Please stop I’m sorry.” or something. It was a classic. Probably TPs best EVER! Gia was wicked and brutal with her and teased the toughness right out of her. “GITCHI GITCHI GOOs” and “tickle tickle tickle” through out the entire clip. She’d tease how about making fun of them and how she lied about not being ticklish and how she thought she was so tough. I don’t know if it was pre staged or not but if it was they did a damn good job at making it look real. I think it was legit because we never saw Skylar again she was a one and done! The begging, pleading and teasing was some of the best ever. TP definitely had classics this was one of them!

    Does anyone have the images associated with this clip or a backstory on the model Skylar? There was a pic of her smoking a cig that would be awesome if someone could locate it. Wonder if there was ever an audition featuring Skylar? I don’t recall but I know there was hundreds of them lol ��
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